2019 Club Championship Show

The Norwich Terrier Club Breed Championship show

Held at Roade Village Hall
Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northants, NN7 2PT

on Sunday 24th of November

Judge: Mrs. Cathy Thompson-Morgan (Belleville)

I greatly enjoyed this appointment and thank the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me.  Generally the standard of the dogs was good and some places could change around. I feel that eyes need watching as there were quite a few that were too large and round. Movement generally was better than when I have judged the breed before.

All photos by Ruth Gee.

BIS and Bitch CC Ragus Love Letter to Pipsacre

BOS, RBIS & Dog CC Javidel Walk in The Park

Reserve Bitch CC Ragus Burning Question

Reserve Dog CC Kreatin Extra Factor

Best Puppy In Show Trutillian Perfect Life

Best Opposite Sex Puppy In Show Ragus Mark My words To Glenhafod

Best Veteran In Show Elantiz Rambling Rosie ShCM VW

Best Special Beginners Ragus Seven Jumps JW

Full results:

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0):
1. Stevenson’s Brickin Super Charge, 10/4/19, Br: Exh, (Brickin Honour Bound – Brickin Easter Bonnet) Attractive 7 month puppy, well boned, lovely eye and good head with good width of skull for age. Correct length of rib with short loan, spring of rib will come with age as will a harsher coat. Nice in front with good upper arm and shoulder layback, would prefer more hind angulation. 2. Harris’ Rouletta With A Little Luck, A jolly showman who could do with some table training! Shorter in back than 1 with good bone, well proportioned head but not as strong as 1.Happy mover.
2. Harris’ Rouletta With A Little Luck, 11/4/19, Br: Mrs M Chambers, (Ch Ragus The Jumping Jack – Ch Luck Be A Lady) A jolly showman who could do with some table training! Shorter in back than 1 with good bone, well proportioned head but not as strong as 1.Happy mover.

Puppy Dog (3,0):
1. Mr & Mrs Mason’s Ragus Mark My Words To Glenhafod, 23/1/19, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Brait Nouz Press The Key Of Love – Belleville My Word) Short back, good bone, Good width to skull, correct small dark eye and strong muzzle, good spring and length of rib, moved well until the challenge for BPIS. Carrying a little too much weight today
2. Gill & Oss’ Ragus Tilt The Hat, 6/2/19, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ch Ragus Feather In My Cap) Another high quality puppy, Moved more soundly than 1, really striding out, Very good head, strong skull, and muzzle, correct small dark eye, well boned, good substance. Slightly longer in back than 1 with a shorter rib. More detailed attention to presentation could make this puppy look outstanding.
3. Rouletta With A Little Luck

Junior Dog (3,0): A difficult class as the first dropped his tail when standing yet for me was more correct type being more compact and low to ground than the second who showed consistently but is a more “rangy” elegant dog. 1 also moved more soundly both ways.  In the end type and movement won out.
1. Graves’ Pipsacre Morning Tide, 29/8/18, Br: Exh. (Ragus Morning Herald – Ragus Angel In Pearls) Tide14 month red in beautiful coat with an exceptional varminty expression, very good stop and width of skull, good bite, correct small oval dark eye, correct ear placement and medium size, for perfection I would like a slightly longer muzzle. Lovely length of neck, well laid shoulders, good upper arm length and hind angulation good spring of rib, well boned, moved exceptionally well both ways showing a lovely compact outline on the move.
2. Mr, Mrs & Miss Page’s Contilly Ask No Question Between Whinflash, 19/9/18, Br: Mrs D Baitey (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ragus Burning Question) Another quality 14 month exhibit, unfortunate to meet 1. Longer cast than 1 and not the movement or bone, particularly behind, well carried tail, good wheaten coat, well presented, Small dark eye, good stop, good length of neck
3. Rouletta With A Little Luck

Novice Dog (1,0):
1. Rouletta With A Little Luck

Post Graduate Dog (3,0):
1. Mr & Mrs Short’s Ragus This Way Up, 12/1/16, Br: L Crawley, (Belleville Just For Effect – Ragus Coming My Way) A very smart red dog in super jacket. Good head and expression with good stop and width to skull. Would prefer more length to upper arm which would improve the width of front movement. Very good length of rib and excellent bone, a great showman, tail could be straighter. Presented a great outline on the move.  
2. Rouletta With A Little Luck
3. Mr & Mrs Nutkins’ Tebrun Favour, 1/12/11, Br:L Gribbon, (Am Ch Abbedale’s Venture to Tebrun – Tebrun Trudy) A grand red dog at 8 years old, excellent harsh coat, good stop and width to skull, very good bone and rib, just standing a little tall. Loved his day out.

Limit Dog (4,0): Splitting hairs with the first two, I really liked both of them. 1 Just had the edge on showmanship, both with good type and bone.
1. Ackling & Dingle’s Kreatin Extra Factor, 13/8/17, Br: Mrs C Hitchen, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Kreatin Hidden Extra) well proportioned head with good width to skull, good bite, eye could be more oval, Good length of rib, short loin compact, beautifully presented and showed very well. Lovely outline on the move. RCC.
2. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Ragus Sweet Bay At Elantiz, 17/5/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Tinkave I’m The Man – Ragus The Sweetest Thing) A quality dog who excels in type, well filled under the eyes, muzzle could be a tad longer. Best mover in the class but would not co operate when standing. Strode out well, longer upper arm would reduce width to front movement. Excellent spring and length of rib, well presented in very good coat.
3. Crozier’s Misma of Brook Hall, 20/2/15, Br: Exh. (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jaquill Rock Chick) Crozier’s Misma of Brook Hall, Another quality dog, out of coat today. Not the rib of 1 and 2 but very good head, excellent width of skull. Moved well.
4. Rouletta With A Little Luck

Open Dog (5,0):
1. Smith’s Javidel Walk In The Park, 1/2/17, Br: Exh. (Ch Ragus Hand In Glove – Ragus Walking On Sunshine) A very compact and strong dog with excellent hind quarters, very good skull, stop and muzzle with well set ears. Well balanced overall, short back good length of neck, correct good bone. In lovely coat and showing his socks off. Would prefer a more oval eye.  A lovely profile picture on the move DCC and RBIS
2. Hitchen’s Ch Kreatin Extra Mile,9/7/16, Br: Exh. (Ch Ragus Hand In Glove – Kreatin Hidden Extra) better in eye than 1 but not the bone, rib or movement. Very well presented harsh coat. Showed very well.
3. Rouletta With A Little Luck
4. Crozier’s Sea Sky, 20/2/15, Br: Exh. (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jaquill Rock Chick)
5. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM ShCEx, 26/5/14. Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Talk Of The Devil – Hidden Smile)

Special Beginners Dog (4,0):
1. Rouletta With A Little Luck
2. Sea Sky B&T with a great width of skull, short back, compact in excellent coat, good bone and rib. Movement let him down today. 
3. Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM ShCEx An excellent showman in a great harsh red jacket, well carried tail, nice bone, longer cast and not the head of 1 or 2.
4. Tebrun Favour

Veteran Dog (2,0):
1. Mesds, Barge & Hardwicke’s Baktwins Sun Seeker, 11/5/08, Br: Mrs B Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun) In fabulous condition for 12 years old, Lovely tail, very good bone and substance and spring of rib, short back, great strong skull with typical expression.
2. Tebrun Favour

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2)
1. Stevenson’s Brickin Miss Understood, 10/4/19, Br: Exh, (Brickin Honour Bound – Brickin Easter Bonnet) A small, compact red puppy, very immature and coat needs to come, good tail, moved well.
2. McLaughlin’s Brickin Star Catcher At Barwest, 10/4/19, Br: Mrs J Stevenson, (Brickin Hot Of The Press – Brickin Definitely Dollie) a rangier puppy just going out of coat, stood OK but played up on the move. Good bone, prefer more spring and length of rib.

Puppy Bitch (6,3):
1. Watkins’ Trutillian Perfect Life, 25/11/18, Br: Mrs & Miss Horsewood, (Ch Kreatin Extra Mile – Ragus Perfect Spy) typical, almost 12 months red with excellent harsh coat, the most compact, short back, good spring and length of rib, good width of skull, stop and bite. Sound both ways, for perfection would prefer smaller eye and stronger muzzle. BPB & BP. 
2. Mr, Mrs & Miss Page’s Ragus Easter Bonnet, 6/2/19, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ch Ragus Feather In My Cap) Another lovely puppy, not as compact as 1 and not moving as well but stronger  in head and a smaller eye.  Well presented in excellent coat. 
3. Mr, Mrs & Miss Horsewood’s Trutillian Perfect Joyce, 25/11/18, Br: Exh. (Ch Kreatin Extra Mile – Ragus Perfect Spy) Not as compact as 1 or 2. When she got her act together she moved very well, head and rib will come with maturity, very promising.

Junior Bitch (4,0):
1. Graves’ Ragus Love Letter To Pipsacre, 27/9/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ragus Loves The Glove) My star of the show. Absolutely loved this 13 month junior bitch.She stole my heart with her sound construction, beautiful movement, fabulous type, strong bone and absolutely typical head and expression with correct bite.Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, short back, compact body, fabulous well angulated hind quarters and wonderful showmanship. On the move she was a picture, reaching in front and lovely drive behind, I found her almost impossible to fault, a rare thing in a show dog! A tad more maturity will only make her better.Delighted to award her first BCC and BIS. 
2. Hitchen’s Kreatin Added Extra, 14/8/18, Br: Exh. (Ragus The Devil Can Wait For Lastarean – Ch Kreatin Hidden Extra) Pretty B&T bitch. Not quite the head, neck and shoulders of 1, good bone and spring of rib. Better tail and eye than 1 but longer cast and not so positive on the move. Beautifully presented in good coat.
3. Batey’s Contilly On Fire, 19/9/18, Br: Exh. (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ragus Burning Question) Not disgraced in a strong class. Not as compact at 1 or 2 and not in as good coat. Strong head, good bone, dark eye, prefer higher tail set, showed well.
4. Mr & Mrs Nutkins’ Norowic Lady of Lorien, 25/5/17, Br: Mrs S Hardwicke, (Ch Ragus Kiss In The Dark – Norowic Lady Galadriel)

Novice Bitch (2,1):
1. Norowic Lady of Lorien A pretty red bitch, not co-operating today. In good coat, compact with good substance.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1):
1. Contilly On Fire
2. Hardwicke’s Norowic Mistress of Magic, 25/5/18, Br: Exh. (Ch Ragus Kiss In The Dark – Norowic Lady Galadriel) Short, compact B&T B, strong head with good width to skull. Preferred the front of 1, Showed well in excellent coat.

Limit Bitch (2,0):
1. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps JW, 3/3/18, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ragus Jump For Joy) A very attractive red in excellent coat and condition, short back, good spring of rib, correctly proportioned head. Well constructed front, moved and showed well. Pushed for the RCC. 
2. Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir, 14/9/14, Br: Mrs J Lazenby, (Ch Ascot Sunspur At Yarrow – Tinkave Diamond Girl) Similar to 1 but shorter in neck and tail set a bit lower. Good head and expression, dark eye in excellent coat. Showed very well.

Open Bitch (4,2):
1. Batey’s Ragus Burning Question, 19/7/16, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (High Hopes With Ragus – Ch Ragus Look Who’s Talking) A bitch I have often admired, lovely head and expression, correct small dark eye, good width to skull, strong muzzle, good bite, moved well in front, not as compact or the bone or length of neck as CC winner but pushed her hard on maturity. Well presented in good coat, sometimes lacked animation.
2. Stevenson’s Ch Brickin Chase A Rainbow, 31/5/17, Br: Exh. (Amicaro Whisky Chaser – Brickin Glorious Morning) , Another lovely bitch full of type that I have often admired, better bone than 1 and a bit more compact, however today she moved wide in front and lacked the finish of 1.

Special Beginners Bitch (3,1)
1. Ragus Seven Jumps JW
2. Norowic Lady of Lorien

Veteran Bitch (4,1):
1. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz Rambling Rosie ShCM VW, 14/10/10, Br: Exh. (Ch Belleville Créme Brulee – Amicaro Really Rose At Elantiz) 9 years old, short, compact, good bone and substance, Lovely spring of rib, in excellent coat and condition, Good tail carriage on the move, typical head and expression, good bite, moved very well in front, just a shame she dropped her tail when standing.
2. Smith’s Ch Ragus Takes The Biscuit JW, 23/3/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble At Ragus – Ragus Cornish Wafer) 8 years old and a very happy show girl, great bone and spring of rib, good head and expression, carrying a bit of extra weight today did not aid her movement.
3. Martin’s Kirmir Little Mischief, 8/1/10, Br: Exh. (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Follow That Dream) almost 10 years old, another one loving her day out. Not the bone or substance of 1 and 2, showed very well.

About Cathy Thompson-Morgan:
I owned my first 2 norwich, Ch Ragus Tarantella For Belleville and Ch Ragus Lilac Wine in 1992.
My first homebred Norwich Champion was Ch Belleville Pink Lace in 1997 and in total I have made up 13 Norwich, 42 Norfolk and 4 Portugese Water Dogs.
I first judged without CC’s in 1995. I had my first CC appointment in 2004 however the imminent birth of my daughter meant I had to withdraw so I exhibited instead. I eventually awarded my first set of Norwich CC’s in 2006. I have also judged norwich in Finland and USA.
This has been my 4th CC appointment for Norwich.

Special Award Classes
Judge: Vanessa Cox (Petitpaws)

In essence Special Award classes are "mock" classes to allow a judge form Club's B or C Judges List to gain more hands on experience of our breed. These classes are totally separate from the main show and do not affect any results in the main show. A dog beaten in these classes is NOT considered a beaten dog for the purpose of the challenge for best dog or bitch.

Many thanks to the club for inviting me to judge the special awards classes and junior handling, which I enjoyed very much. 

Special OD (3,0):
1. Ackling & Dingle’s Kreatin Extra Factor Headed a strong class, this smart boy caught my eye with his compact and cobby outline, good bone and overall substance. Attractive well-proportioned head, well defined stop, neat ears and oval dark eyes all aiding his bright alert expression.  Good neck and shoulders, short level back and well-made hindquarters. Shown in great body condition with a beautifully presented harsh jacket. It was on the move that he scored highly, moving positively and with freedom keeping his topline at all times.
2. Smith’s Javidel Walk In The Park Another showy and compact dog with a balanced outline and ample bone and substance. Pleasing nicely proportioned head with good width of skull, ears set on well apart, although not using them as well as he could, defined stop and dark expressive eyes. Strong neck which I would like a touch more of, good ribbing, firm level back and short loins. Well-muscled hindquarters and good tail set on. Shown in great coat and condition.  Moved confidently and soundly away and back.
3. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM ShCEx    Soundly made dog of good type with ample bone and substance. He has an attractive well-proportioned head, good ear placement and dark oval eyes full of expression. Well laid shoulders, good ribbing, level topline, and well-made hind quarters. Not as compact as first two dogs and a bit out of coat at the moment. A keen alert showman, he moved with purpose holding his topline, just a touch wide coming on. 

Special OB (6,1):
1. Hitchen’s Kreatin Added Extra Outgoing and enthusiastic youngster full of breed type. A smaller overall package but with plenty of bone and substance, she appeals for her well balanced, cobby and compact outline. Lovely head and expression, neat well placed ears, well defined stop, dark eyes and alert keen expression. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, short level back, well-made hindquarters and tail set on correctly. Shown in great coat and condition. Came in her own on move, so sound away and back showing typical temperament.
2. Graves’ Ragus Love Letter To Pipsacre Cobby and compact in appearance, this typy girl has a well-proportioned feminine head, dark eyes, and good ear placement all giving a bright alert expression.  Strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib, firm level topline, well developed hindquarters and well set on tail. Shown in harsh well-groomed jacket and great body condition.  Sound steady mover who kept her outline at all times. 
3. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps JW 1.     Pretty girl of pleasing breed type and overall balance, good bone and substance, not quite as compact in body as first two. Appealing head with keen bright expression, good breath of skull, well placed ears and dark oval eyes.   Strong neck, well laid shoulders, well ribbed, level back and high set tail. Such an attentive showgirl, who moved soundly both ways retaining her profile at all time. Presented well, well-muscled and harsh jacket. 
4. Batey’s Contilly On Fire
5. Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir

Junior Handling
Judge: Vanessa Cox (Petitpaws)

6-11 years

1. Beatrix Dingle A quietly confident young lady who showed her dog at just the right pace, performing her triangle and straight up and down very nicely with good change of lead hand. Beatrix remembered not to get in between me and dog, so that he was always on show. A really good effort, just a little more practice on the table to set up and show teeth. Well done Beatrix. 

with Cathy Thompson-Morgan, judge of main show

About Vanessa Cox:
Having come from a dog loving family, I enjoy both showing and judging. I’m currently showing English Toy Terriers but have shown Australian Terriers, Miniature Pinschers and Affenpinschers in recent years. I award CCs in 2 Terrier breeds and a number of Toy breeds and judge most terriers at open show level including the group. I passed the Norwich Terrier Club hands on assessment and exam in 2011.