2021 Club Championship Show

The Norwich Terrier Club Breed Championship show

Held at Roade Village Hall
Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northants, NN7 2PT

on Sunday 28th of November

Judge: Mr Tan Nagrecha

Storm ARWEN brought gale force winds, rain and snow to many parts of the country and understandably exhibitors from the affected areas sensibly stayed at home. A healthy entry of 44 was fairly depleted however, certainly not short on quality.  

The Norwich is truly an endearing breed and never fails to make me smile, couple of observations to keep in mind is short ribs and weak muzzles with narrow underjaws, the standard is very specific about this.


BIS and DOG CC – CH MICHAN SMOKE N MIRRORS (USA import) D 25-03-20; breeders Marshall, Drury & Deshields. (Ch/AmCh Ragus Mr O O’Seven x AmCh Shonleh Firedance at Westwinds)
Owners: L. Crawley, K. Page & D. Batey; handled by Lesley Crawley.


BITCH CC & RBIS – RAGUS CLOUDED SILVER MOTH   B 24-10-20 breeder- owner, (Migar Shonleh Inspector Clouseau of Michan x Ch Ragus Silk Moth) owner – L. Crawley


RES BCC RAGUS LOVE LETTER TO PIPSACRE B 27-09-18 breeder Crawley (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour x Ragus Loves The Glove) owner N. Graves


RESERVE DOG CC – RAGUS SWEET BAY AT ELANTIZ   D 17-05-18 breeder Crawley (Ch Tinkave I’m The Man x Ragus The Sweetest Thing) owners: J Armstrong & P. Lawrance


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – RAGUS COB NUT. D 12-03-21  breeder owner (Ch. Michan Smoke N Mirrors x Ragus Almond Twist) owner – L. Crawley.


BVIS – TINKAVE BROWN EYED GIRL AT KIRMIR, B 14-09-14 breeder Lazenby (Ch/AmCh Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow x Tinkave Diamond Girl) owner F. Martin 

Full results:

MINOR PUPPY DOG (4,2 absent) 

1) Crawley’s Ragus Cob Nut.  Still a baby and so much to like, well bodied puppy still displaying that puppy coat and fat but didn’t detract from his overall profile.  Super head developing well, excellent eye and already a fairly defined stop.  Good neck but would like longer ribs.  Holds his backline standing and moving which eventually won him BPIS. 

2 ) Hardwicke & Barge’s Bring Me Laughter (NAF TAF).  A longer cast puppy than the winner and could be smaller in ear. Still needs to come together and has time on his side however he has really strong quarters which he used to full advantage. 

PUPPY DOG No entries 


1) Martin’s Ragus Oh Boy.  Such a handsome headed dog broad skull with an excellent stop, correct muzzle to skull ratios and good strength to jaw. Moderately angled dog at both ends but would have liked longer ribs.  Has a very balanced side gait. 



1) Webster’s Ragus Fun N’Laughter.  Draws a very correct outline stood and he is good to go over in body, correct neck and front with excellent long ribs. His skull is broad but just a little short in muzzle for correct head balance and would prefer a little more width to muzzle. 

LIMIT DOG (3,1) 

1)  Armstrong & Lawrence’s Ragus Sweet Bay at Elantiz.  Really fills your eye, shown and presented beautifully in short coat.  His head handles well with enough skull, good eye shape but a fraction light, excellent hard condition and such good body score, handles well on the table, very strong quarters on the move and side gait pleases equally, deserved the RDCC. 

2)  Crozier’s Sea Sky. Gorgeous headed dog with such a correct skull and muzzle and excellent dark eye that enhanced, cobby bodied, however a little straight in his quarters and not moving out as well as the class winner. 

OPEN DOG (5 ,2) 

1) Crawley, Page & Batey’s Ch. Michan Smoke N Mirriors.   Totally fills your eye and in peak coat and condition.  Low legged terrier yet displaying height at the withers and this all male really does stand on top of himself.  Well boned with substance and yet no coarseness anywhere. His head is glorious, excellent skull gorgeous dark oval eyes with black pigmented eye rims, neat ears and with full facial furnishings to enhance expression. Clean neck, ok front assembly, short back with excellent quarters.  Holds himself well standing and moving and scored going away and in side gait. DCC and BIS  

2) Thompson-Morgan’s Ch. Belleville Total Eclipse.  A worthy champion that comes alive on the move.  Great carriage and side gait with excellent quarters. For me he lacked the head detail and overall masculinity of the winners. Ok head but would like more strength to muzzle, clean neck and hard bodied.  

3)  Crozier’s Misma of Brook Hall.  Gave a good account of himself, scored in rib and bone, could have a smaller eye and ears for advantage. 


1)  Crawley’s Brickin In Style.  A lovely headed back and tan puppy with good bone and substance, head proportions good with an excellent eye, scored in her forehand and side gait ok going away. 

2)  Haynes’ Alantro Secret Step.  What a beautifully schooled baby giving such a good account of herself, ears could be smaller and she could be firmer behind which cost her today.  


1) Haynes’ Alantro Silent Step.  A lovely puppy with balanced outline and a temperament to die for. Full of confidence and attitude, she certainly knows how to show herself and so sympathetically handled to get the best out of her.  Just six months and it shows in her head which still needs to develop, however she was body beautiful and used herself to full advantage.  BPB. 

2) Crawley’s Ragus Another Bubble.  Scored for her lovely breed type and static balance, a little on the heavy side and that affected her movement. 


1) Lazenby’s Belleville Vintage Vibe at Tinkave.  What a little cracker I loved so much about her, her static balance is superb, head is of correct proportions but just not enough of her, she really is so typical in outline too but just on the smaller lighter side.  On top she just wasn’t carry enough body to fill her frame which eventually discounted her in the final run off.  


1) Armstrong & Lawrence’s Elantiz This Is Me.  Strong black and tan bitch who scored in skull.  She has an excellent eye and was presented in a short jacket of excellent texture.  Short backed with moderate angles she gave a good account of herself moving out well in profile. 


1) Haynes’ Alantro Hot Steps.  This bitch has a wonderful gassy temperament showing herself off so well, good stop and excellent eye rim pigment which appealed, holding her shape beautifully on the move.  


1) Hardwicke’s Norowic Mistress of Magic.   A bitch of very good breed type, cobby bodied, decent head shape with enough skull to muzzle, good eyes.  She really holds her shape going around on the move which won her the class. 

2) Stevenson’s Brickin Definitely Hot. Most lovely headed bitch, fell for her head and expression, strong skull with excellent stop, correct eye shape, position and colour enhancing expression, sound moving bitch but she was a little too leggy for me showing too much daylight and big all over which cost her. 

3) Graves’ Pipsacre Seasons Greetings. 


1) Crawley’s Ragus Ruby Tiger Moth.  Such a typy young bitch who draws a lovely outline stood, on the floor her shape is unbeatable. Still 15 months and head still developing, enough width to skull, a well bodied bitch whose movement is ok, just a fraction wide coming and going. 

2) Tinsley & Davies’ Morzi Hello Dolly. Longer cast than winner but a bitch full of attitude, excellent eye and pigment in eye rims, just a tad close behind on the move.  


1) Crawley’s Ragus Clouded Silver Moth.  Totally fills your eye stood, super coat and groomed to perfection.  Head is good and maturing well for her 15 months, good expression and eye.  She scores in her cobby outlook with her clean neck and crisp outline. Excellent quarters and side gait, winning the BCC.  

2) Graves’ Ragus Love Letter to Pipsacre.  I just loved so much about her, fully mature head with an excellent skull stop and strength to muzzle, ideal front and rear assembly and her movement is breath takingly accurate coming and going with the most explosive side gait. Still unsure if I made the right decision as I have beaten myself up about this since I judged and till writing the critique. I penalised her as her topline was soft and she was not in the best of coats which spoilt her outline on the floor standing and moving. Rightly or wrongly a decision had to be made, it was one of those where in a split second it could have gone either way. RBCC.  


1) Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir.  Of excellent breed type and good to go over, neat ears and such good eye pigment, short back with long ribs, moving out well.  BVIS  

2) Armstrong & Lawrence’s Elantiz Primrose Petal ShCM.  Another of lovely breed type, gassy temperament, showing well, her eye is a bit full which cost her today, excellent side gait. 

3) Armstrong & Lawrence’s Elantiz Rambling Rosie ShCM VW.