2010 Club Open Show

Norwich Terrier Club Open Show 

held at Roade Village Hall, Northants.,
on Sunday 18th. April 2010

Judge: Mrs. Jill Stevenson (Brickin)

Best In Show, Crawley & Nagrecha’s Ch Ragus Bubbling Hot

Reserve Best In Show & Best Of Opposite Sex, Birch’s Barwest Barnaby Bill at Kibkiln

Best Puppy In Show, Crawley’s Ragus Jazz King

Minor Puppy Dog (No entries) : 

Puppy Dog (2,0 ) :

1. Crawley’s Ragus Jazz King, D, 06/09/09, Br: Exh, (Nepomuk Von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello (imp) – Crazy Rhythm at Ragus), promising quality B&T cobby puppy, excellent in head, bite ,well shaped dark eye, lovely hindquarters, super texture coat, moved freely BP. 
2. Downie & Crawley’s Demerlay American Boy, D, 26/06/09, Br: Mrs M Heard, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar Kensington Square – Ragus In Red of Demerlay), 7mths, red attractive puppy good head eye and expression, well presented, in good harsh coat. Moved well ,but needs more confidence. 

Junior Dog (2,1 ) : 

1. Birch’s Barwest Barnaby Bill at Kibkiln, D, 01/01/09, Br: Mrs P Barrell, (Tynallt Trouble Shooter – Barwest Barley Wine), super red 15mths ,very appealing head with alert expression, well shaped dark eye & correct bite .Good neck & shoulder. Moved well with drive. BD 

Special Beginners Dog (3,1 ):

1. Southwell’s Berty Way of Delosinga, D, 10/01/08, Br: J Sheppard, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Luna Von Den Zwei Eichen Lasterean), very smart B&T lovely head and expression, excellent harsh coat, cobby, short back, good bone, nice tight feet, would prefer a little more length of neck, showed & moved well. 
2. Lifford’s Jataal Dynamite, D, 10/03/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Jataal Queen Of The May), 13mths old red dog, nice head & expression , good bite and dark eye, compact body, moved well both ways, coat on the blow. 

Novice Dog (1,0 ) :

1. Jataal Dynamite (Repeat)

Post Graduate Dog (2,1 ):

1. Higgitt’s Redash Clock This, D, 12/09/08, Br: Mrs R Corkhill, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Redash Tide Clock). Attractive type with good head & correct bite, harsh coat. Moved well both ways keeping his top line. 

Limit Dog (4.0 ) :

1. Berty Way of Delosinga (Repeat)
2. James’ Bakewood Twentyfour Carat, D, 22/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Alncarron Dawn Redwood). Good boned dog, lovely head & expression well made compact body, in good coat, level top line on the move, showed well but a little close behind. 
3. Kell’s Ragus Revelation, D, 12/06/06, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Up ‘N’ Adam – Ragus Devotion). Smart B&T with a pleasing head well placed ears and a dark eye, nice hindquarters, good bone, cobby and compact. Showed well, but front movement could be better. 
Res. Kirkpatrick’s Tynallt Trouble Shooter, D, 10/04/07, Br: W Kirkpatrick, (Titanium Conquistador – Tynallt Harem Scarum)

Open Dog (No entries) :

Veteran Dog (1,0 ) : 

1. Needham’s Titanium Pretzel ShCM, D, 27/09/02, Br: Exh, (Titanium Coeur de Lion – Ch Titanium Pawpaw-Pie). Very alert quality dog in lovely harsh coat & condition, excellent bone and feet, good head & mouth, moved well with a good tail set, really enjoying himself.

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,3 ) : A lovely class of puppies.

1. Downie & Crawley’s Just A Tad Bad at Ragus (TAF), B, 28/07/09, Br: Mesd Crawley & Fraser, (Ragus Sweet Talking Guy – Ragus Just The Ticket), Just a Tad Bad at Ragus. Feminine stylish puppy, super head and expression nicely put together, good tail set, went really well. 
2. Crawley’s Ragus Lookin’ Rosy, B, 09/08/09, Br: Exh, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Ragus Wild Rose) Super B&T, lovely head, in excellent harsh coat, straight front with good feet and spring of rib, went well but moved a little wide behind. 
3. Smith & Crawley’s Ragus Cool Jazz, B, 06/09/09, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Nepomuk Von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello – Crazy Rhythm at Ragus). Lovely B&T puppy not as mature as 1or 2, but full of promise, beautiful head & expression, showed well, keeping her top line. 
Res. Watkins’ Baktwins Dream Summer, B, 18/07/09, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins If I Can Dream)

Puppy Bitch (5,2 ) :

1. Crawley’s Ragus Coming Up Roses, B, 09/08/09, Br: Exh, (Ch/Am/Can Ch Dunbar’s Kensington Square – Ragus Wild Rose). Super B&T, lovely head & alert expression ,very compact & cobby, good bone & feet. Nicely balanced and moved well. 
2. Armstrong & Lawrance’s Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz, B, 26/05/09, Br: Mrs P M Kell, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Amicaro Ring-a-Roses). Pretty neat puppy, with a lovely head good mouth & dark eye. short & compact in super harsh coat ,moved & show really well. 
3. Compton & Bailey’s Nimraz Summer Breeze, B, 02/07/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Sweet Talking Guy – Dorinor Remember Me), 9month B&T nice head good bite & stop, well presented in harsh coat. but not to happy to show today, rather be outside.

Junior Bitch (3,0 ) :

1. Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz (Repeat)
2. Corkhill’s Redash Cherry Ripe, B, 09/01/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Redash Blackcurrant). Very pretty feminine bitch , lovely head good mouth ,well shaped dark eye, in harsh coat ,well laid back shoulder ,short and compact ,would prefer a little more bone,moved and showed well. 
3. Southwell’s Ragus Beautiful Morning over Delosinga, B, 08/12/08, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Brickin Ruby Dawn). Another very nice bitch, super head good mouth & eye, in good coat, short back, deep body, lovely profile on the move but lost her top line standing, needs more drive 

Special Beginners Bitch (5,2 ) :

1. Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only, B, 23/10/07, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption – Ragus Fine Diamond) Quality bitch with a good head, eye and well bodied, good hindquarters. Moved well, just coming into coat.
2. Mountain’s Just A Whisper at Saltarello, B, 28/07/09, Br: Mesd. Crawley & Fraser, (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Ragus Just The Ticket). Pretty feminine puppy lovely head & expression, very promising ,moved well once settled. 
3. Kell’s Amicaro Ring-A-Roses, B, 08/09/07, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Blackdale Red Rose (Imp Ire)). Attractive bitch with a good head, strong muzzle, correct bite, short level back, well made hindquarters. Not very settled on the move . 

Novice Bitch (4,0 ) : 

1. Baktwins Dream Summer (Repeat)
2. Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz (Repeat)
3. Needham’s Titanium Pop Goes The Weasel, B, 06/11/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus ShCM – Titanium Pawfect Angel). Red bitch in super harsh coat, good head with alert expression, beautiful mouth, neat ears, well bodied, good bone, & feet. Moved well once settled, well carried tail. 
Res. Wilson’s Sheltrice High Hopes, B, 17/10/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Looking for Brickin – Brickin Dawn Break)

Post Graduate Bitch (3,0 ) :

1. Watkins’ Baktwins Sunrise, B, 11/05/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun). Quality bitch in super coat & condition, nicely balanced head and dark oval eye, short & compact body, good bone, showed & moved really well. Super tail well set on. 
2. Brown’s Dorinor Holy Quest, B, 21/09/08, Br: Mrs D & Miss S Bell,(Dorinor Red Alert – Dorinor Dizzy Lizzy). Smart B & T, a little plainer in head than 1, lovely mouth and eye, good length of neck, compact body, well boned, moved well both ways, keeping her top line. 
3. Amicaro Ring-A-Roses (Repeat)

Limit Bitch (5,0 ) : 

1. Brown’s Queslade All That Glitters, B, 23/04/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Queslade Rebel Red – Ragus I’m All Yours). Lovely red bitch full of presence, very attractive head, good muzzle, well boned, compact & balanced, moved very well with plenty of drive keeping her top line. RBB 
2. Corkhill’s Redash Clementine, B, 09/01/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Redash Blackcurrant). Another very nice bitch with lovely head and expression, good in neck & shoulders, short coupled, in good harsh coat. Well balanced on the move, went well. 
3. Baldwin & Crawley’s Ragus Cornish Wafer, B, 28/01/09, Br: Mrs LA Crawley, (Am Ch Yarrow’s Sandstorm – Belleville Cornish Cream). Pretty feminine bitch with a gorgeous head, good mouth & dark eye, lovely harsh coat, short coupled with good hind quarters, moved well, but not at all settled today. 
Res. Ragus Diamonds Only (Repeat)

Open Bitch (2,1 ) : 

1. Crawley & Nagrecha’s Ch Ragus Bubbling Hot, B, 27/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Name Your Poison – Ch Ragus Double Bubble). Super red bitch, turned out to perfection. Beautiful head, mouth, good bone & feet, well made body & hindquarters, in super coat. Moved soundly and balanced with a good level top line, BB, BIS

Veteran Bitch (2,0 ) :

1. Brown’s Ch Queslade She Devil, B, 27/01/01, Br: Exh, (Ch Elve Stormwizard – Queslade Just Magic), 9yr old B& T with a lovely head, good bite, in super coat, moved well, really enjoying herself. 
2. Wilson’s Elve Forest Witch, B, 15/05/99, Br: Mr M Crawley, (Ch Elve The Viking – Elve Wizardess), 11yr. old in lovely condition, pretty head & expression with a good mouth, nice & compact in body, in super coat, moved well but didn ‘ t keep her tail up. 

Brace (1,0 ) : 

1. Crawley ‘ s pair of beautiful B&T puppies, moved & went so well together.

Jill Stevenson (judge)