2009 Club Championship Show

22nd. November 2009

Held at Roade Village Hall, Northamptonshire. 

Judge: Mr. Martin Phillips (Jaeva)

All photographs above courtesy of Edwin ©

The Norwich Terrier Club held a championship show where I had an entry 60 dogs. How much the breed has improved since last time I judged. I was pleased to see the strength in all the classes was repetitive, type was excellent & size. No bad mouths. Breeders must still carry on trying to improve fronts & quarters. Presentation & coats were very good & gave my judging a lot of thought into my placements. I think the breed is going from strength to strength.

Best in Show
Ch. Ragus Rings True
(owned & bred by Mrs. Lesley Crawley) 

Winning his 25th CC and creating yet another new breed record in winning BIS at NTC Championship Shows three times in succession. 

Dog R.C.C. & Res. B.I.S. 
Fleurnor Red Hot Poker
(owned & bred by Mrs. Tracey Norrey) 

Bitch C.C. & Best Opposite Sex 
Ragus Very True
(owned & bred by Mrs. Lesley Crawley) 

Best Puppy in Show 
Barwest Barnaby Bill at Kibkiln
(owned by Miss Nicola Birch & bred by Mrs. Pat Barrell) 

Best Veteran in Show 
Titanium Pretzel ShCM
(owned & bred by Mr. Tom & Mrs. Eileen Needham) 

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0): 
1. Lifford’s Jataal Diesel, D, 10/03/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Jataal Queen Of The May), very typy dog for age, correct shape & size, very nice head & eye, in good coat & bodyweight A bit loose in front coming towards you which will improve with age. True going behind; 
2. Sargeant’s Moongeant Rufus Rough Cut, D, 24/03/09, Br: Exh, (Titanium Pretzel – Wickworth Lady Lorna with Moongeant), , b/t, very nice dog to go over. Lost to 1 on maturity. Liked his overall body & length of ribs, same applies on front coming towards you which you would expect at this age. Very good coat & texture.

Puppy Dog (3,1): 
1. Two excellent puppies of lovely type. Birch’s Barwest Barnaby Bill at Kibkiln, D, 01/01/09, Br: Mrs P S Barrel!, (Tynallt Trouble Shooter – Barwest Barley Wine) Best Puppy in Show, 10 months red of top quality, very mature for age, liked his overall head planes, good eye, good strength of muzzle, good layback of shoulder with deep brisket, strong topline, short loin, tail set bang on, well angulated, really went well on the move, well handled & presented. 
2. Norrey’s Fleurnor Snap Dragon, D, 07/01/09, Br: Exh, (Titanium Pretzel – Titanium Cristabel) typical Norwich, lovely type, lots to like about him, really covered the ground when moving, in good form.

Junior Dog (4,1): 
1. James’ Bakewood Twentyfour Carat, D, 22/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Alncarron Dawn Redwood), b/t, beautiful head, correct eye shape & strength of muzzle, lovely overall balance, in tip-top coat, in good body, OK in front. Needs to tighten up behind. Handled well; 
2. Higgitt’s Redash Clock This, D, 12/09/08, Br: Mrs R Corkhill, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Redash Tide Clock), giving away a lot to 1 in maturity but a lovely dog to go over. Liked his overall head shape & eye, good neck & shoulders, deep brisket, straight front, nice overall quarters. Would like a better tailset Pleasing side gait; 
3. Layfield’s Brencorie Dreams Come True, D, 05/11/08, Br: Exh, (Brencorie Bugsy Malone – Brencorie George Sand) 

Special Beginners Dog (5,1): 
1. Southwell’s Berty Way of Delosinga, D, 10/01/08, Br: J Sheppard, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Luna Von Den Zwei Eichen Lasterean), , b/t, liked his overall size & shape, very good type, pleasing head of correct proportions, nice eye, overall body OK. Slightly wide in front. Deep brisket & short loin, well angulated, went well, very showy; 
2. Lawson’s Softpaws Red Robin, D, 13/01/08, Br: Mrs D Smith,(Ch Glenhafod Arizona – Softpaws Dehli Delight), , similar type to 1, same applies to head proportions & eye, pleasing neck & shoulders, well balanced. Not in such good coat as 1 & not holding topline on the move. Overall pleasing dog to go over; 
3. Brencorie Dreams Come True 
Res. Bishop’s Bardash Diamond Smugler, D, 21/04/08, Br: Sue J Cooper, (Ragus Diamond Thief – Troublesome Lady) 

Novice Dog (2,1):
1. Moongeant Rufus Rough Cut, very raw. Very typical type, has lots of time on his side, correct proportions for age, really went well for a youngster. 

Post Graduate Dog (3,0): 
1. Barge & Hardwicke’s Baktwins Sun Seeker, D, 11/05/08, Br: Mrs B Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun) , b/t, liked this dog for his head with that strong Norwich expression, good strong teeth, correct shape eye, good bone for size, nicely put together & well coupled, in good coat. Just needs to strengthen behind to give us that drive that is required; 
2. Softpaws Red Robin 
3. Bardash Diamond Smugler 

Limit Dog (5,0): 
Best class of the day, some lovely dogs in this line up, but the first two did make me think. Lots to like about these two, but of slightly different types. 
1. Norrey’s Fleurnor Red Hot Poker, D, 26/01/08, Br: Exh, (Am Ch Castle-Bar Export (imp USA) – Titanium Cristabel) Dog R.C.C. & Res. B.I.S., took my eye as soon as he came into the ring with his air of elegance & style, loved his head & eye, true expression, correct muzzle & bite, super neck & shoulders, short back, good length of rib, short coupled, tailset bang on top, super quarters, well angulated with short strong hocks which he used in abundance. Super front but handler must learn to handle him as sometimes with his exuberance can make him look wide in front. But when settled so true back & forth, magnification side gait, showing all the time. Only thing he was lacking to finish the picture was a bit more coat. Loved his dog for his overall confidence, movement & type, very much a big ring dog. 
2. Stevenson’s Brickin Top Of The Morning, D, 06/04/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Brickin Red Dawn), excels for type & shape, beautiful head & eye, lovely correct bite & muzzle, neck & shoulders good, correct front, good depth of rib, strong topline, tailset on top, well angulated, moved very well. Placed this dog first for his overall type & quality but had to go with my heart & place winner above in the end for his attitude & movement, just preferred that slightly shorter coupled body. Never a disgrace, such a lovely dog & lots to please a judge; 
3. Kirkpatrick’s Tynallt Trouble Shooter, D, 10/04/07, Br: W Kirkpatrick, (Titanium Conquistador – Tynallt Harem Scarum) . Nice line-up of three dogs.

Open Dog (2,0):
1. Crawley’s Ch Ragus Rings True, D, 01/10/06, Br: Exh, (Sw Ch Cobby’s Famous Rebel – Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Truly Unruly) Dog C.C. & B.I.S. I was the very first person to judge this male when he was just 6 months & placed him 2nd to a more mature puppy, but predicted to the owner this dog will go places where dogs have not been before, & fulfilled every prediction that was made. Cut this dog in two & you will find Norwich imprinted through & through. I can only repeat what other have said before me, Super Norwich, true type, so sound, immaculate coat, correct body, sound behind, great ambassador, in the best form I have ever seen him. Congratulations on his record for this show. 
2. Brown’s Ch Queslade Rebel Red, D, 22/10/05, Br: Exh, (Ch Glenhafod Arizona – Queslade Make Over), another great dog & another great ambassador for the breed, lovely male, correct head & eye, super neck & shoulders, deep brisket, super straight front, which he excels when he is moving towards you, good ribbing, tailset good, well angulated with strong quarters. Just preferred my RCC winner for that extra charisma. In tip-top form & coat, as always, handled with care & attention. 

Veteran Dog (1,0):
1. Needham’s Titanium Pretzel ShCM, D, 27/09/02, Br: Exh, (Titanium Coeur de Lion – Ch Titanium Pawpaw-Pie) Best Veteran in Show, no way did he look like a veteran, in super condition, coat & performance, loved his type & size, very pleasing head, good dark eye & size, very good neck & shoulders, well bodied, very short coupled, tailset bang on top, well angulated & went well, good representative of the breed.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1):
1. Stevenson’s Ragus So Chic (TAF), B, 23/04/09, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ragus Sweet Talking Guy – Ragus Elegant Lady) Best Opp. Sex Puppy in Show, 6 months pup who I think will have a good career. Lovely type for her age, true Norwich expression & pleasing eye, very good neck & shoulders, good front, nicely bodied for age, strong quarters, very outgoing assertive for one so young, in lovely coat & condition; 
2. Crawley’s Ragus Perfect In Pearls, B, 28/04/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Ragus Elegant Lady), litter sister to overall winner, similar type to 1, slightly more body & lower to the ground than her sister, but again of quality. Didn’t ask for 1st place as much as her sister did when showing, two very promising puppies which will swap places accordingly; 
3. Stubbings’ Ragus Fortunes Child (TAF), B, 02/05/09, Br: Crawley, (Ragus Your Best Shot – Ragus Wild Child) 

Puppy Bitch (6,0): 
1. Corkhill’s Redash Cherry Ripe, B, 09/01/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Redash Blackcurrant), loved this puppy bitch, so sound & feminine, overall shape & type very nice for age, pleasing head proportion, good eye, good neck & shoulders, body good for age, very good quarters used on the move, in nice coat. Should think this little bitch when finished will trouble the best, will have a bright future, very showy; 
2. Crawley’s Ragus Cornish Wafer, B, 28/01/09, Br: Exh, (Am Ch Yarrow’s Sandstorm – Belleville Cornish Cream), lovely typy puppy, liked her for her head & eye, good body for age, strong behind, went well. When finished again will trouble the best. Just preferred the neck & shoulder of 1; 
3. Watkins’ Baktwins Impossible Dream, B, 24/12/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Ch Ragus Summer Dream) 
Res. Hart’s Ragus Sweet Valentine for Honismart, B, 14/02/09, Br: Mrs L Crawley, ( Ragus Sweet Talkin Guy – Superstition at Ragus) 

Junior Bitch (7,1): 
1. Corkhill’s Redash Cherry Plum, B, 09/01/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin – Redash Blackcurrant), sister to my puppy bitch winner same quality & shape, same applies, lovely head , pretty expression, very good neck & shoulders, correct ribs, strong quarters. A little bit looser in front than her sister; 
2. Griffin’s Brenin Summer Gold with Burlmere, B, 20/07/08, Br: Mr & Mrs King, (Ch Queslade Rebel Red – Kinsridge Magic Moment), lovely typy Norwich, correct head & eye, good body for age, strong backend, went well, lovely bone, in good condition; 
3. Baines’ Jillymack’s Little Madam, B, 24/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ragus Ovation – Redash Tumble Time)
Res. Lawson’s Dorinor Holy Halo, B, 21/09/08, Br: Mrs & Miss Bell, (Dorinor Red Alert – Dorinor Dizzy Lizzy) 

Special Beginners Bitch (3,1):
1. Lazenby’s Ragus Diamonds Only, B, 23/10/07, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption – Ragus Fine Diamonds), liked her overall type & balance, good body, strong behind, in lovely coat & condition, pleasing expression & eye. Would like more strength of muzzle to finish. Went well; 
2. Dorinor Holy Halo, b/t, different type to 1 but overall, a lovely shape, nice size & proportions, pleasing head & expression. Just preferred the overall balance & movement of 1. 

Novice Bitch (3,1):
1. Kell’s Amicaro Ring-A-Roses, B, 09/11/06, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Blackdale Red Rose (Imp Ire), wheaten, very well balanced with good proportions, right size of muzzle with strength, well proportioned skull. Would like slightly less protruding eye. Neck OK, well bodied, went wide in front coming towards me but OK behind;
2. Baktwins Impossible Dream, 

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2): 
1. Watkins’ Baktwins Sunrise, B, 11/05/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus – Baktwins Morning Sun), liked this little Norwich for her honesty & type, lots to like when going over her, all the right proportions in skull, with that correct eye & expression that Norwichs should have, OK in neck & body. Would like her to be a little bit more truer back forth. Well handed, in lovely coat; 
2. Amicaro Ring-A-Roses
3. Bell’s Dorinor Red Ember, B, 11/11/07, Br: Exh, (Ch Queslade Rebel Red – Dorinor R’ U Reddy) 

Limit Bitch (6,2): 
1. Fraser’s Wild Devil’s Franka Potente at Saltarello (imp Aut), B, 09/02/08, Br: Mr J Ruck, (Ragus Black Tie – Vivacious Darla Von Hoffmannseck), b&t, loved her for her overall type, strength & soundness, lovely head, nice expression with strength but without losing femininity, very good body, deep & strong, good bone. Would like her slightly shorter in loin. Very good quarters, tailset good, good scissor bite, went well for her handler; 
2. Ragus Diamonds Only, very typy, same applies as the one in front, both have lovely qualities, preferred the overall strength of 1;
3. Needham’s Titanium Paint Your Wagon, B, 16/11/07, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus ShCM – Titanium Pawfect Angel) 
Res. Norrey’s Fleurnor Caillan Blaa, B, 26/01/08, Br: Exh, (Am Ch Castle-Bar Export (imp USA) – Titanium Cristabel)

Open Bitch (6,0): 
1. Crawley’s Ragus Very True, B, 27/03/08, Br: Exh, (Jaeva Cut And Dry – Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Truly Unruly) Bitch C.C. & Best Opposite Sex in Show, loved this little bitch as she entered the ring for her overall type & size, very Norwichy, strength of skull, correct muzzle, small dark eye, good layback of neck & shoulders, well bodied, nice short loin, tailset good, well angulated, moved OK, enjoyed herself. 
2. Fraser’s Tasha von Den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello (imp Aut), B, 06/12/07, Br: Mrs L Ruck, (Ragus True Grit – Doro Von Den Zwei Eichen) Bitch R.C.C. , a bitch I wouldn’t mind taking home, wheaten, very attractive when standing, covered the ground on the move, loved her head & expression, very good neck & shoulders, correct ribs. Slightly longer in loin than 1 but well angulated, heard that I put her sister BB in Italy this year. Very similar in type & quality, congratulations to their breeder. Handled, shown & presented without fear; 
3. Corkhill’s Redash Crystal Clock, B, 12/09/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Rings True – Redash Tide Clock) 
Res. Harpham’s Ragus Truly Truly Fair, B, 01/10/06, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Sw Ch Cobby’s Famous Rebel – Ch/Sw Ch Ragus Truly Unruly)

Veteran Bitch (3,0):
Lovely class of ladies, all three, in lovely condition & a credit to the breed. 
1. Brown’s Ch Queslade She Devil, B, 27/01/01, Br: Exh, (Ch Elve Stormwizard – Queslade Just Magic), Ch Queslade She Devil, 9 years b/t, as seen in catalogue a very worthy ch, lovely shape, head & type, very good on the move, in tip- top form, handled well; 
2. Corkhill’s Redash Blackcurrant, B, 18/10/02, Br: Exh, (Fin Ch Redash Winter Lion – Redash Brown Beret), bigger type than 1 but went well & enjoyed her day out, in good form; 
3. Wilson’s Elve Forest Witch, B, 15/05/99, Br: Mr M Crawley, (Ch Elve The Viking – Elve Wizardess) 

Brace (4):
1. Mrs Ruth Corkhill’s Brace

Breeders’ Group:
Won by Mrs. Ruth Corkhill’s Group