2022 Club Open Show

Roade Village Hall 
Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northants, NN7 2PT

on Saturday 9th of April

Judge: Mr Matthew Oddie (Riowood / Ragus)

All photos by J N Armstrong & P Lawrance

BIS:   J Lazenby’s   Belleville Vintage Vibe at Tinkave; B  dob 01/08/20 (Ch Ragus The Jumping Jack x Belleville Vintage Effect) breeder C Thompson-Morgan
RBIS & Res Best Bitch: J Armstrong & P Lawrance’s Elantiz This is Me; B dob 10/09/20 (Ragus Sweet Bay at Elantiz x Amicaro Light Up The Sky) breeders owners.
BOS: F Martin’s Ragus Oh Boy;  D dob 19/10/20 (Brait Nous Press The Key Of Love x Ch Ragus True Love Ways) breeder L Crawley
Best Puppy in Show: J Armstrong & B Egginton’s Elantiz Angels And Demons; B dob 13/08/21 (Ragus Sweet Bay at Elantiz x Amicaro Light Up The Sky) breeders owners.
Best Veteran in Show: F Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir; B dob 14/09/14 (Ch/AmCh Ascot Sandspur at Yarrow x Tinkave Diamond Girl) breeder J Lazenby 

MPD (2,0)

1 Stevenson’s Brickin All Fine and Dandy. Lovely puppy with lots to like, beautiful head with correct proportions, keen eye and good ear shape and size. Enough neck, good ribbing and cobby body, well made, just needs to get his tail up on the move where he was sound and used himself well. 

2 McLaughlins Barwest Blazing Star. Very happy boy who showed better than first but didn’t have the bone or finish in body. Balanced, good head and eye. Moved ok. More furnishing would be beneficial. 

PD (2,0)

1 Pages Fantasias Wild Magic (imp USA). Took my eye when he came into the ring for his breed type and finish in body and coat. Really lovely head, very typical. Enough neck, really good bone and feet. Good depth and ribbing, holding a good top line. Correct angulation but gave the appearance of being weak behind due to sinking and messing around when stacked. When he settled, he moved really well with reach and lots of drive but he would keep putting his head down and this spoilt the picture. BPD and RBD.  

2 Barge and Hardwicke’s Bring Me Laughter. Longer in body than first and needs more furnishing to complete the picture however he was well balanced, moved soundly holding a good top line and showed really well. 

JD (1,0)

1 Martins Ragus Oh Boy. A new one to me and I was very impressed when I first saw him come in. A really lovely Norwich head with correct stop, proportions, wedge shaped muzzle, skull and very good oval eyes and ears. He was a touch wide in front but moved very well behind and in profile with reach and drive. Excellent bone and cobby body with short back and firm top line. Well-turned stifle and short from hock to heal. Excellent coat and he was trimmed very well. A lovely Norwich dog who should have a bright future. BD. 

ND (1,0)

1 Martins Ragus Oh Boy, same as junior. 

PGD (1,0)

1 Websters Ragus Fun and Laughter. A typical stubborn Norwich! Nice head, wedge shaped muzzle, good stop and oval eye. Enough neck, balanced angulation, good depth and enough body. Held his top line well. Stubborn on the move. From what I could see he moved well. Coat not at its best. Just needs more encouragement in the right way on the move but it’s not easy I know. 

LD (1,0)

1 Croziers Sea Sky. Beautiful head of ideal proportions. Correct ears. Ok in front with very good ribbing and correct bone. Well-turned stifle and low set hock. A touch longer in the body. Good texture to his coat. Moved with drive and showed well. Best Veteran Dog. 

OD (1,0)

1 Croziers Misma of Brook Hall. Nice head with oval eye and nice size ears. A touch short in neck, shoulders a little upright. Correct body with good depth. Ok for bone. Coat was a touch long. Well made behind, sound enough on the move and used himself well.  

VD (1,0)

1 Croziers Mimsa of Brook Hall. Same as open. 

MPB (4,0) What a lovely class full of lovely puppies.

1 Armstrong and Egginton’s Elantiz Angels and Demons. What a beautiful, very typical puppy with so much promise. Typical head, with very good expression. Good length of neck, well made in front and behind. Has grown a little at her bum at the minute but she will even out as she grows. Cobby with good bone. Excellent tail, moved soundly using herself well in profile. Loved her. BPB and BPIS.

2 Harrison and Inetts Ragus Blowing Kisses to Carradine. Another lovely puppy different in type to 1. Her head still needs to fill out and she’s bigger all over but she had excellent neck and forequarters. A good topline which she held on the move. Cobby with enough bone and balance. Well-made behind. She was trimmed really well. Moved soundly, showed well with character.

3 Watkins Baktwins Let Me Be The One. A raw baby with lots of puppy fat but with so much promise. Oval, keen eye. Correct ears and head proportions. Ok in neck, well made and balanced both ends. Held herself really well with good top line and moved soundly with attitude.  

PB (4,1)

1 Armstrong and Egginton’s Elantiz Angels and Demons.

2 Haynes Alantro Secret Step. A very showy bitch. Beautiful head, eyes and ears, good length of neck. Could have a touch more angulation both ends but balanced. Moved soundly up and down and used herself well. In good coat.

3 Graves Pipsacre Spring Tide. A lovely girl to go over for construction but just needs to fill out all over and fill her frame. She moved so soundly and has lots to like, just needs more confidence and to mature on. Liked her head and eye, top line and correct coat texture. 

SBB (2,1)

1 Haynes Alantro Step Into my Shadow. A lovely overall bitch with lots to like. Cobby and well made, a nice size. Head, eyes and ears very good, ok in neck and top line. Moved soundly and used herself really well. Good bone, straight front. Trimming could be better. 

NB (4,1)

1 Haynes Alantro Hot Steps. Another nice bitch owned by this breeder whose dogs all showed really well which isn’t always easy with Norwich girls. Very good head proportions, correct stop. Ok in neck and top line could be better. Moved ok and used herself well. Trimming could be better.

2 Watkins Baktwins Let Me Be The One.

3 Graves Pipsacre Spring Tide. 

PGB (3,1)

1 Jacobs Alantro Step into the Vean. Another out of the same mould from this breeder. Lovely head and eye. Ok in neck, good ribbing and depth. Ok in bone with straight front. Moved soundly with reach and drive holding herself well.

2 Hardwickes Norowic Mistress of Magic. This bitch was a touch rounder in eye and short of coat today but balanced, held her top line. Ok in bone, good ribbing and depth. Moved soundly and used herself really well. 

LB (4,1) Best class of the day!

1 Lazenby’s Belleville Vintage Vibe at Tinkave. For me today she stole the show. She has her faults but she definitely carries them well, she could be bigger all over and have a touch more angulation however for me she meets the standard in all other respects and she has so much attitude, she simply asks for the win and uses herself so well. She is cobby, balanced, had good bone for her size, good head, really good ribbing and top line and was trimmed well although a touch less furnishings would finish her off. Loved her. BB and BIS.

2 Armstrong and Lawrance’s Elantiz This is Me. Another lovely bitch, very different in type but so very well made, good shoulder and upper arm, well made behind with good turn of stifle and short from hock to heel. Really good bone, good neck and top line, very sound on the move, trimmed really well in good coat. Head a touch plainer but has good proportions, wedge shaped muzzle, good eyes and ears. I was really taken with her. Pleased to award her RBB and RBIS.

3 Pages Winflash Feather Bonnet. A nice bitch but she wasn’t as happy as the ones above today. Pretty head, good neck. Longer in body, balanced angles, good topline, straight front with good bone and moved soundly when she got going.  

OB (1,0)

1 Graves Pipsacre Seasons Greetings. Smaller all over. Well-proportioned head, good stop with keen eye. Good length of neck, a touch shorter in upper arm. Good ribbing and depth, short back. Ok in bone. Well-turned stifles. Moved ok and was very showy. Good tail. 

VB (2,0)

1 Martins Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir. A really lovely bitch who was so lovely to go over and all of a piece, not showing her age at all, her teeth were immaculate. A touch straighter in stifle but good front and neck with good topline and ribbing. Cobby and in good coat. Moved really well with drive. BVB and BVIS.

2 Haynes Alantro First Steps. Not quite as well made at 1st but very happy and very showy. Lovely head, ok in neck and held her top line well with good depth and ribbing. Coat a touch longer, moved soundly.  

Matthew Oddie