General Club Information


The objects of the Club include the following:

(a) To protect and promote the interests of the Breed.
(b) To render all assistance possible to owners, breeders, and exhibitors of Norwich Terriers.
(c) To urge upon all breeders, owners and judges, the adoption of The Kennel Club Standard, as the only recognised standard by which Norwich Terriers shall be judged and awarded prizes for excellence.
(d) To encourage canine societies to schedule classes for the Breed, where it is considered an advantage for this to be done.
(e) To encourage the classification of Norwich Terriers by offering canine societies guarantees and special prizes where applicable.

The affairs of the Norwich Terrier Club are conducted by a President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and a Committee of ten members.

The President is elected by members and holds office for a period not exceeding three years at any one time.

The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Committee retire annually, but are eligible for re-election if they so wish.

There are a Newsletter Editor and a Cup Secretary who also retire annually, but are eligible for re-election.

An Annual General Meeting of members is held during the first six months of the year. Notice of this is sent to all paid-up members.

The Club holds a Championship Show in the autumn and an Open Show in the Spring.

The Club participates in The Kennel Club's 'Discover Dogs' events at both Crufts in March and at Earls Court in London in November.

There was a wonderful display of pictures of Norwich Terriers at 'Discover Dogs' at Crufts 2007 to celebrate the 75th. Anniversary of the breed's recognition by The Kennel Club. Our thanks to everyone who contributed in any way whatsoever.


The Club has a Stand which is at most Club events which promotes items of interest to Norwich Terrier owners

The Norwich Terrier Club welcomes new members.
Please contact the Hon. Secretary, Beverley Watkins for membership details.


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Page Updated: July 17, 2015