2014 Club Championship Show

Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show

Sunday, 23rd. November 2014
held at Roade Village Hall,

Judge: Mr. Geoff Brown (Queslade) 

Dog CC Winner & Best in Show, Crawley, Sweigart & Beale’s Ch/Am Ch Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow 

waiting photograph of
Crawley’s Bitch CC Winner, Sw Ch RagusComfort & Joy (Re-Import)

Dog RCC Winner & Reserve Best in Show, Brown’s Ch Ragus The Devil Can Wait for Lastarean 

Bitch RCC Winner, Armstrong & Lawrance’s Elantiz Primrose Petal

Best Puppy in Show Winner, Hitchen’s Kreatin Hidden Extra 

Best Veteran in Show, Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only 

Minor Puppy Dog (1.0): 

1. Crawley ‘ s Ragus Lady ‘ s Man. What a delightful start with this 6 months red dog. I liked his overall size and proportions. Lovely dark eye, alert ear carriage, harsh tidy coat. It was easy to forgive slight nervousness on the move. Went well both ways and should do well with that extra bit of maturity and experience. Best Puppy dog. 

Puppy Dog (2,2): Absent

Junior Dog (2,1): 

1. Kell ‘ s Amicaro Whisky Chaser. 14 months red dog. Strong harsh coat, dark eye of correct shape. Pleasing to go over with good bone. Moved OK both ways. Needed to settle when on table.

Novice Dog (2,1): 
1. Kell ‘ s Amicaro Whisky Chaser. Repeat.

Post Graduate Dog (3,0): 

1. Armstrong & Lawrance ‘ s Elantiz Mr. William. 19 months red dog. Pleasing head with dark oval eye. Clean scissor bite. Well constructed beneath a harsh coat. Best mover in this class, particularly going out.
2. Dent ‘ s Ragus Cornish Caper at Fizzella. 4 years black & tan dog. Scored in head construction. Good scissor bite. Well sprung ribs. Harsh coast was not at its best. Moved out better than coming back.
3. Sutton ‘ s Jaffa Cake at Neszmely. 20 months red dog. Not in full coat and not as fluent on move as others in class. Harsh coat in lovely condition and may well do better with time and a full coat.

Limit Dog (6,1): 

What a lovely class to go over.
1. Oddie ‘ s Ragus Pistols at Dawn. 15 months red dog. Shown in lovely coat and condition. A good quality exhibit that ticked most boxes. Particularly liked his bone, ear carriage, bite and harshness of coat. Moved well both ways but was slightly unsettled when standing but did more than enough to win this class.
2. Crawley & Stevenson ‘ s Wychcover Moonlighting. 15 months red dog. Scored in hear proportions, dentition and good bone. Shown with plentiful harsh coat. Moved well, with air of confidence, especially coming back. Unlucky to be against winner who all round had the edge.
3. Stevenson ‘ s Brickin Early Morning. 14 months red dog. Excelled in hear proportions with good wedged shaped muzzle. Nicely balanced throughout with good proportions. Good bone. May well have done better had he put all in on move and when standing.

Open Dog (5,0): 

1. Crawley, Sweigart & Beale ‘ s Ch./Am.Ch. Ascot Sanspur at Yarrow. 5 years red dog. Stood out in a good class and never stopped showing. Immaculately presented, with super bone beneath a neat, harsh coat. Nicely balanced with correct angulation when standing. Glided around the ring with drive and confidence. CC & BIS.
2. Brown ‘ s Ch. Ragus The Devil Can Wait For Lastarean. Almost 4 years old dog. Much to admire with lovely dark oval eye, correct bite, well sprung ribs and good reach of neck. Moved well both ways with good drive from behind. Pleased to award him Res.CC from a good line up and RBIS.
3. Sumowski ‘ s Xeno Vertragus. 4 years. Good scissor bite, strong harsh coat but not in full bloom. Moved OK both ways.

Special Beginners Dog (4,2): 
1. Dent ‘ s Cornish Caper at Fizzella. Repeat 
2. Sutton ‘ s Jaffa Cake at Neszmely. Repeat 

Veteran Dog ( No Entries) : 

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,1): Absent

Puppy Bitch (3,1): 

1. Hitchen ‘ s Kreatin Hidden Extra. 7 months red bitch. Eye catching and presented in great condition and tidy full coat. Darkest of eyes with keen, bright expression. Used ears to advantage, good bone and lovely balanced proportions. Moved very well both ways and stood well for one so young. Should have a bright future if she doesn ‘ t grow on too much. Strongly considered for high award in the challenge. Best Puppy bitch & BPIS
2. Stevenson ‘ s Miss Money Penny. 9 months red in good harsh coat. Keen dark eye, good dentition. OK for bone but overall rather immature and not comfortable on move or standing. Time and confidence will bring more out of her. 

Junior Bitch (5,2): 

1. Smith ‘ s Ragus Walkin on Sunshine. 13 months red. Good head proportions, strong muzzle. Dark oval eye, good scissor bite, well presented in good coat and moved well both ways.
2. Haynes ‘ Alantro First Steps. 16 months red in tidy neat coat. Typy bitch with good head proportions and dark, oval eye. Well constructed and balanced, moved out well but leaned in on return journey. Little to choose between 1 and 2
3. Kerr ‘ s Sweet Afton. 14 months red. Much to like but not quite the qualities of 1 & 2. Good head proportions. OK for hone. Keen dark eye. Coat not at its best, moved OK both ways.

Novice Bitch (4,1): 

1. Smith ‘ s Ragus Walkin on Sunshine. Repeat 
2. Kerr ‘ s Sweet Afton.Repeat.
3. Sumowski ‘ s Drobiazg Zamlicze. 11 months black & tan. Darkest of eyes of correct shape. Used ears to good effect. Harsh, healthy coat, moved OK but will benefit from maturity and experience.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1): 

1. Kell ‘ s Amicaro Jubilympia. 2 ½ years red in good harsh coat. Well balanced with good bone. Best head proportions in this class with good reach of neck. Keen, dark eye, moved OK but lacked a bit of conviction.
2. Dent ‘ s Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella. 4 years red. Good scissor bite, good bone, correct head proportions. Moved OK but just preferred movement of 1. 

Limit Bitch (5,1): 

1. Armstrong & Lawrance ‘ s Elantiz Primrose Petal. 4 years red. Well presented in lovely condition. Nice bitch to go over with good hone, good dentition, dark eye, good reach of neck and well balanced throughout. Correct ear size used to good effect. Moved positively both ways and took the eye when standing in the line up. Res. CC.
2. Crawley ‘ s Wicked Witch at Ragus. 15 months red. Pleasing typy bitch with good scissor bite and dark eye. Nicely balanced throughout, in good coat. Slightly unsettled on move an standing which went against her in the final analysis.
3. Martin ‘ s Kirmir Little Mischief. 4 ¾ years. Red presented in good, harsh coat with good scissor bite and dark eye. Smaller than some exhibits which is not a bad thing but beaten on movement.

Open Bitch (6,0): 

Really high quality class. 
1. Sw.Ch. Ragus Comfort and Joy. 4 years red. Eye catching and well presented and handled. I liked her size and proportions. Correct head proportions and correct sized ea5rs used to good effect. Good bone for size and moved well both ways. CC.
2. Hitchen ‘ s Ch. Kreatin Hidden Gem. 2 years b & t. Another quality bitch of good type and size, well presented in harsh full coat. Very alert and expressive, with good head proportions and dentition. Moved well both ways. Beaten by a very nice exhibit.
3. Stevenson ‘ s Ch. Paper Chase At Brickin. 19 months b & t. Scored in head, with good dark eye, correct scissor bite and neat animated ears. Moved well both ways. Well angulated and beautifully balanced. Coat not at its best but nothing to choose between those placed higher. 

Special Beginners Bitch (5,2): 
1. Kell ‘ s Amicaro Jubilympia.
2. Kerr ‘ s Sweet Afton. 
3. Dent ‘ s Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella.

Veteran Bitch (2,0): 

1. Lazenby ‘ s Ragus Diamonds Only. 7 years red. Nice typy bitch with many qualities and very alert and showy. Scored in head and bone. Moved out well both ways. Well presented and handled. 

Brace (3,2): 
1. Dent ‘ s Brace 

Geoff Brown (Judge)