2016 Club Championship Show

thNovember 2016.

Judge: Jill Stevenson

I would like to thank the Norwich Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their show, also my very able stewards, and especially Eileen for the lovely hand painted plate, depicting two of my much loved Norwich, a beautiful gift.

Best In Show & Dog CC, Crawley & Baldwin’s Ch. Ragus Jump the Gun

Reserve Best In Show & Dog RCC, Thompson-Morgan’s Ch. Belleville Just For Effect

Bitch CC, Tate’s Ch. Jaeva Maid of Honour 

Bitch RCC, Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz Mockingjay

Best Puppy In Show, Smith’s Ragus Far Too Smart For Javidel

Best Veteran, Lazenby’s Ch. Ragus Diamonds Only

Minor Puppy Dog  2 (1 absent)

1 .Chambers’ Rouletta Prince Charming Lovely B&T puppy of excellent type with good bone, head, dark eye and strength of muzzle,well made hind quarters, Level top line, well set tail, moved and showed well.

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (1)

1 .Kells’ Ragus All Guns Firing for Amicaro. Quality young dog with well laid shoulders and good length of neck, well balance on the move, good head & expression, dark eye & correct bite. Excellent coat & well presented.

Novice Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog 1

1. Armstrong & Lawrance, Butterscotch Schnapps at Elantiz. Well-made young dog in excellent coat & condition, lovely head & expression ,dark keen eye well-padded feet & good bone, wasn’t  too keen to move on the mats today.

Limit Dog 1

1. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown Sh Cm . Good head and expression ,dark eye & correct bite ,excellent coat well presented. Showed & went well.

Open Dog 5 (1)

1. Crawleys  & Baldwin’s Ch Ragus Jump the Gun Alert cobby dog with an excellent head & expression dark eye & correct bite well balance with good angulation ,top line & tail set. Moved & showed really well DCC& BIS.
2. Thompson Morgan’s Ch Belleville Just For Effect. Another Quality dog , compact & cobby liked 1&2 very much, super head & expression, lovely outline, well presented in a harsh coat good front and hind quarters. Moved & showed well. RDCC& RBIS
3. Graves’ Ragus Morning Herald. Masculine head, dark well-shaped eyes & well placed ears, good bone, in harsh coat. Showed well keeping his top line.

Special Beginners Dog 2

1. Kells Ragus All Guns Firing for Amicaro.
2. Hayes Ragus Fabulous Clown Shcm.

Veteran Dog 1

1. Barge & .Hardwickes’ Baktwins Sun Seeker 8 year old B&T in lovely coat & condition, nicely proportioned head dark eye & keen expression cobby with good bone ,showed & went well.

Minor Puppy Bitch 2

1. Corkhill’s Redash Utterly Butterly. Feminine type puppy, nice head &eye correct bite, level top line well put together, moved & show well.
2. Chamber’s Rouletta What a Charmer, Another promising puppy not so mature as 1 well shaped head with good good expression dark eye & correct bite,well boned move well.

Puppy Bitch 2 (1)

1. Smith’s Ragus Way Too Smart for Javidel. Quality bitch puppy with lovely head, keen dark eyes & scissor bite, good length of neck & well laid shoulders, level top line with good hind quarters moved & showed very well. BP.

Junior Bitch 3

1. Graves Ragus Angel in Pearls. Pretty attractive bitch,feminine head, dark keen eye correct bite in good coat, strong hind quarters level top line showed well, but would have preferred a little more bone.
2. Kells’Amicaro Aurora Borealis Attractive B&T, just coming into coat, good head & expression dark eye ,lovely tail and good level top line, a little wide in front on the move.
3. Hardwicke’s  Norowic Lady Galadriel. Feminine bitch in good coat short & compact showed well keeping her top line, moved a little close behind.

Novice Bitch 4

1. Smith’s Ragus Way Too Smart For Javidel.
2. Phillip’s Jaeva Summer Wine. Pretty headed B&T of lovely type, correct mouth & eye, well balance on the move, showed well.
3. Corkhill’s Redash Utterly Butterly.

Post Graduate Bitch 3

1. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz Jabberjay. Lovely cobby bitch in beautiful coat & condition really nice head & expression dark eye short level back good feet & well-made hind quarters, went well both ways.
2. Graves’ Ragus Angel in Pearls.
3. Martins Kirmir Little Mischief Pretty 6yr old bitch, attractive head, correct length of neck showed & went well would like a little more bone.

Limit Bitch 5 (2)

1. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz Mockingjay. Beautiful promising bitch so well put together lovely head & expression good bone & feet, straight front, excellent tail, strong hind quarters moved really well, sound both ways RBCC
2. Martins Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir. Pretty head & lovely expression, dark bright eyes good bite in harsh coat,short & compact, moved & went well.
3. Hayes’ Alantro First Steps.  Attractive bitch with a nice head ,good bite & strong muzzle, just coming into coat, moved & went well keeping her top line

Open Bitch 5 (2)

1. Tate’s Ch Jaeva Maid Of Honour. Beautiful B&T bitch , lovely head & expression correct dark eye & mouth, well placed shoulders & flow of neck in good coat & condition sound both ways, showed really well with drive BCC.
2. Hitchen’s Ch Kreatin Hidden Gem. Another lovely bitch much like 1 ,both of lovely type very attractive head & expression good length of neck & level top line in excellent coat showed well.
3. Corkhill’s Redash the Merry Widow Nice quality bitch, good head strong muzzle correct bite, well shaped eye, cobby well  muscled  hind quarters ,good top line & tail set .moved soundly.
SBB 1 Hayes’ Alantro First Steps.

Veteran Bitch 2

1. Lazenby’s Ch Ragus Diamonds Only 9yr old bitch in lovely coat & condition, pretty head lovely expression short & compact moved really well keeping her top line Really enjoyed herself BV
2. Corkhills Ch Redash Clementine , Another  lovely bitch in harsh coat, good in head eye & mouth, excellent bone & body showed well.

Brace 2

1. Corkhills Two half-sisters so well matched both moved so well together matching tails & top lines. 
2. Grave ‘s Lovely pair both went well together but not so matched as the first pair.

Judge Jill Stevenson