2022 Club Championship Show


(Held under Kennel Club Rules & Regulations)




The Norwich Terrier Club Show 27/11/22.  Judge Martin Phillips

Would like to thank the Norwich Terrier Club for inviting me to judge at their 90th Anniversary club show and to my 2 stewards, couldn’t have been looked after better, thank you.

Best in Show & DCC Crawley’s Ch. Ragus Cob Nut
Reserve BIS & RDCC Ackling, Hitchen & Lumpkin’s Ch Kreatin Extra Factor.
BCC, Best Opposite Sex in Show. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz This is Me
RBCC Hitchen’s Ch Kreatin Extra Treat
Best Dog Puppy & BPIS Crawley’s Mr Holmes Investigates Ragus
Best Bitch Puppy Stevenson’s Brickin Mint Edition
Special Award Bitch class winner Harrison & Inett’s Ragus Blowing Kisses to Carradine
Best Special Beginners in Show Martin’s Ragus Oh Boy

MPD (4-0)

1st- Crawley’s Mr Holmes Investigates Ragus (TAF)

Loved this little pup as soon as he came into the ring, excels for breed type and substance, lovely head with a good dark eye, pleasing neck and shoulder with a good clean front, good body for age, short in loin with a good tail set, good angles behind with short hocks, excellent coat, moved true back and forth. BPD & BPIS

2nd Stevenson’s Brickin On We Go 

Again, overall good type and shape, good head proportions, good expression, excellent neck and shoulder with good ribs and a strong topline, tail,lset good with good quarters, just preferred the shorter coupling of the winner.

3rd Tinsley & Davies’ Morzi Magic Mike

PD (1-0)

1st Crawley’s Ragus Thundercloud

Nice type with good quality, not together at the moment but lots of scope, pleasing head with good neck, good length of ribs, eyes dark, tail set good, moved sound on the move.

JD (4-0)

1st- Graves’ Belleville I’m at Pipsacre

Black and tan, 14 months old, nice quality male, excellent bone, very sound on the move, pleasing front and neck and skull, with good length of ribs, overall pleasing

2nd-Stevenson’s Brickin All’s Fine and Dandy

Very cobby 13 month old, good eye with a nice expression, overall good type, lots to like, very sound, just preferred the coat of the first

3rd-Morris & Read’s Bricking Blame the Game

ND (2-0)

1st– B. Blame The Game

Very smart pup, lovely shape, pleasing head with correct set ears, good eye, short coupled body, just needs to settle.

2nd Bishop’s – Ragus Tilt the Hat

Big enough for me, very heavy boned boy but very sound on the move

PGD (1-0)

1st- R. Tilt the Hat

LD (5-1)

1st- Crawley’s Winflash Easter Parade

Lovely class to judge, this dog took my eye for his typiness and overall outline, very well balanced, good head proportions with a nice eye, correct neck and shoulder, correct front with good bone, pleasing length of rib with strong loin, moved ok behind, well presented.

2nd Batey’s Contilly on a Roll

Lovely make and type, overall pleasing to go over, good proportions, good coat texture, ok on the move, would like a better tail set.

3rd- Martin’s Ragus Oh Boy

OD (4-0)

1st- Crawley’s Ch Ragus Cob Nut

Dog of the day, took my eye instantly for his quality, type and presence, beautiful head with correct proportions and a true Norwich expression, correct length of neck with excellent layback, clean front with good bone, good length of rib going into a strong short coupled loin, firm topline, tail on top, good shelving from behind with good angles, strong short hocks which he used to kick off, so sound on the move, perhaps would lije a shade more coat to make the picture perfect. DCC and BIS

2nd- Ackling, Hitchen & Lumpkin’s Ch Kreatin Extra Factor (TAF)

Another dog not to be outdone, again excels in type and shape, not the strength of quarters of the winner, but still very sound. Excellent coat and texture, never stopped showing, presented in tip top form. RCC and RBIS.

3rd- Armstrong & Lawrance’s Ragus Sweet Bay at Elantiz

SpBD (3-0)

1st- R. Oh Boy

Quality dog, lots to like, well balanced, sound on the move. BSpBIS

2nd- B. Blame the Game

3rd- R. Tilt the Hat

VD (1-0)

1st Crozier’s – Misma of Brook Hall

7 year old male, very fit, well balanced of good type, good on the move keeping its shape, well handled BVIS

MPB (3-0)

1st Crawley’s – Ragus Clouded Sunset

6 month old pup, typey for age, well put together with good coupling, sound on the move, tail on top, went well.

2nd Mitchell’s – Javidel Miss Marple at Swalefield

Again, good quality pup for age, not the quarters of the first, but overall type good.

3rd Stevenson’s Brickin Dark Design

PB (2-0)

1st Stevenson’s – Brickin Mint Edition

7 month old, lovely type, correct head proportions with a good expression, pleasing neck and front, good body for age, strides out on the move, smart pup. BPB.

2nd -J. Miss Marple at Swalefield

JB (4-1)

1st Armstrong & Egginton’s – Elantiz Angels and Demons JW

Nice quality bitch, pleasing head with good expression, overall lots to like, good body proportions, strong behind, well presented.

2nd Baldwin’s – Ragus Isn’t it Romantic

Overall pleasing bitch to go over, again correct proportions as first but not the drive from behind.

3rd Harrison & Inett’s – Ragus Blowing Kisses to Carradine

YB (3-0)

1st Watkins’ – Baktwins Let Me Be The One

Liked this little bitch a lot, honest all the way through, carries good breed type, pretty head with good expression, good on the move and back and forth, good coat, good overall picture.

2nd Graves’ – Pipsacre Spring Tide

Overall good quality bitch, nice size, good proportions of skull, would like a better ear set which spoils the expression, ok for body and shape, strong behind, drives off well.

3rd Smith’s Javidel Smart Girls Dnt Talk

NB (3-0)

1st- B. Let Me Be The One

2nd-J. Miss Marple at S.

3rd-J. Smart Girls Dnt Talk

Post Graduate Bitch (3-0)

1st- P. Spring Tide

2nd- J. Smart Girls Dnt Talk

3rd McLaughlin’s – Brickin Star Catcher at Barwest

LB (3-0)

1st Armstrong & Lawrance’s – Elantiz This Is Me

Loved this bitch for her overall Norwich type and cobbiness, reminds me so much of my record holder bitch, not much I would change on her, beautiful head with lovely expression, correct neck and shoulder with a good clean front, good eye and dentition, good short coupled body, good firm topline, tail sits on top, handled well, in excellent coat and presentation, pleased to award her the crowning CC, pressed hard for RBIS

2nd Crawley’s – Ragus Highfalution

Again good quality bitch of nice type, lots to like on her, not the shortest of bitches which distracts the balance, very sound on the move though, showy bitch.

3rd Stevenson’s – Brickin Rainbow Delight

OB (3-1)

1st Hitchen’s – Ch Kreatin Extra Treat

First time of me judging this bitch and I liked what I saw, very typey with correct head and expression, lovely neck and shoulder with a good front, good length of ribs, strong short loin with a tail on top, very strong hind angulation with nice short hocks, very showy, again presented in tip top form, chased the CC winner, well worthy of her title. RCC

2nd Lazenby’s – Ch Belleville Vintage Vibe at Tinkave

Very pretty bitch, enough bone for her size, would like more strength in skull and muzzle, nice small eye with a correct colour, ok for body, tail set good, went well.

SpBB (no entries)

VB (1-1)

Judge : Martin Phillips

Judge of Main show Martin Phillips; Judge of special award classes Brian Aubrey(Report to follow); President of NTC Jill Stevenson and committee chairman Mary McLaughlin (& cake baker!)

Norwich Terrier Club Ch show 27.11. 22

Special Awards Classes

 It was An Honour for me to be asked to judge the Special classes of your 90th Anniversary show. Well run with a lovely Atmosphere, thank you to both my Stewards. 

Sp Award D 1st And what a special dog that won this class, Crawley’s Ch. Ragus Cob Nut, A stallion of a dog, head that shouts Norwich Terrier, strong in Muzzle, correct ears, Darkest of Eyes, tight lipped correct Bite, well boned front standing on good feet, good length of neck, leading into short back. and a lovely flat jacket of good colour, he is so well made that’s why he moves so well, I see him so much like is dad in type which I had the honour to giving group 2 to, so pleased to see this dog take Best in show on the day under the well-respected Martin Philips (JAEVA) 

2 Crawley’s Winflash Easter Parade Very similar to one, another with a gorgeous head, good front, nice bone, good length in neck, good hard Jacket, good length of rib, on the day I thought he didn’t move so positively going away today, but a certain one for the top. 

3 Tinsley and Davies Morzi Magic Mike This little Fellow was only 7 months old, showing great promise everything, a puppy should be at this age, good head for type on one so young, jacket just coming moved very good, i hope you have a lot of fun with him

 SpAward B 1 Harrison and Inett Ragus Blowing Kisses To Carradine I see same sire as Cob Nut, very smart 14-months young lady with lovely temperament, sweet head nice ears, lovely size eyes of good colour, correct mouth. good jacket sitting on a correct topline, strong quarters, good turn of stifle low hocks that helped her move well 

2 Mclaughlins Brick Star Catcher At Barwest. Another of type, lovely head, straight front, she was out of condition coat wise today, moved ok hope you have some fun with her, thank you all for your entries.      Judge Brian Aubrey