Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (Paroxysmal dyskinesia)

Free to NTC members talk session titled Genetic Research Update into Canine Epileptiform Cramping Syndrome in The Norwich Terrier will be held in Weedon Village Hall November 9th 2019. More details here.

Here you may find a short description over the condition, first published in 2015 before the following paper was published.

Please find the link to access the results of our clinical study on paroxysmal dyskinesia in the Norwich terrier which have been published in a prestigious scientific journal. The journal has the copy rights.

Luisa De Risio
DMV, MRCVS, PhD, DECVN, European and RCVS recognised veterinary specialist in neurology
Head of Neurology/ Neurosurgery Unit
Head of Research- Clinics
Animal Health Trust, Lanwades Park, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7UU 

This article is not ‘Open Access’ due to copyright there is a fee of £1000 or more to pay.

The team of geneticists, lead by Dr Cathryn Mellersh, are continuing to research into the inheritance of this condition. DNA samples from affected dogs, plus related dogs are always required. 

DNA samples are requested from any Norwich Terrier over 6 years old who has not previously been sampled.It is important that the Animal Health Trust is notified of any changes in health status of a dog that has been previously sampled.

If you require DNA sampling kits please contact the AHT (see below) or the KC Breed Health Coordinator, Ruth Corkhill (refer to section ‘About the Club’ – ‘Officers & Committee