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Club Championship Show
13th. November 2005

L to R : Judge, Mrs. Renée Sporre-Willes, and
Mrs. Lesley Crawley
with Best in Show Winner, Ragus Yours Truly

Photo: Graeme Parker

Mrs. Lesley Crawley with Dog C.C. & Reserve Best in Show Winner, Ragus Up 'N' Adam
Photo : Ed Morgan


Dog C.C. & R.B.I.S. Ragus Up 'N' Adam
Dog R.C.C. Sygar Tittle Tattle

Bitch C.C. & B.I.S. Ragus Yours Truly
Bitch R.C.C. Ragus Ladybird

Best Puppy in Show Ragus Yours Truly
Best Opposite Sex Puppy Ragus Up 'N' Adam

Judge: Mrs. Renee Sporre-Willes ( Cobby's Kennel, Sweden.)

Quality was pleasing in many of the 36 Norwich Terriers that were participating this Day of Remembrance, in particular the young bitch classes that came after the break for two minutes' silence of respect were a joy to judge.

Movement was much improved, several were of very nice type with good heads, even if not outstandingly so. Eyes are not as good as they used to be. But it's normal that when you try to correct one thing you gain another. As the saying goes: ‘You win some but in the event you lose some.' It was very nice to see so many with sound movement and with good reach of neck and hardly any "stuffy", puffing of so called hypertype.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,1):

Puppy Dog (3,1):
1. Ragus Up 'N' Adam A super young dog with excellent head and muzzle. Nice neck, compact body and excellent hindquarters. Moved really well seen from the side and in absolute tip top coat condition and texture. When I saw this black/tan dog coming into the ring I thought, it's not likely to be anything better than him, but there were more to come! CC, res BIS & BOS 2. Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood Very nice head, short back and well made hindquarters and a very well carried undocked tail. His front movement is not his fortune.

Junior Dog (4,0): 1.
Sygar Tittle Tattle Nice little dog with a lovely head, dark, nicely shaped eyes. Very compact body. Moved well. In very good coat. Well carried tail. Res. C.C. 2. Rouletta Shooting Star Good head and expression. Moves well seen from the side. Good coat texture. He does not put all into showing today. 3. Ragus Double O'Seven in Ablaze.

Spec. Beginners Dog (3,0):
1. Ragus Double O'Seven in Ablaze Very nice head. Stylish dog of nice type that still is a bit high on legs. Moves very well seen from the side.2. Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood. 3. Dejarada One of A Kind Strongly built dog with good bone. Coat texture a bit soft. Difficult to assess movement as he skips.

Novice Dog (1,0):
1. Ragus Double O'Seven in Ablaze.

Post Graduate Dog -
No Entries.

Limit Dog (2,0): 1.
Redash Classic Balti Well made dog that moves really well. Excellent undocked tail. A bit short of coat and body condition today. 2. Ragus Fits The Bill with Rouletta Very nice head and size. A bit short in neck. Moved well from the side. Coat too full on the day.

Open Dog (2,1): 1.
Ch. Ragus Black Tie Dog that moves to perfection, has great style and presence. I just preferred head and tail carriage on my Res. CC winner.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2,2):

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 5,1): 1. Ragus Truly Cream at Belleville Excellent make with very good ribcage and front. Played up on and off but excellent movement when she settled down. 2. Ragus True Romance Not as mature as first but with lovely head and excellent topline. Moved very well behind. 3. Ragus Really 'N' Truly at Brickin Another of similar lovely type as above. Very nice head. Not in full coat today and needs to settle in movement.

Puppy Bitch (4,1):
1. Ragus Yours Truly A cracker! Lovely head and expression. One that bewitched with her expression and presence. Excellent neck and topline. Moved and showed to perfection. CC & BIS. As mentioned earlier I thought my BIS winner would be the Puppy dog that is so much everything I love in a Norwich Terrier. But this little girl looked me in the eyes and just asked and who could resist! Well, not I. 2. Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock with Zippor Pretty of very nice type. Nice head. Excellent coat. Needs more angulation both ends, lacks drive on the move. 3. Ragus Wild Child Nice head and expression and in good coat. Still a bit on the leggy side. Moved well seen from the side.

Junior Bitch (3,0):
1. Sygar Chitchat Nice head and expression. Very compact, short back. Would have liked her with a bit more length of neck. In good coat. 2. Redash Time 'N' Tide Too narrow in skull with rather low set ears. Excellent body and movement. Tail carriage too much over the back. 3. Tezaland Quick Step.

Spec. Beginners Bitch (3,0):
1. Tezaland Midnight Miracle Nice type and very nice head and expression. Good body but a bit wide in front. Moves well behind. 2. Tezaland Quick Step Very nice type. Pretty head and lovely outgoing temperament. Needs ring-training to turn happy jumping into assessable trot. Shown in too short coat today. Moved better in this class. 3. Kinsridge Magic Moments Nice head. Unfortunately not shown in best coat. Would like her too move with a bit more drive.

Novice Bitch ((1,0):
1. Ragus Ladybird Excellent type with lovely head and expression. Nice topline and moved very well. Excellent coat. Res. C.C.

Post Graduate Bitch
(4,1): 1. Ragus Really 'N' Truly at Brickin Young bitch that moved better in this class than in Minor Puppy. Very nice head. Lovely type but a bit short in coat today. 2. Tezaland Midnight Miracle. 3. Kinsridge Magic Moments.

Limit Bitch (2,0):
1. Ragus Inspiration Nice head but a bit light, full eyes. Very stylish and moves really well when she decides to. Much to like about her. 2. Rouletta Primrose Dark eyes but a bit flat in skull. Nice body and short back. Good coat. Needs more drive behind.

Open Bitch (5,0):
1. Ch. Queslade She Devil Lovely size. Nice head with dark eyes. Excellent topline. Well made hindquarters. Moved well seen from the side. 2. Ragus Girl Trouble Nice Type and head but a bit light and full in eye. Moved very well seen from the side. Not in full coat today and could carry more weight. 3. Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock with Zippor.

Judge : Mrs. Renée Sporre-Willes ( Cobbys Kennel , Sweden )