To anyone looking for Norwich or Norfolk Terrier puppies

Due to unprecedented demand most genuine responsible breeders have temporarily closed their lists as they cannot supply enough puppies to fulfill current demand.

Unfortunately as a result few unscrupulous breeders ( not breed club members ) are taking advantage of the situation and asking ridiculous prices. If you are looking for a puppy within the UK and are asked £2000 or more for a Norfolk or Norwich PLEASE DO NOT PAY IT. You are only encouraging puppy farmers. These people are exploiting you and their dogs. Responsible breeders with well bred puppies will not ask those kind of prices. Please also do not use selling sites for the same reasons plus we are aware many are not 100% Norwich/Norfolk parents.

Use the breeders lists on the respective breed club websites to contact genuine caring breeders. and

Please be patient and you will get a happy healthy Norwich or Norfolk.