2019 Club Open Show


Held at Roade Village Hall,
Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northants. NN7 2LS 

JUDGE: Mrs Christine Hitchen (Kreatin)

I had a lovely day judging your Norwich Terriers, thank you to the Committee for the invitation and for the lovely gift. I must thank my very capable ring stewards for their assistance and thanks also to the exhibitors for such a super entry.

Best in Show & Best Puppy in Show L. Crawley’s Ragus True Love Ways

Photo by R.Gee

Best Opposite Sex in Show L. Crawley & Y. Baldwin’s Ragus Time Of My Life

Photo by G. Parker

Best Veteran in Show B.Barge & S. Hardwicke’s Baktwins Sun Seeker

Photo by A. Kirk-Ashby

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1 absent)

1. Graves’ Pipsacre Morning Tide, 29/8/18, Br: Exh, (Ragus Morning Herald – Ragus Angel In Pearls).  Excellent type with super head and expression, small dark eyes, neat ears set well apart and used well, correct mouth, enough neck, straight front, well ribbed and cobby for a puppy, holding his topline and moved with drive from good hindquarters. BPD & RBD.

Puppy Dog (1)

1. Wills’ Willsifox Gucci Bear, 30/6/18, Br: Exh, (Tinkave I’m The Man – Sweet Magic at Willsifox). Different type to MP, showed well and has good dentition in harsh coat, needs time to body up and for furnishings to grow to complete the overall picture.

Junior Dog(3)

1.  1. Crawley & Baldwin’s Ragus Time Of My Life, 10/4/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ragus Walk Of Life).  Just out of puppy and showed so well for his handler. Good type and fits the standard nicely, head developing well, neat ears an eye and a well defined stop, giving very good expression, strong neck of good length and layback of shoulder, enough bone and substance for this smaller framed boy, has a straight front and lovely profile action. BD. 
2. Davies & Tinsley’s Morzi Cousin Vinny, 17/3/18, Br: Exh, (Ch. Brickin Top Of The Morning – Brickin Choca Moca). Dark red dog who shows well, good head and dark eye, a little longer in the foreface, has good dentition, in very harsh jacket and not as positive in the move as 1. 
3. Wills’ W. Gucci Bear.

Special Beginners Dog (2)

Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM, 26/5/14, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Talk Of The Devil – Hidden Smile). Solidly built dog in lovely harsh coat and masculine appearance, broad skull with small dark eyes, good mouth with a lovely expression, strong neck and firm topline, straight tail, moving slightly wider in front, nicely angulated behind covering the ground well. 
2. Wills’ W. Gucci Bear

Novice Dog (2)

1. Graves’ P. Morning Tide
2. Wills’ W. Gucci Bear.

Postgraduate Dog (4)

1. Webster’s Belleville Striking Effect, 24/6/16, Br: Mrs C Thompson-Morgan, (Ch Wychover Moonlighting (imp Nld) – Ch Ragus Now You’re Talking). Red dog of good type, lovely head, good stop dark eye giving a super expression, good mouth and cobby body with a firm topline, good legs and feet, in harsh body coat, showed well. 
2. Crozier’s Misma of Brook Hall, 20/2/15, Br: Exh, (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jacquill Rock Chick). Red dog of similar type to 1 masculine head with dark eye and good ears, well off for bone and substance, in good coat and condition, not moving as soundly as 1.
 3. Short’s Ragus This Way Up, 12/1/16, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Belleville Just For Effect – Ragus Coming My Way). Mature red with a decent head in short harsh jacket, showing well, but not the balance or furnishings of 1 & 2. 

Limit Dog (3,1)

1.  Crozier’s Sea Sky, 20/2/15, Br: Exh, (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jacquill Rock Chick).  Black &Tan of good type short & cobby, masculine head with neat ears & a small dark eye. In harsh coat with good tail carriage a little wide in front which affected his overall balance. 
2. Wills’ W. Gucci Bear.

Open Dog (2,1)

1. Will’s W. Gucci Bear.

Veteran Dog (1)

1. Barge & Hardwicke’s Baktwins Sun Seeker, 11/5/08, Br: Mrs B Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun). 11 years young, spritely show man of good make and shape, enjoying his time in the ring, keeping a level topline on the move.  BV.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Crawley’s Ragus True Love Ways, 27/9/18, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ragus Loves The Glove). Very promising quality puppy with a feminine head and dark eye giving a lovely expression, short cobby body,straight front with well padded feet, good layback of shoulder, good rear angulation with short hocks, to be critical would like a little more length of neck, in super coat with a great temperament, really took my eye. BIS, BPIS.
2. Graves’ Ragus Love Letter to Pipsacre, 27/9/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ragus Loves The Glove). Red wheaten of similar type to winner although slightly longer in loin, true movement, in full coat today, another with a great temperament.

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

1.  Graves’ Wasn’t Me at Pipsacre

2.  Hardwicke’s Norowic Mistress of Magic

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1. Haynes’ Alantro Step Into My Shadow, 16/10/17, Br: Exh (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Alantro First Steps). Red bitch of quality, well developed head dark eye and good mouth, short in back with well sprung ribs, firm topline and good tail carriage, used her ears and moved around the ring with ease. RBIS.
2. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps, 3/3/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ragus Jump For Joy). Lively youngster in good coat with a dark eye, head still to mature with a good mouth, longer in back than the winner, but well ribbed with good legs and feet. 
3. Davies & Tinsley’s Morzi Hello Dolly, 17/3/18, Br: Exh, (Ch. Brickin Top Of The Morning – Brickin Choca Moca). Good type, moving well with good reach and drive, in very harsh jacket but lacking in furnishings which affects her overall finish.

Special Beginners Bitch (3,1)

1.  Hayes’ R. Seven Jumps.  
2.  Giddings’ The Cats Whiskers  

Novice Bitch (1)

1. Webster’s Ragus Now For Fun, 17/1/17, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Wychover Moonlighting – Ch Ragus Now You’re Talking).  Black & tan, well made in lovely coat & condition, feminine head & expression, good mouth, short backed with good hind quarters, showed well.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1. Hayes’ R. Seven Jumps.  
2. Webster’s R. Now For Fun.  
3. Giddings’ The Cats Whiskers.

Limit Bitch (no entries)

Open Bitch (no entries)

Veteran Bitch (2)

1. Corkhill’s Ch Redash Clementine, 9/1/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Redash Blackcurrant). 10 years young red bitch very sprightly for her age, in lovely coat and condition, moved well, enjoying her day in the ring.  

Brace (2)

1. Graves’well matched pair, moved in unison around the ring.
2. Hayes’ Brace also well matched, but not quite as cooperative as winner, but very entertaining.