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You are probably visiting this website as a Club member wanting up-to-date information on shows or events, or someone who is looking for general information on the breed, and possibly owning a Norwich Terrier in the future. Either way, we are sure you will find what you are looking for from the links on this page.

Norwich Terriers are known to make excellent companions: they are good with children, other family pets, and are fairly easy to train. Between 120 and 140 Norwich Terrier puppies per annum are generally registered at The Kennel Club and, for this reason, it can be quite hard to find a breeder with one for sale. However, if you really want one it is not impossible, just difficult (sometimes).


As a Club we welcome new members

The cost of Club membership in the U.K. is £15 per annum
plus an initial joining fee of £5

Overseas membership:
Europe - £20 per annum plus an initial joining fee of £10
Rest of World -
£25 per annum plus an initial joining fee of

More details and membership application forms
are available by contacting the
Hon. Secretary, Beverley Watkins





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