Virtual Fun Day 2020

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who took part in our Virtual Fun Day – I received photos from 27 of you in total, from as far afield as Australia, which was wonderful. 

I asked a selection of people to judge, some have Norfolks, some have Norwiches and some have both, and every one of them said what a hard job it was to pick just three – the quality of the photos was great and Fiona is going to include a larger selection in the next NTCGB Newsletter; we’ll also put the same feature on the website, so you’ll all be able to have a look.

You may have noticed that some of our entrants were multiple winners – I must point out that none of the judges saw any of the other classes and none had the identity of the exhibitor or exhibitee, so it was just pure chance that some got pulled out more than others.

Whatever the results, don’t forget you always have the best dog at home!!!!


Class 1 – Handsomest Dog                                   

Judged by Dorothy & Gina Dorkins

1st Place: BOSWORTH, sent in by Joyce Hopewell

2nd Place: BARNEY, sent in by Catherine Harris

3rd Place: OLLIE, sent in by Chris and Christine Tickle

Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch                                             

Judged by Isobel West

1st place: DORA, sent in by Sharon Hardwicke

2nd Place: DOLLY, sent in by Trish Ford

3rd Place: MAISIE, sent in by Jacqueline Giudice

Class 3 – Cutest Puppy                                                               

Judged by Sarah Brown

1st Place: ARCHIE, sent in by Bruce Sanders

2nd Place: PEARL, sent in by Patsy Abrahams

3rd Place: ALFIE, sent in by Mel and Ian Hickling

Class 4 – Most Venerable Veteran                                 

Judged by Beverley Watkins 

1st Place: TED (11 yrs), sent in by Maureen Crossley

2nd Place: BAILEY (12 yrs), sent in by Brenda Barge

3rd Place: WATSON (14 yrs), sent in by Ian Beck

Class 5 – Best Family Group                   

Judged by Lynne Davies and David Tinsley

1st Place: The Toosey Norfolks, sent in by Trish Ford

2nd Place: BOSWORTH and his young human companions, sent in by Joyce Hopewell

3rd Place: LOLA, MOLLY, LILY AND DORA, sent in by Sharon Hardwicke

Class 6 – Best Six Legs                                                              

Judged by Jill Stevenson

1st Place: BOSWORTH and human companion, sent in by Joyce Hopewell

2nd Place: EDIE and her granny’s Norwiches, sent in by Sharon Hardwicke

3rd Place: GORDON with Benedict Long, sent in by the Long family

Class 7 – Fancy Dress                                                                          

Judged by Ruth Gee

1st Place: OLLIE as “Hairy Pawter and The Philosopher’s Bone”, sent in by Chris and Christine Tickle

2nd Place: GORDON in his bat ears, with his friend AJ in his DJ, sent in by the Long family

3rd Place: RORY as a pumpkin, sent in by Margaret McKee (Not looking impressed!!!!)