2011 Club Open Show

Norwich Terrier Club Open Show

17th. April 2011
Held at Roade Village Hall, Roade, Northants. NN7 2PT

Judge: Mrs. Pat Munro ( Arkama ) 

I thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their very friendly show and for their hospitality; also my thanks to the exhibitors for their entry. My sincere apologies for the lateness of this critique due to various circumstances beyond my control. 

Best Dog & BIS was Ragus Devine Devil, Best Opposite Sex & Res.BIS Ragus Mayfair, and Best Puppy Jillymack Madam Butterfly. It appears my BIS, BB & Reserve BIS, Reserve BB & Best Puppy were all sired by the same dog.

Photo credits Edwin

Best In Show & Best Dog, Crawley’s Ragus Devine Devil

Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex, Crawley & Baldwin’s Ragus Mayfair

Best Puppy In Show, Corkhill’s Jillymack Madame Butterfly

Best Veteran In Show, Needham’sTitanium Pretzel ShCM 

Puppy Dog (1,1): Absent 

Junior Dog (4,2):

1. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Coconut Ice, 21/02/10, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Ch Belleville Coconut Cream), Reserve Best Dog. Nicely handled by his very young handler. Well placed ears on a well constructed head, nice neck, good in length of back & ribcage, good tail set, moved & showed very well. At this stage a little on the immature side & a bit leggy at the moment. 
2. Stubbings’Alncarron Scots Pine, 30/03/10, Br: Mrs R Malone, (Ragus Star Wizard for Janski – Redash Caraway), different type altogether, has a decent head with nice dark eye & good ears. Longer cast than winner & a bit high in hock; correct texture coat. Not moving very well & could do with more encouragement from his owner. 

Special Beginners Dog (3,2):

1. Alncarron Scots Pine, Repeat.

Novice Dog (1,0):

1. Alncarron Scots Pine, Repeat.

Post Graduate Dog (No Entries) 

Limit Dog (4,2):

1. Lawson’s Softpaws Red Robin at Irvelm, 13/01/08, Br: Mrs D Smith, (Ch Glenhafod Arizona – Softpaws Dehli Delight), quite a decent dog, nice head, good ears, good front. Showed well, good coat, moved well in front, but not so good behind.
2. Higgitt’s Redash Clock This, D, 12/09/08, Br: Mrs R Corkhill, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Redash Tide Clock ), Dark eye, nice ears. OK body with decent set on. Not moving very well. 

Open Dog (2,1):

1. Crawley’s Ragus Devine Devil, 10/12/09, Br: Exh, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Ragus What The Devil), Best Dog & B.I.S. All male eye-catching dog, perfectly presented in great coat & condition & looks really good in profile particularly on the move. Nice head & expression, good neck into good shoulders with well ribbed & compact body topped off by an excellent tail set. Moves well, driving from behind.

Veteran Dog (1,0):

1. Needham’s Titanium Pretzel ShCM, 27/09/02, Br: Exh, (Titanium Coeur de Lion – Ch Titanium Pawpaw-Pie) , Good expression, good mouth. Has a nice topline, short compact body with good ribcage; tail well placed. In good coat, nicely presented. A tad upright in shoulder & hocks a little high. Wasn’t always 100% when moving but went well in the challenge. When putting all in looked the part; especially when set up on the table.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1):

1. Crawley’s Ragus Hotter Than July, 23/07/10, Br: Exh, (Ch Brickin Ready to Rumble at Ragus – Ch Ragus Bubbling Hot)
2. Crawley, Harpham & Hulance’s The Original at Ragus (NAF, TAF), 23/09/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Belleville Crème Brulee – Ragus True Original) Critique for this class missing from Judge’s report.

Puppy Bitch (5,2) :

1. Corkhill’s Jillymack Madam Butterfly, 02/05/10, Br: G Baines, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Jillymack’s Little Madam), ) I see from the catalogue that 1 & 2 are litter sisters – it shows. 2 nice puppies both presented well; the winner was the more outgoing of the 2 and at this stage a little more mature. Good head with correctly placed ears, nice eye, mouth & pigmentation. Deep chest, nice tailset. Good showgirl. BP. 
2. Baines’ Jillymack Don’t Call Me Madam, 02/05/10, Br: Exh, (Dunbars Kensington Square – Jillymack’s Little Madam), needs a lot more confidence in the ring & to start with wouldn’t cooperate with her young handler, but when she settled made a pretty picture. Like her sister has nice head, ears etc, good backend and tail set, but perhaps not quite as good in shoulder. 
3. Lawson’s Irvelm Minnie The Moocher, 20/05/10, Br: Exh, (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Dorinor Holy Halo at Irvelm)

Junior Bitch (3,1) :

1. Crawley & Baldwin’s Ragus Mayfair, 24/03/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Superstition at Ragus), Extremely promising & pretty bitch with ultra short back. Good head, neck, topline & body into good tailset. Very alert and moved like a little train. In good coat & condition and as with all from this kennel perfectly presented. Best Bitch & Reserve B.I.S. 
2. Hitchen’s Ragus Hidden Amber, 12/12/09, Br: L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Ch Ragus Forever Amber), nice bitch, decent head with correctly placed & well carried ears. Nice shoulders. Didn’t move too well on the day. 

Special Beginners Bitch (2,1) :

1. Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only, 23/10/07, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption – Ragus Fine Diamond), nice type with compact body & deep chest, OK shoulders, good tail set. A little weak in muzzle & could be slightly darker in eye. Good body & coat. Looked well standing, but moved wide in front. Moved well behind with plenty of width. 

Novice Bitch (3,1) :

1. Mountain’s Just A Whisper at Saltarello, 28/07/09, Br: Mesd. Crawley & Fraser,( Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Ragus Just The Ticket), nice head & body with well set tail. In good coat & condition. Not so good in shoulder as 2 and although a little on the close side behind was the truer mover on the day. 
2. Hitchen’s Ragus Hidden Amber, 12/12/09, Br: L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Ch Ragus Forever Amber) . Repeat.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,3) :

1. Brown’s Dorinor Holy Quest, 21/09/08, Br: Mrs D & Miss S Bell, (Dorinor Red Alert – Dorinor Dizzy Lizzie), looked very nice standing. Nice in head, good ears, a bit upright in shoulder consequently moving a bit wide in front. Very nice body and good tail set. A little straight in hock but moved well behind.
2. Harrild’s Lets Be ‘Avin You in Crivnor, 06/06/06, Br: Willard & Crawley, (Caterpillar vom Rittersee – Ragus Inspiration), not the easiest to assess as such a thick bountiful coat to get through giving the appearance of an uneven topline. OK head, nice ears, Better in hock than 1. but pinned in slightly behind. Coat of good texture.
3. Wilson’s Sheltrice High Hopes, 17/10/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Looking for Brickin – Brickin Dawn Break) 

Limit Bitch (5,2) :

1. Smith & Crawley’s Ragus Cool Jazz, 06/09/09, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Nepomuk Von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello – Crazy Rhythm at Ragus), close decision between these two. First showed very well; both had nice heads & looked very good in profile standing & on the move. Winner had good neck, well covered & well ribbed body, nice set on. Moved well. 
2. Baines’ Jillymack’s Little Madam, 24/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Ovation – Redash Tumble Time), loved her expression & real cute face, good in shoulder, nice in head & eye, just slightly longer cast than winner. Nice body, good bend of stifle & hock, can move well. Hopefully her young inexperienced handler will be given lots of encouragement. 
3. Harrild’s Ragus Inspiration, 21/06/04, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ragus Fits The Bill Rouletta – Ragus Celebration) 

Open Bitch (2,0) :

1. Crawley’s Ragus Piccadilly, 24/03/10, Br: Exh, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Superstition at Ragus), Good type. Nice head, could be slightly darker in eye, OK shoulders, nice topline & body, good ribs & depth of chest. Moved well both ways, drives well from behind & looks well in profile. At times not quite as confident as she could be but showed well enough to earn her Res BB. 
2.Ragus Diamonds Only, Repeat 

Veteran Bitch (3,2) :

1. Brown’s Ch Queslade She Devil, 27/01/01, Br: Exh, (Ch Elve Stormwizard – Queslade Just Magic), nice little bitch enjoying herself & showing well with tail up all the time. 10 ½ years young, with age only showing in neck. Nice head, good ear placement, short body & good ribcage. Decent coat. Moved OK. A very close decision for BV & no doubt they have & will change places often. 

Brace (5,2) :

1. Harrild’s Brace, really well matched pair who moved in unison. Both in very good coat & showing as a pair. 
2. Baines’ Brace
3. Brown’s Brace

Pat Munro (Judge)