2011 Club Championship Show

Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show

20th. November 2011
Held at Roade Village Hall, Northants.

Judge: Mrs. Ruth Corkhill 

Thank you for a lovely quality entry with very few absentees. I was pleased to find consistently good breed type with many lovely heads; good teeth (mostly clean!) & bites; coats & presentation were excellent. All were happy & friendly as expected, & generally construction was good with very few having the straight stilted hind legs of old & many had rather good front end anatomy with only an occasional stuffy neck. Noisy breathing was absent I’m pleased to say, all gave the appearance of being “fit for function & fit for life”! I was delighted with my top winners & they made a stunning picture moving round together at the end. BIS Ch.Ragus Devine Devil, closely followed by RBIS & BOS Ragus Extra Hot (newly crowned champion today) & BP Ragus Devil in The Detail for Kreatin – 3 Raguses in 3 different ownerships – I think this says a lot when the top breeder can part with top winners to competing exhibitors – well done.

Best In Show & Dog CC, Crawley’s Ragus Devine Devil

Reserve Best In Show & Bitch CC, Stevenson’s Ragus Extra Hot

Dog RCC & Best Puppy In Show, Hitchen’s Ragus Devil In Detail For Kreatin

Bitch RCC, Watkins’ Baktwins Dream Summer 

Best Veteran In Show, Brown’s Ch Queslade She Devil 

Minor Puppy Dog: – No Entries

Puppy Dog (1,0): 

1. Hitchen’s  Ragus Devil In The Detail for Kreatin. 08/01/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Demerlay American Boy – Ragus What The Devil),beautiful 10mth old red dog who set a good standard to start the show as had there been no other males at all I was at least assured that I had found one of CC quality! Excellent head of correct shape & proportions, good strength skull & muzzle. Strong well boned front legs, well laid back shoulders giving good forward stride. Short level back, cobby body maturing nicely with good length ribcage. Excellent coat; moved very well with good rear drive from well angulated hind legs. He really appealed to me with his typical Norwich expression & attitude enjoying himself immensely. Won RCC to his mature half-brother, & was pushed hard by the other youngsters in the challenge. Best Puppy but I must admit nearly lost this to the sweet baby bitch pup! 

Junior Dog (3,0):

1. Crawley & Oddie’s Ragus Merry Gentleman, 25/12/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ch/Am Ch Ragus Got The Look), name seems to fit his character showing very happily. Soundest mover in this class striding out from better neck & shoulders than other 2. Sound hindquarters well bent stifles & low set hocks & good driving action. Excellent head, strong curved skull & shortish deep muzzle. Firm bone, cobby well ribbed body & sparkling coat & condition. I just preferred the puppy winner’s more low to ground type. 
2. Brown’s Ragus The Devil Can Wait for Lastarean, 08/01/11, Br: L Crawley, (Demerlay American Boy – Ragus What The Devil), excellent b/t litter brother to puppy winner of similar short legged cobby type but not quite as sound & free moving as 1 st . Broad head but less stop so appears more foxy but muzzle is strong. Small dark eyes, good teeth, short harsh coat, well boned straight front legs but shoulders not quite as laid back & would prefer more neck. Well-muscled hindquarters, quite a balanced mover straight & true. 
3. Hughes’ Irvelm Sweet As A Nut. 20/05/10, Br: Mr & Mrs Lawson. (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Dorinor Holy Halo at Irvelm).

Novice Dog (2,0): 

1. Hughes’ Irvelm Sweet As A Nut, very promising 18mths rather immature youngster in short harsh coat, beaten in previous class by 2 precocious puppies. Very soundly constructed, good neck & well laid back shoulders, excellent bone, straight front, & well bent stifles. Moves with good reach & drive, sound & true. Rangy lean body, good length ribcage should drop with maturity. Happy showman, attractive dark eyed expression, head could be a little broader & shorter but has strong muzzle. Novice show dog & owners, all gained experience as he went through the classes with different family members, the juniors coped well. Keep trying he’s worth it. 
2. McLaughlin’s Barwest Bakers Boy, 24/03/10, Br: Mrs P Barrel!, (Tynallt Trouble Shooter – Barwest Barley Wine), better breed type than 1 st but construction not so good. Good head, correct shape & proportions but preferred smaller eyes of 1 st . Short back, cobby deep body in full coat of good texture. Could do with better angulation front & rear, but moved happily & straight just not as much stride & drive.

Post Graduate Dog (5,0): 

1. James’ 31 Bakewood Twentyfour Carat, 22/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Alncarron Dawn Redwood), very sound, good type mature red in excellent coat, won on overall balance & movement. Very good head broad & slightly rounded skull, good stop & shortish strong muzzle. Best neck & shoulders in class & well made hindquarters. Short level back & deep well ribbed cobby body. Showed very well. 
2. Dent’s Ragus Cornish Caper at Fizzella, 17/03/10, Br: L Crawley, (Ch Ragus Star Wizard for Janski – Belleville Cornish Cream), most attractive & typical b/t, very showy. Excellent head, correct shape & proportions of skull to muzzle, good stop. But lacks neck length & shoulders could be more laid back. Good bone & substance, short & cobby with good ribs. Very well angulated hindquarters & low set hocks, moved with good rear drive but bit wide in front. Eye-catching showman. 
3. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville Coconut Ice, 21/02/10, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Ch Belleville Coconut Cream), handsome red dog would prefer him a bit smaller all over, but he is all in proportion. Nice head of good shape, large strong muzzle. Excellent hindquarters but not so good in shoulders. Very well boned straight front. Good coat texture & presentation; well handled. 

Limit Dog (5,2): 

1. Crawley’s Ragus Rock The House, 01/09/10, Br: (Exh. Demerlay American Boy – Crazy Rhythm at Ragus), super little dog, short & cobby, excellent construction both ends. One of the best in neck & shoulders & lovely straight front together with correct hind leg angulation giving free striding, driving action from low set hocks. Really Norwichy head & expression, broad skull, good stop & correct length strong muzzle. Light grizzle coat presented to perfection. Would have been my 3 rd best dog in the strong challenge. 
2. Lawson’s Soft Paws Red Robin at Irvelm, 13/01/08, Br: Mrs D Smith. (Ch Glenhafod Arizona – Soft Paws Dehli Delight ), very smart showy & typical light red dog. Excellent head & expression. Good bone & substance, short back & good ribs. Quite good neck & shoulders but hindquarters not as good as 1 st being higher in hocks. Balanced mover straight & true but less stride & drive. Presented in very good coat & condition. 
3. Irvelm Sweet As A Nut, Repeat.

Open Dog (6,1): 

1. Crawley’s Ch Ragus Devine Devil, 10/12/09. Br: Exh. (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Ragus What The Devil), b/t mature dog in full lovely coat, really looked the part to win CC&BIS. Excellent head, broad curved strong skull, deep stop, shortish strong muzzle. Very well balanced overall, enough neck & good shoulders, straight well boned short front legs. Short level back, deep compact well ribbed body. Strong well angulated hindquarters & low set hocks, moved soundly with good drive from broad rear. A true Norwich of ideal size, appealed to me today. 
2. Crawley’s Ch Cobby’s Indesign, 30/03/10, Br: Mrs R Sporre-Willis, (Sw Ch Cobby’s Devil In Demand – Sw Ch Italian Easy Girl Deeli Aquisti), exuberant good coated red with somewhat different type head, bit larger & longer, broad skull, but less stop. Good neck but shoulders not quite as well placed. Short back, cobby well ribbed body; excellent hindquarters strongly angulated stifles & low set hocks. Very good swift mover with good drive from rear following front leg tracks correctly. I preferred the overall balance & head of the winner. 
3. James’ Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood, 24/12/04, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Am Ch Yarrows Sandstorm (Imp) – Ragus Wildest Dreams), handsome b/t dog of correct size & proportions looking great at nearly 7yrs. Not quite the quality of the 2 above but holding his own in this hot competition. Excellent breed type, head & expression; lovely eyes & good teeth. Short back, cobby body, good ribs & bone. Not so good in neck & shoulders but well made hindquarters, moving very well.

Special Beginners Dog (3,0):

1. Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood, Repeat. 
2. Dent’s Ragus Cornish Caper at Fizzella, Repeat.
3. Irvelm Sweet As A Nut, Repeat. 

Veteran Dog (1,1): Absent.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,0): 

Very very good class all 5 showing promise, excellent type & quality, decisions were close.
1. Thompson-Morgan’s Belleville’s Coconut Effect, 21/03/11, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Devine Devil – Ch Belleville Coconut Cream), I don’t know what her name means but “spellbinding effect” would be appropriate! 8mths red, very well balanced & together for such a youngster but ideal size & development for age. Super head & most appealing expression & demeanour, good neck & shoulders, straight well boned front legs, good length ribcage, nicely angulated hindquarters moved with drive & animation. She is the “one I would like to take home”! Nearly won BP but the older male just had the edge in deportment – they made a delightful pair. BPB 
2. Brown’s Lastarean Kyme For Home, 15/03/11, Br: Exh, (Brown Ben Wills Choice – Brenin Sweet Possession), pretty little 8mths b/t, very sound & lively. Excellent head shape & proportions, small dark eyes, good front construction, bit less bone than 1. Short & compact, with very good hindquarters moving soundly with purpose & enjoyment. Shining coat of good texture, she presents an eye-catching picture, really appealed to me. 
3. Phillips’ Ragus Madly In Love (TAF). 07/05/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley. (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ragus Truly Madly), 6mths, not quite so bubbly as first 2 & a touch plainer, nevertheless full of quality & breed type. Moved extremely well straight & true with good reach & drive. Good head with correct skull to muzzle proportions & stop, delightful expression from small dark eyes. Correct length neck, shoulder placement & hind leg construction with chunky short-backed well ribbed body. Bit more bone than 2 nd , dense red coat of good texture.

Puppy Bitch ( 5,0): 

More difficult class as although all promising they’re at different stages of development.
1. Stevenson’s Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin, 19/12/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ragus Coming Up Roses), super eye-catching 11mths b/t, very very sound & free moving being well constructed at both ends. Head is a lovely pattern & already quite mature in width of skull, slightly rounded, good stop & firm deep muzzle, nice big teeth. Lovely outline in profile showing good length neck to well laid back shoulders, short cobby body & well angulated stifles on low set hocks. Well boned straight front legs. I really liked her & she pushed the winners hard in challenges – never mind “coming up next” she’s already showing! 
2. Crawley & Jones’ Ragus Artful Amber, 15/02/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ch Ragus Forever Amber), 9mths red very similar to 1 st (half-sisters!) but naturally not as ready. Pretty head of good shape small dark eyes & typical expression. Not quite as good in neck & shoulders as 1 st but short, cobby & low to ground, moving with animation & drive from very well angulated hindquarters. In perfect coat & condition. 
3. Phillips & Gullick’s Nurajay Sugar And Spice at Jaeva (TAF), 18/02/11, Br: King, (Jaeva Kaos – My Pure Honesty), lovely 9mths red at completely different stage of development to others in class & somewhat different type being rangier & leggier. Hope she has done all her growing now & just fills out. Soundly constructed, good neck, ok shoulders & super straight front, well ribbed body & short level back, excellent hindquarters, moves really smoothly & well with good drive. Good head shape but expression not as appealing as above. 

Junior Bitch (8,1):

Not such a good class with less depth of quality after first 3. 
1. Crawley’s Ragus Devil May Care, 08/01/11, Br: Exh, (Demerlay American Boy – Ragus What The Devil), super sound showy 10mth red litter sister to BP; walked away with this class. Very attractive head of correct make & shape, devilish expression from sparkling eyes! Good construction fore & aft, straight front, good neck & shoulders, excellent hindquarters – really strong giving good action. Nicely balanced youngster, short & compact. Looked the part in the hot puppy competition.
2. Lawson’s Irvelm Minnie The Moocher, 20/05/10, Br: Exh, (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Dorinor Holy Halo at Irvelm), 18mths today & just coming into her own, very pleasing. Presented in very good texture light grizzle coat & excellent condition. Head very typical, small dark eyes, broad curved skull, good stop & muzzle of correct length. Short back, cobby mature body, good depth, width & length of ribs. Excellent hindquarters, good angulation giving sound rear movement, but not quite so good in neck & shoulders, moving a bit wide. 
3. Haynes’ Baktwins Amber Diamond, 31/01/11, Br: Mrs BA Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Ragus Pure Diamond). 

Novice Bitch (3,0): 

1. Baktwins Amber Diamond, 10mths red, very promising, lovely type, good harsh texture coat presented neatly. Showing & moving better & better as she progressed through her classes! Sweet head of correct shape & alert dark eyed expression. Enough angulation both ends to move soundly – won 1 st here on type & balance but not quite the style of 1 st or development of 2 nd in junior. (was also 4 th in hot puppy class) 
2. Thompson-Morgan’s Ragus Word Perfect, 06/01/11, Br: L Crawley. (Ch Belleville Creme Brulée – Ragus Perfect in Pearls), 10mth promising b/t, soundly made at both ends but is at “bits & pieces” stage at moment! Difficult to assess movement properly as very lively. More rangey at the moment than 1 st & not as together or balanced. Head proportions correct in length but needs lots of time to fill out. Attractive mischievous expression. 
3. Dent’s Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella, 05/11/10, Br: L Crawley, (Demerlay American Boy – Just A Tad Bad at Ragus), 12mths but needs lots of time. Finer & rangier, pretty head of good shape, good stop & small dark eyes.. Quite good neck & shoulders, straight front; hindquarters well shaped. Showed off very well. 

Post Graduate Bitch (7,3): 

1. Watkins’ Baktwins Dream Summer, 18/07/09, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins If I Can Dream), sound mature b/t, showing & moving extremely well & presented in lovely quality coat. Very typical head of correct proportions, broad curved skull, shortish strong muzzle, small dark eyes, I love her expression. Better neck & shoulders than 2 nd & strides out well with straight front legs. Short back, cobby deep well ribbed body, well angulated hindquarters, giving drive & balanced co-ordinated movement. Won RCC over equally delightful 2 nd in open on her to me classic Norwich expression & construction.
2. Roberts & Murray’s Mindlen Mischeif, 03/09/10. Br: Exh, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ch Ragus One Step Ahead of Mindlen), another super b/t making my choice hard, she also appeals to me immensely. Short & cobby, bit smaller & more compact than 1 st . Super head & expression – lives up to her name I think! Not quite so good in neck & shoulder but straight front & well made hindquarters, moves with drive. Good length ribcage, high set tail but not such good shape as above. 
3. Brown’s Brickin Dream Theme, 19/10/09, Br: J Stevenson, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbars Kensington Square (imp USA) – Brickin Evening Mist ), very sound mature red of different type to above. Excellent neck & well laid back shoulders, strongly made well angulated & muscled hindquarters moving freely with reach & drive. Overall more rangey & less cheerful than above, head needs more width & stop.

Limit Bitch (5,1): 

3 mature bitches of different types; 
1. Dent’s Amicaro Kiss On The Hand at Fizzella. 22/07/08, Br: P Kell, (Ragus Ovation – Ragus Girls Best Friend ), short, cobby mature b/t. Lovely head with gorgeous expression, dark eyes, correct length proportions of skull to muzzle & good strength. Excellent hindquarters with well muscled & angulated stifles, low set hocks which drive her along. Shoulder construction not quite so good though has straight front legs, a little wide on move. Good body & ribs, beautiful quality coat, very showy moving with animation, expertly handled. 
2. Wilson’s Sheltrice High Hopes, 17/10/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Looking for Brickin – Brickin Dawn Break), very soundly made red showing well. Head more foxy, muzzle not as strong lacking width, but correct broad skull shape & stop. Good neck & shoulders, frontlegs ok with enough bone. Sturdy well ribbed body, very good hindquarters giving nice free flowing movement. Good overall type, on form today making attractive picture.
3. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz, 26/05/09, Br: Mrs P M Kell, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Amicaro Ring-a-Roses), pretty one of nice type in excellent coat & presentation. Rather small head but of correct shape & proportions. Not as good in neck & shoulders as above, but short backed cobby well ribbed body. Nicely made hindquarters giving good rear drive, but a touch wide in front. 

Open Bitch (4,0): 

1. Stevenson’s Ragus Extra Hot, 23/07/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus – Ch Ragus Bubbling Hot ), really excellent type in perfect coat, fits the standard very well, a most eye catching Norwich girl. Won on super sound movement, plus lovely head with pleasing expression from small dark bright eyes. Nice length neck & correct shoulder placement giving good stride with straight front legs. Chunky well ribbed body, nicely carried tail of good shape & set-on, strong well angulated hind legs pushing her along. I was delighted to award her the CC – her 3 rd – well done! BOS & RBIS 
2. Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only, 23/10/07, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption – Ragus Fine Diamond ), very close decision, but just not quite such good angulation either end as 1 st , nevertheless can really “move like a train”, very well co-ordinated & balanced. Very cobby compact show girl – really makes sure she catches the eye! Very typical head & expression, good proportions of skull to muzzle & deep stop, really alert expression. In great coat & condition. 
3. Hitchen’s Ragus Hidden Amber. 12/12/09, Br: L Crawley. (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning – Ch Ragus Forever Amber ), very pretty sweet youngster – her day will come. Super head & expression, correct proportions & strength, lovely dark eyes. Excellent neck with quite good shoulder placement, but moved better in rear from strongly angulated hind legs. Short, cobby & showy but just not quite as co-ordinated in movement as 2 above today. She was pushed hard by the 4 th placed quality girl who perhaps didn’t sparkle as much today, but it was splitting hairs to decide. 

Special Beginners Bitch (4,0): 

1. Martin’s Kirmir Little Mischief, 08/01/10, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Follow That Dream), very well named little show-off! Much smaller than most but so correct in every way, she could not be denied 1 st on her overall shortness, balance & lovely free movement, soundly angulated in front & rear. Beautiful little head, small eyes & typical expression. She really appealed for her Norwich character & looks in every way. Won best special beginners over the handsome male with her extra sparkle. 
2. Amicaro Kiss On The Hand at Fizzella, just pipped at the post! Her movement was a little erratic here.
3.  Baktwins Amber Diamond, promising quality baby not quite ready to beat the older girls yet! 

Veteran Bitch (2,0): 

1. Brown’s Ch Queslade She Devil, 27/01/01, Br: Exh, (Ch Elve Stormwizard – Queslade Just Magic), b/t nearly 11yrs old & performing well. Very pretty typey head of excellent shape & sweet expression. Short back, cobby body, thick harsh coat, quite good neck & shoulders ok. Excellent hindquarters, she still has good rear drive & moved better in front than 2 nd. 
2. Harrild’s Ragus Inspiration, 21/06/04, Br: L Crawley, (Ragus Fits The Bill with Rouletta – Ragus Celebration), 7 ½ yrs larger red girl in good coat, showing & moving happily. Strong but plainer head, good skull & muzzle but lacks stop & would prefer smaller eyes. Sturdy well ribbed body, short enough in back for balance, excellent hindquarters but shoulders could be better, thus overall movement not so well coordinated. Has quality & typical temperament & character for breed.

Brace (6):

What an amazing sight – 6 pairs of Norwich in the ring together! 
1st Dents’s; adult b/t’s moving with such coordination together & expertly controlled. 
2nd Browns’s; sweet typical twin puppy b/ts looking most attractive together happily bouncing round the ring. 
3rd James’; mature red pair well matched mother & son. 

Ruth Corkhill (judge)

Above: Nice to see the Junior Handlers showing. Left:The Judge showing her gift