2015 Club Open Show

Norwich Terrier Club Open Show

held on Sunday, 22nd. March 2015
at Roade Village Hall, Roade, Northants. 

Judge: Miss Julie Moyes (Plumhollow)

To the committee of the Norwich Terrier Club, I thank them for the invitation to judge at this friendly breed show, & many thanks for my thoughtful gift, a lovely memento of the day. 

To the seasoned exhibitors who entered their dogs for my assessment, I appreciate the work involved in presenting these terriers in top condition, & to the new owners/exhibitors I hope you & your dogs enjoyed yourselves & you will continue to support your breed & club, I thank you for helping me in my education of the Norwich Terrier.

Best In Show, Best Bitch & Best Puppy in Show, Hitchen’s Kreatin Hidden Extra 

Photo: Eileen Needham

Reserve Best In Show & Best Dog, Stevenson’s Brickin Hot Of The Press 

Photo: Eileen Needham

Best Veteran In Show, Lazenby’s Bitch, Ragus Diamonds Only

Photo: Eileen Needham

Minor Puppy Dog (3,2): 

1. Jordan’s Brickin Double Trouble, 14/08/14, Br: Mrs J Stevenson, (Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow (Imp)- Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin ), Lovely red coated 7mth D, attractive head developing well, strong muzzle with large teeth, Good neck & shoulders, level topline, good body with good spring to ribs. Good width to hindquarters, well balanced. Happy & moving well.

Puppy Dog (1,0): 

1. Hayes Ragus Fabulous Clown, 26/05/14, Br: Mrs L Crawley,( Ch Ragus Talk Of The Devil – Hidden Smile ), . Classic head properties, with good width between the ears & strong wedge shaped muzzle. Lovely length of neck into good shoulders, level topline, hindquarters developing well. Needs to put on body condition, this would help with his overall balance. Moved with drive, but a little untidy in front. BPD. 

Junior Dog (1,0): 
1. Ragus Fabulous Clown, Repeat 

Special Beginners Dog (1,0): 
1. Ragus Fabulous Clown, Repeat 

Novice Dog (2,0): 

1.  Ragus Fabulous Clown, Repeat 
2. Whitehead’s Henri du Bocage des Soeurs (ATC AR01312 FRA), 14/03/12, Br L Leblanc,( Demerlay American Boy – Dieselle ), Smart B&T with a good coat that was well presented. He is carrying a little too much weight, which highlights his size, shorter neck, & shoulder placement, taking ones eye away from a lovely balanced head, good proportioned rear & good movement. 

Post Graduate Dog (4,0): 

1. Stevenson’s Brickin Hot Of The Press, 06/09/13, Br: Exh, ( Brickin Morning Glory ­Ch Ragus Extra Hot ), A red dog who just needs time to develop, he has it all, super head & expression, good neck, lovely forequarters, level topline, good rear, short well ribbed body, short strong legs, & excellent coat. His movement was near perfect, a pleasure to see him striding out & enjoying himself. BD. 
2. List’s Ragus Morning Herald, 19/08/13, Br: Mrs A Gibons, (Ch Ragus Talk Of The Devil – Ragus Mayfair Morning ), A smart dog showing more maturity than 1, good for size,cobby& well balanced. Good head & muzzle with a good bite. Not quite as good in shoulders as 1, level topline& good width to hind quarters. Very much looked the part but could not match the movement of 1.RBD. 
3. Haynes’ Alantro’s True Beginnings, 03/11/12. Br: Exh, (Ragus Hot Rod – Ragus Pure Diamond ), A compact dog of good size who again lost on movement to 1. Good head with lovely eye, good forequarters, deep chest with good ribbing, short back with good tail set. Could be stronger in rear which would help his hindquarters provide more drive.

Limit Dog (2,1): 
1. Henri du Bocage des Soeurs, Repeat  

Open Dog (1,0): 
1. Henri du Bocage des Soeurs, Repeat 

Veteran Dog (No Entries): 

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1): 

1. Stevenson’s Brickin Show Piece, 14/08/14, Br: Exh, ( ChAm Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin ), Not a lot between these two babies, & no wonder as I find that they are litter mates. However someone has to win & I chose this one because I preferred her head at this stage. She has a slightly wider skull, with good set ears & expressive eyes. Good shoulder placement & length of neck, lovely body shape with short loin & short well boned legs, good width to hindquarters, & well set tail. Lovely B&T colouring to coat & very well presented. Moving positively in front with drive from those low hocks. 
2. Davies’ Brickin Choca Moca, B, 14/06/14, Br J Stevenson, ( Ch Am Ch. Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin ), This girl can only improve with maturity, she has got what it takes. I will not repeat myself as she has the same positive points that her sister has. Just enjoy her showing & I am sure she will blossom. 
3. Martin’s Tinkave Brown Eyed Girl at Kirmir, 14/09/14, Br: J Lazenby, ( Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Tinkave Diamond Girl ), A good headed puppy, but just lacks the substance & boning of the first 2. She showed & moved well to earn this place. 

Puppy Bitch (1,0): 

1. Walters’ Saltarello Threepenny Bit (TAF) 03/06/14, Br. Mrs B Fraser. ( Nepomuk von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello (imp Aut) – Tasha von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello (imp Aut) ), A sweet girl with a good head, well placed forequarters & good length of neck. I found her a little narrow all through, not presenting the cobby-ness required. Her hindquarters are well constructed & she moved well. 

Junior Bitch (1,0): 

1. Hitchen’s Kreatin Hidden Extra, 04/04/14, Br: Exh, ( Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow – Ch Ragus Hidden Amber ), My notes say gorgeous! She stood alone, but as you see she later went BIS as there was nothing to touch her today. She has a truly wonderful head, with lovely eyes & good mouth, good length of neck, well placed shoulders, excellent body condition, well ribbed with good spring, level topline, broad hindquarters,shortstraight legsjust right for bone. Lovely length tail with good set on. Compact with substance. Her coat carried a bloom of condition with not a hair out of place. Later in the challenge, having other exhibits in the ring with her she pulled all the stops out, she stood naturally showing her perfect balance, & adding a ‘hidden extra’ to her movement. BB, BPIS &BIS

Special Beginners Bitch (1,0): 

1. Haynes’ Baktwins Amber Diamond at Alantro, 31/01/11, Br: Mrs BA Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Ragus Pure Diamond ), A smart bitch moving out well, low to ground with strong straight legs. Lovely head, short back well ribbed up & good hindquarters. Good for size & shown in great condition. 

Novice Bitch (No Entries): 

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1): 

1. Haynes’ Alantro First Steps, 28/07/13, Br: Exh, ( Ch/ Am Ch.Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow(Imp) ­Baktwins Amber Diamond at Alantro ), A happy girl showing her socks off, liked her size, shape, & substance. Good head & eye, good bite. Fair neck, good topline, muscular hindquarters. Good legs, short, with low set hocks.

Limit Bitch (3,1): 

1. Stevenson’s Brickin Glorious Morning, 06/09/13 Br Exh, ( Brickin Morning Glory ­Ch Ragus Extra Hot ), Lovely bitch for size, though lacking a little substance. Good head, good shoulder placement, short back, with good spring of rib & good rear angulation. Slight distraction was her tail which she held tightly over her back. Her movement was powerful & free. 
2. Lazenby’s Tinkave Diamond Girl, 26/07/12, Br: Exh, ( Ch Ragus Merry Gentleman – Ragus Diamonds Only )Close up to 1, as I preferred her compact shape & substance. Super head & shoulders, level topline, broad hindquarters but would like to see more bend of stifle.. Lovely coat very well presented.

Open Bitch (1,1): Absent

Veteran Bitch (1,0): 

1. Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only, 23/10/07, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption – Ragus Fine Diamond Lovely solid Norwich, just right for size, very good head & cheeky expression, good muzzle, good forequarters, short well boned legs, rounded ribs going well back on the body, strong muscular hindquarters. Presented in good coat & condition. Moving soundly, enjoying herself! RBB. BVIS. 

Brace (2,1):
1. Mrs. Lazenby’s Brace, Mother & daughter in unison, in size, shape, movement & character! Congratulations to the sporting owner.

Julie Moyes (Judge)