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Club Championship Show
12th. November 2006

Dog C.C. Winner and Best in Show

Crawley's Cobby's Challenger

Photo © Edwin

Dog R.C.C. Winner and Reserve Best in Show
Needhams' Titanium Columbus

Photo© Edwin

Bitch C.C. Winner & Best Opposite Sex
Watkins' Ragus Summer Dream

Photo© Edwin

Bitch R.C.C. Winner
Mason's Ohio Starcatcher of Glenhafod

Photo© Edwin

Best Puppy in Show
Stevenson's Brickin Exclusive Imp

Photo © Edwin

The Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show was held
at Roade Village Hall, Northampton.


Dog C.C. & Best in Show - Cobby's Challenger
Dog R.C.C. & Reserve Best in Show - Titanium Columbus
Bitch C.C. & Best Opposite Sex - Ragus Summer Dream
Bitch R.C.C. - Ohio Starcatcher of Glenhafod
Best Puppy in Show - Brickin Exclusive Imp

Judge: Mrs. Anne Forman ( Waleric )

I really enjoyed my final judging appointment. Thank you all so much for giving me the joy of judging this particular one, which I have always considered as the most important championship show of the year, as my finale. Thank you for the beautifully decorated cake, a lovely touch, violets being my favourite flowers!

The entry was small in quantity, as they have been this year,but very high in quality.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0): 1. Stevenson's BRICKIN EXCLUSIVE IMP, B.P.I.S. Lovely dog, very nice teeth all just coming, just six months old, good size, good bone, doing very well for his age, liked him a lot. Good straight front, good hindquarters, with good propulsion, so that his hind legs followed nicely behind his front.

Puppy Dog (1,0): 1. Crawley's RAGUS QUIET RIOT. He is about nine months old, lovely dog, well behaved, must not grow any more, good bone, nice head. Lot of good things about him, good clean mouth, well done. Lovely dark eyes, eager to go and eager to please which is very is correct for Norwich.

Junior Dog (1,0): 1. Needham's TITANIUM COLUMBUS, R.C.C., R.B.I.S. Very nice well made dog, almost 18 month old, he also must not grow anymore, like the puppy dog. Undocked, which as you all know I prefer. Showing his tail well, a little bit over gay, when he's not thinking about it. He can stand beautifully, good bone, good clean mouth. A lot to like about him.

Special Beginner ' s Dog : No entries

Novice Dog : No entries

Post Graduate Dog: No entries

Limit Dog (2,1) : 1. James' RAGUS WILD STORY AT BAKEWOOD . Very nice black and tan, undocked, well made, good bone, good teeth, walked well, slightly pin toed at the front but looking from behind it was fine not cow hocked at all, showed quite well when he settled, best when he was walking, did not like the table very much, very nice lad indeed. Good bone.

Open Dog (4,1) : 1. Crawley's COBBY ' S CHALLENGER. A lovely B.I.S. Undocked, b/t lovely dog, well made, moves well one behind the other, good bone. Very hard to choose between the three of them as they all had nice dark eyes, good teeth and good bites, well done! 2. Chambers' RAGUS FITS THE BILLWITH ROULETTA. Very short dock, good bone, settled well after he got going, moves well, nice head. Again, very hard to choose between the three of them. 3. Brown's QUESLADE REBEL RED. Boisterous younger dog, full of life as Norwich should be. Very well made, good bone, & as above difficult to choose.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2,0): 1. Smith's THEWINA SILVERSAND AT DEJARADA. A pair of lovely veterans both showing very well. The older one is exceptional for her age and enjoying her day out. She moved so well for her age. 2. Wilson's ELVE FOREST WITCH. A little bit bored by proceedings, but she has done very well in veteran classes recently which is good. Both trying very hard, exhibitor and dog. Nice bitch, still good teeth, doing her best and well looked after. Both dogs did their best, good bones, mouths good for their age. Very creditable especially to their owners.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0): 1. Crawley's RAGUS DON ' T THINK TWICE. Lovely young bitch, very sweet, very nice indeed, responding well, good eyes, good teeth with a good clean mouth. Moves well and freely. Good pup, put down really well as one expects from this kennel. 2. James' ALNCARRON DAWN REDWOOD. Nice undocked red Norwich. Full of beans, into everything, she needs to learn to concentrate! Lovely dark eyes, nice teeth, well presented. A little bit high on leg, well angulated, full of bounce, good bone. 3. Lifford's TOASTED TEA CAKE. Nice little black and tan. Docked, quite short, well balanced. Quite small and lighter boned . Promising, I liked her. Was in more classes when she improved all the time. Is very new to the show ring. All four worried but responding well to their owners.

Puppy Bitch (4,0): 1. A. DAWN REDWOOD, 2nd in previous class, much more settled now. 2. Crawley's RAGUS DOUBLE BUBBLE. Light wheaten. Very well made young bitch, does not need to grow any more, she has good bone. Did everything handler asked of her. 3. Hillsdon's DAISYWILLOW PINKY POOH BEAR. Good undocked red. Rather light boned at the moment & needs to grow on a bit, but good short back. . Both puppy and exhibitor new to the ring Needs a lot more confidence all of which, hopefully, will improve. Very excited by the day, new to everything. That is all good for a Norwich.

Junior Bitch (2,0): 1. Watkins' RAGUS SUMMER DREAM, B.C.C. Made up today. Black and tan, lovely little bitch, 15 months old, shows well, full of life, full of bounce, which we want in a Norwich. With a good bite, good teeth, nice stop, nice dark eyes, in a lovely head. 2. TOASTED TEACAKE. Still a bit timid & worried about things.

Special Beginner ' s Bitch (1,0): 1. Harvey-Evers' RAGULDEN FIRST LADY AT FREYA. I like this little bitch very much indeed, she has got a lot to learn, which I am sure she will. I will watch her progress with interest. Owner and puppy trying very hard indeed.

Novice Bitch (1,0): 1. D. PINKY POOH BEAR. Gaining in confidence, will do very well I think.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,0): 1. TOASTED TEACAKE She was 3rd and 2nd in her previous two classes. She is trying very hard. 2. Phillips' JAEVA SITTING PRETTY. Was reserve in puppy B. But she also is coming on with a lot more confidence, which she and handler both need. She also needs more bone but has the makings of a good head. Teeth and mouth alright. Movement difficult to assess.

Limit Bitch: No entries

Open Bitch (4,0) : 1. Mason's OHIO STARCATCHER OF GLENHAFOD, R.C.C. Lovely looking black and tan bitch. Good bone, shows and exhibits very well. She was a credit to her owner. Good head, mouth and bite all good. Was almost too excited but that ' s typical of a Norwich. 2. Crawley's CH.RAGUS LADYBIRD. Red bitch, also a really good Norwich indeed who responds well to handler, well handled. Very dark eyes set in a good head with good mouth and bite. 3. Stevenson's RAGUS REALLY N' TRULY FOR BRICKIN. Red bitch. Lighter in colour, good bone and movement. Good bite and teeth all set in a lovely head. Very difficult to decide. All 3 very good.

Anne Forman, Judge.

Club President, Mrs. Ruth Corkhill, making a presentation to Judge, Mrs. Anne Forman at the end of the Championship Show

Photo © Edwin



Club Open Show
19th. March 2006


Best Bitch & Best in Show Winner,
Ch. Ragus Yours Truly

Best Dog, Best Puppy in Show,
& Reserve Best in Show Winner,
Titanium Columbus


The Spring Open Show was held at Middleton Cheney
following the Club Annual General Meeting.

Best in Show - Ch.Ragus Yours Truly
Reserve Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex & Best Puppy - Titanium Columbus

Judge: Mrs. Trish Gray ( Sygar )

I was very pleased that, although the quantity was low, the quality was high. Unfortunately, the floor in this venue is not good, being very weak and spongy, making the exhibitors bounce which I feel made the dogs very unsure of their footings.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0): 1. Crawley's Ragus The Seraph, lovely in size and shape, good strong legs and nice short compact body, head a little immature as yet and not quite balanced with his body, excellent shaped oval dark eyes and nicely placed ears giving a smashing expression, good coat texture and presentation, his movement a little playful but very sound when settled. 2. Corkhill's Redash Classic Bombay.

Puppy Dog (1,0): 1. Needham's Titanium Columbus, very nice compact red puppy, lovely in outline with strong bone and muscle tone, good length to rib to his short body, his coat was of correct texture and length. Head needs just a little more time to finish as you would expect at this age, accommodating nice dark set eyes, nice mouth and good erect ears. As with many others today he took a little settling on the move but did manage it in the end, this being the case not only with the puppies but adults as well, so forgiveness was a must. Pleased to give him BEST DOG, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and BEST PUPPY.

Junior Dog (1,0): 1. James' Ragus Wild Story of Bakewood , black and tan in good harsh coat, head having well placed ears and good dark eye, followed by nice length to neck. Moved ok.

Novice Dog (1,0): 1. Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood (Rpt.)

Post Graduate Dog ( No entries ):

Limit Dog (2,1): 1. Corkhill's Redash Classic Balti. A little more of him than I would really like, but a well balanced dog, head accommodating good dark eyes and strong muzzle, nice lay of shoulders well sprung rib, moved really well to make him Reserve Best Dog.

Open Dog ( No entries ):

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch (2,0): 1. King's Kinsridge Magic Moment. Compact Red Bitch in good coat, nice head with dark eye, onto good neck and shoulders, short body with well set tail and good length to rib. Did not move good today. 2. Tokumine's Tezaland Quickstep.

Veteran Dog/Bitch (1.0): 1. Smith's Thewina Silversand, what a little show girl, 11yrs old and still giving it all, no prompting from her handler here, if only all our Norwich were this keen. Small compact bitch nice head and eye, short body and well set on tail, moved freely round the ring.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0): 1. Corkhill's Redash Currant Bun, bl\t what a sweetie, so aptly named, small, compact, a lot of dog in little frame, super coat and colour, nice feminine head with good dark oval eye giving nice expression onto a nice stylish body, correct bone for size, moved out well, very promising baby. 2. Watkins' Ragus Summer Dream, larger in size than winner and with heavy coat on the blow that spoiled overall look and made her look patchy, nice dark eye and good ear set, well boned and muscled for a youngster she moved well fore and aft.

Puppy Bitch ( No entries ):

Junior Bitch (4,2): 1. Crawley's Ragus True Romance, stylish bitch that put all in, nice head with a good mouth and well set ears, but I would have liked a darker eye, very good neck and shoulders, although a little too long in back, her much better stature and movement won this class. 2. Mason & Celba's Scarlet Ribbons of Glenhafod. Very nice for size and type, of which I very much liked, she has a super expression with good shape dark eye and correct ear carriage, lovely short back with good tail set, nice straight front with strong bone, but sadly I was disappointed with her stature and rear lack of drive.

Novice Bitch (2,0): 1. Ragus Summer Dream. 2. Tezaland Quickstep.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,1):
1. Scarlet Ribbons of Glenhafod. 2. Kinsridge Magic Moment. 3. Watkins' Baktwins Morning Sun.

Limit Bitch (3,1): 1. Crawley's Ch. Ragus Yours Truly,
red/wheaten, my notes stop me writing an essay on this young lady, she has a super head with very dark eye, good strong teeth and correct width between the ears, followed by super neck and shoulders which she shows to full advantage, the straightest of fronts and soundest of quarters, put down to perfection, so much to like about her. And she knows it. I took great pleasure in giving her BEST IN SHOW. 2. Willard & Crawley's Ragus Inspiration.

Open Bitch (2,0): 1. Crawley's Ragus Ladybird. Another nice lady from this kennel, I really liked her for type, she has very similar attributes to her kennel mate, but not quite her overall qualities, moved well fore and aft. RESERVE BEST BITCH. 2. Corkhill's Redash Blackcurrant, black/tan of good quality, well proportioned bitch with nice head, dark eye and good ear carriage followed with a good lay of shoulder on firm level top line, moved out well.

Brace: Corkhill's. Very well matched brace.



The Club Open Show Judge, Trish Gray, (on the left) being thanked by Club President, Ruth Corkhill, at the end of the Show.

Photo by Graeme Parker