2018 Club Championship Show

The Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show
Held at Roade Village Hall,
Bailey Brooks Lane, Roade, Northants. NN7 2LS 

on Sunday, 25th. November 2018

Judge: Mr. Andrew Westwood (Nethertonion) 

BIS and bitch CC Ch Kreatin Extra Treat

Photo: Ruth Gee

Dog CC Jaeva Pay The Piper

Photo: Ruth Gee

Reserve Dog CC Ch Ragus Scouts Honour

Photo: Ruth Gee

Reserve Bitch CC Ragus Silk Moth

Photo: Ruth Gee

Best Veteran Baktwins Sun Seeker

Photo: Ruth Gee

Best Puppy in Show Ragus Time of My Life

Photo: Ruth Gee

Full Results:

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0):  
1. Crawley’s Ragus Time of My Life, 10/4/18, Br:Exh, (Ch Ragus Scouts Honour – Ragus Walk Of Life).  Most attractive puppy, good in head and lovely expression good reach of neck, good front compact in body moved and shown well should have a bright future. BP.
2.  Graves’ Pipsacre The Black of Beyond, 24/4/18, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ragus Cinder Toffee at Pipsacre). Good head type, short in body with a level top line shown in good condition. 
3.  Davies &Tinsley’s Morzi Cousin  Vinny, 17/3/18, Br. Exh, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Brickin Choca Moca).

Puppy Dog  (No entries): 

Junior Dog (2,1): 
1.  Tate’s Jaeva Pay The Piper, 10/10/17, Br: Mr M Phillips, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Jaeva Summer Wine). I thought this dog had an excellent head and ears. Good length of neck with nice lay back of shoulder, short and compact giving a great outline shown in lovely count and condition moved and well.  CC.

Novice Dog (2,0): 
1.  Ackling & Dingle’s Kreatin Extra Factor, 13/8/17, Br: Mrs C Hitchen, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ch. Kreatin Hidden Extra).  Nice type and shoulder, good eye and expression shown and moved well.
2.  P. The Black of Beyond.

Post Graduate Dog (4,0):
1.  Crozier’s Misma of Brook Hall, 20/2/15, Br: Exh, (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jacquill Rock Chick).  Liked his type and size, good eye and expression and ears but little weaker in muzzle. Short and compact in body moved out well in nice coat and condition.
2.  Webster’s Belleville Striking Effect, 24/6/16, Br: Mrs C Thompson-Morgan, (Ch Wychover Moonlighting (imp Nld) – Ch Belleville Coconut Effect).  Liked his head, neck and shoulders shown in good body condition moved well in hard coat.
3.  Short’s Ragus This Way Up, 12.1.16, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Belleville Just For Effect – Ragus Coming My Way).

Limit Dog (4,2): 
1.  Crozier’s Sea Sky, 20/2/15, Br: Exh, (Sativus Perpignan of Titanium – Jacquill Rock Chick).  I thought he had a good head with keen expression short and compact in body moved ok behind and little wide in front.
2.  Jordan’s Brickin Double Trouble, 14/8/14, Br: Mrs J Stevenson, (Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin).  Good size and in good coat and condition just light all through.

Open Dog ( 5,1):
1.  Crawley, Oddie, Nagrecha & Dyer’s Ch Ragus Scouts Honour, 10/8/16, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Jump The Gun – Hidden Promise for Ragus).  Excellent head, eyes and expression. Good length of neck compact and short in body in good condition presented well and moved with drive liked his size.
2.  Hitchen’s Ch Kreatin Extra Mile, 9/7/16, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Hand In Glove – Ch Kreatin Hidden Extra).  Also a dog of quality shown in good order. Excellent neck and shoulder, good front, short backed and good coat texture. Just preferred size of one.
3.  Lazenby’s Tinkave I’m The Man, 14/6/16, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Hand In Glove – Tinkave Diamond Girl).   Excellent head and ears good size and little heavy over the shoulders moved well.

Special Beginners Dog (2,0):
1.  B. Double Trouble.
2.  Bishop’s Bardash Diamond Smugler, 21/4/08, Br: Sue J Cooper, (Ragus Diamond Thief – Troublesome Lady).  Ok for size and good eyes expression. Pleasing ears.  Didn’t help handler on the move.

Veteran Dog  (2,0):
1.  Barge & Hardwicke’s Baktwins Sun Seeker, 11/5/08, Br: Mrs B Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun). Thought he still had a lovely head and well-made front, nice size, moved and shown well in good coat and condition.  B.V.
2.  B. Diamond Smugler.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1):
1.  Hardwicke’s Norowic Mistress of Magic, 25/5/18, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Kiss In The Dark – Norowic Lady Galadriel).  Pretty puppy. Nice size for age good type with pleasing head and ears. Nice expression moved well when settled.
2. Davies and Tinsley’s Morzi Hello Dolly, 17/3/18, Br: Exh, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Brickin Choca Moca).  Size bigger than one and not as compact moved and shown well good in coat, nice neck and shoulders.
3. Lazenby’s Belleville All Smiles, 7/5/18, Br: Cathy Thompson-Morgan, (Tinkave I’m The Man – Ragus All Good Things).  Good head type but would like a darker eye.

Puppy Bitch (No entries):

Junior Bitch (3):
1.  Hitchen and Lumpkin’s Ch Kreatin Extra Treat, 13/8/17, Br: Mrs C Hitchen, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Ch Kreatin Hidden Extra). Thought her a lovely bitch of quality super head with correct ears good forehand and front nice feet, short in back good in body with a level top line well-turned stifle never stood wrong holding her outline shown in top condition moved with ease. CC. BIS.  
2.  Crawley and Jones’ Ragus Silk Moth, 10/11/17, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Pistols at Dawn – Ragus Silk Gloves).  I also like this bitch a lot because of the lovely head piece dark keen eye straight front , good shoulders and nice size compact body moved and shown well. Unlucky to meet one today.  RCC.
3.  Haynes’ Alantro Step Into My Shadow, 16/10/17, Br: Exh, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Alantro First Steps).  Nice sort but would like a little more all over.

Novice Bitch (3,1): 
1.  Watkins’ Alantro Step To It, 16/10/17, Br: Mr A Haynes, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Alantro First Steps).  Good head, nice legs and feet.  Good body condition.  Ok in top line moved ok with good quarter’s nice size.
2.  Webster’s Ragus Now For Fun, 17/1/17, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Wychover Moonlighting – Ch Ragus Now You’re Talking). Nice type with pleasing head compact in body. I would like better shoulders.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1):
1.  Watkins’ A. Step To It.

Limit Bitch (2):
1.  Stevenson’s Brickin Chase a Rainbow, 31/5/17, Br: Exh, (Amicaro Whisky Chaser – Brickin Morning Glory). Good sort, nice head and correct ear placement. Short backed compact in outline showed and moved well.
2.  Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir, 14/9/14, Br: J Lazenby, (Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Tinkave Diamond Girl).  Pleasing head with good ears, good condition but not as compact as 1st.

Open Bitch (3,1):
1.  Crawley’s Ch Ragus Feather In My Cap, 7/7/17, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Mr O O’Seven – Belleville My Word).  Excellent for type lovely head and ears wicked expression good front and feet. Good shoulders compact in body with level top line shown in good order moved and shown well but would have liked her a shade smaller.
2.  Haynes’ Alantro First Steps, 28/7/13, Br: Exh, (Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow (imp) – Baktwins Amber Diamond at Alantro.

Special Beginners Bitch (1):
1.  A. First Steps. 

Andrew Westwood (Judge) 

Special Award Classes, judge Mr Matthew Oddie

Special Award OD Tinkave I’m The Man

Photo: Ruth Gee

Matilda Dingle Winner of Junior Handling

Photo: Ruth Gee

Special OD( 4,1)

Lazenbys Tinkave I’m The Man, A beautiful, masculine Norwich dog. A big enough dog but everything is in proportion and he is very typey. Beautiful head, eyes and ears with correct length of neck, short back, good ribbing and balanced angles both ends making him absolutely sound both ways and really used himself well when you watch him in profile. Lovely bone, in good coat and showed really well, an easy winner here.

Ackling and Dingles Kreatin Extra Factor.A lovely sized dog that was all of a piece, balanced angles, ok head and neck. In great coat, good topline and used himself well on the move.

Graves’ Pipsacre The Black Of Beyond, A baby puppy but has such great promise, he was spot on to go over with everything in the right place, compact, excellent bone, lovely head proportions and eyes. Once he gets it together on the move, he will have a great future but he did really well for his first show I believe.

Special OB(6,2)

Hitchen and Lumpkins Ch Kreatin Extra Treat. A beautiful typey Norwich bitch. She was in sparkling coat and condition. Great cobby type with good bone. Excellent head and eye. Ok in neck, had good ribbing and depth. Would prefer slightly more angulation behind which can make her rise in her topline however she moved really well in front and in profile and showed so well. Couldn’t deny her the class. Lovely.

Stevensons Brickin Chase a Rainbow. I really loved this bitch who is so beautiful to go over. She wasn’t in as good a coat as the winner and her mouth wasn’t perfect but has so much to like. So cobby, so well made, great bone, with correct length of muzzle and skull, good neck, short back and an absolutely beautiful mover both ways and in profile. Really liked her.

Haynes Alantro Step Into My Shadow. Another really lovely bitch who I don’t remember seeing before. Not as strong in her head but still had correct proportions. Good neck and topline. Cobby and so sound on the move. In great coat and condition and showed really well. Was close to higher honours, just felt the others were more mature.

Haynes Alantro Step Into My Shadow. Another really lovely bitch who I don’t remember seeing before. Not as strong in her head but still had correct proportions. Good neck and topline. Cobby and so sound on the move. In great coat and condition and showed really well. Was close to higher honours, just felt the others were more mature.

Junior Handling


Matilda Dingle.What a great little handler, she obviously loved her dog and showed him really well. She moved him at a great pace and stood him well. She was able to tell me his age and listened when I directed her on what to do. Well done Matilda.

Matthew Oddie