To anyone looking for Norwich or Norfolk Terrier puppies

Responsible breeders are receiving an excessive number of enquiries for puppies at the current time.  

This is not a new situation in Norwich Terriers and the demand for puppies has always exceeded the supply.  For this reason, most breeders in this breed do not keep a waiting list and, if the breeder you contact does not currently have puppies available, you will probably be asked to phone back in a number of weeks or months.  If you are genuinely looking for a puppy and are asked to do this then this is possibly the only way you will be able to get a puppy.  

A responsible breeder is someone who breeds with the welfare of the breed at heart and not for financial gain.  

The breed club secretary does occasionally hear of puppies for sale and you are welcome to contact her for up to date information.  

Not all Norwich Terrier breeders advertise on this website as some of them do not wish to receive enquiries for puppies they only have infrequently.  If they have a puppy for sale, they will inform the club secretary.   

We strongly recommend that anyone looking for a puppy (of any breed) search on that particular breed clubs’ website and ask the advice of the secretary or someone on their breeder list.  

It is not recommended you go to a general website to search for a puppy as some of the breeders may not be genuine and the puppies may not be pure bred.  It would be extremely unusual for a Norwich Terrier to be advertised in this way – so beware.  If in doubt, do not go ahead.  You are welcome to contact the Norwich Terrier Club secretary for advice.    

Please be aware that Norwich Terriers are only bred in limited numbers and you may have to wait for some time to find a puppy.