Norwich Terrier Club Championship Show
Celebrating the 80th. Anniversary of Kennel Club Recognition of the Breed

25th. November 2012
at Roade Village Hall, Roade, Northamptonshire

Judge: Mr. Geoff Corish ( Pamplona )

Best In Show & Dog CC
Ch. Ragus Merry Gentleman

Reserve Best In Show & Dog RCC
Ragus Now And Forever

Best Opposite Sex & Bitch CC
Ch Belleville Coconut Effect

Bitch RCC
Ch Ragus Takes The Biscuit

Best Puppy in Show
Ragus Talk Of The Devil

Best Opposite Sex Puppy
Ragus Miss Sunshine T.A.F.

Best Veteran In Show
Redash Blackcurrant

It was a great honour & a pleasure to judge the club's 80th ch show. Because of my involvement in Norfolks, I always took a lot of interest in the Norwich too, not quite from separation but certainly the early years. The breeders must be congratulated on how they have brought them on to how they are. In those early years the breed struggled a bit with various construction points & it was rare for a Norwich to ever figure in a group. Nowadays it's quite common to see them win groups & indeed this year's top terrier is a Norwich. I suppose they have taken over from the Norfolks in group winning, who would have thought that all those years ago?

On today's showing the quality was definitely in the males, there was class after class of top quality dogs. In the bitches though they were harder to judge & I did find a lot of mouth problems, four teeth on the bottom being quite common, this is worrying as this figures a weak underjaw.

Minor Puppy Dog (1.0 ):
1.Willett's Debeaux The Guvnor, 05/04/12, Br: Exh. (Ch Ragus Devine Devil ­Jaeva Double Bluff ), b/t of 6 months, nice in head, excellent mouth, strong jaw, good neck & shoulders, good topline& tailset, good coat texture, moved OK in profile. Just needs to tighten in front but he is young & plenty of time.

Puppy Dog (3,0 ):
1.Crawley's Ragus Talk of the Devil, 21/03/12 (Br. Exh. Ch Ragus Merry Genrleman - Ragus What The Devil ) well grown red puppy & hopefully has stopped growing. Sound moving both ways, good reach of neck, good topline&tailset, in great coat & condition.One with a good future, BPIS.
2. Brown's Ragus Indian Sun Over Lastarean, 24/01/12, (Br Crawlwy Ch Cobby's Indesign (Imp. Swe. - Ragus Hotter Than July ), red, lots to like.Gave his handler a hard time. Good overall balance, short & cobby, well balanced head, good eye, strong muzzle. Not as positive in front as 1;
3. Sumowska's Germo of Ina's White Dream (ATC AP00884 Fra). 25/12/11. Br. P Krizischke. (Bounty of Ina's White Dream - Rustically's Spring Diamond),
Junior Dog (3,1 ):
1. Stevenson's Ragus Now And Forever. 28/10/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Cobby's Indesign - Ragus Forever Yours), I was quite taken with this young boy. Very full of himself & so typically Norwich. Loved his head & expression, correct eye giving correct expression, short & cobby, moved true both ways & in profile. Should make up, no problem, RCC.
2.Barrell's Barwest Blaze of Glory, 26/06/11, Br. Exh. (Ch Brickin Top of The Morning-Barwest Barley Wine ), lots to like about this lad. Nice size, good head & expression, excellent mouth, good front &topline. Just would like him a touch shorter in loin.
Novice Dog ( 2,0):
1. Needham's Sativus Perpignan of Titanium. 16/09/11. Br: Mr G Sandy, (Ch Titanium Columbus ShCM - Wickworth Lady Ivy), OK for size & type. Preferred his head & expression to 2. Good front & feet, strong bone, good topline&tailset, sound both ways.
2. Sumowska's High Pines Captain (ATC AP 00883 USA), 22/08/11, Br: A & S Sikorski, (Yellowrose High Pines Exclusive - Castle-Bar High Pines Cosmopolitan) , b/t, very different in type to 1 being a little ‘old fashioned' & I mean that in a nice way. Not as short coupled as 1 & could have a bit more rib & I just preferred head balance of 1. Coat in pristine order & just shined.
Post Graduate Dog (3,0 ):
1. Hitchen's Ragus Devil In The Detail for Kreatin ShCM. 08/01/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley. (Demerlay American Boy - Ragus What The Devil), this boy stood out here I felt. Short & cobby, good neck & shoulder, straight front, good bone, OK topline&tailset, lovely head & eye, neat ears. Moved so well & was presented superbly. One with a future.
2. Stubbings' Alncarron Scots Pine. 30/03/10. Br: Mrs R Malone. (Ragus Star Wizard for Janski - Redash Caraway), red, slightly higher on the leg & not quite as good in shoulder as 1. Nice size, good topline&tailset, excellent coat texture, moved well both ways.
3. Dent's Ragus Cornish Caper at Fizzella, 17/03/10, Br: L Crawley. (Ch Ragus Star Wizard for Janski - Belleville Cornish Cream)

Limit Dog (8,3 ):
Lovely class & a lot of considerations had to be made.
1. Brown's The Devil Can Wait for Lastarean, 08/01/11, Br Crawley (Dem erlay American Boy - Ragus What The Devil ), I liked this dog as soon as he came in. I loved his head & expression, neat ears, super front both standing & moving, good topline& tailset. In great coat & never stopped showing.
2. Crawleys Ragus Edge of Forever, 28/10/11, Br Exh. (Cobby's Indesign - Ragus Forver Yours ), red, lots to like. Not making it easy for his handler. Nice outline, reachy neck where he could beat 1. On the move a bit unsettled which didn't help his front. Head of right balance but didn't use them & could be a little smaller I felt.
3. Corkhill's Redash Going For Gold, 04/01/11, Br Exh. ( Barwest Barnaby Bill at Kibkiln - Redash Time Goes By ),

Open Dog (3,1 ):
1. Crawley & Oddie's Ch Ragus Merry Gentleman. 25/12/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley. (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ch/Am Ch Ragus Got The Look), gave this boy G2 at Birmingham recently & so obviously I like him. Interesting to watch him in his own breed & compare. He really is quite outstanding. Have read comments about him & all I can say is that they don't know the breed. Great head, nice size, sound & free moving. No more to say really. CC.& Best in Show
2. Sumowska's Dypsoman Zamlicze (ATC AP 00892 Pol). 12/10/09, Br J Sumonski. (Wybar Outward Bound - Dratwa Zamlicze), Very sound boy, not quite the short & cobby type I prefer. Good front, excellent bone, good topline. Could have a bit more rib & a little more body. Well handled & presented.
Special Beginners Dog (1,0 ):
1. Dent's Ragus Cornish Caper at Fizzella,. 17/03/10, Br: L Crawley. (Ch Ragus Star Wizard for Janski - Belleville Cornish Cream ), b/t, liked his head & expression, good neck & shoulder, good topline. Just a bit too low to ground for me & which also made him look longer in back.
Veteran Dog (No Entries):
Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0 ):
1. Malone's Alncarron Mountain Pine, 15/05/12, Br: Exh, (Am Ch Yarrow Venerie Old King Cold - Alncarron Stone Pine), very much a baby at just over 6 months.Very feminine, nice size, good neck & shoulders, short & cobby, super coat & presentation. Bit silly on the move but I saw enough to see she was sound. Just like a bit more strength in head but that may come with age.
Puppy Bitch (2.0 ):
1. Stevenson's Brickin Tea Time. 14/03/12, Br: Exh, (Ragus Rock The House - Dorinor Storm In A Teacup), hardest decision in this class where 1 scored the 2nd failed & vice versa. 1 scored in showmanship & topline where 2 scored in head & failed in topline.
2. Armstrong & Lawrance's Elantiz Gwynevere, 19/11/11 Br. Exh., (Am.Ch. Yarrow Venerie Old King Cold - Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz), gave up a little & that didn't help her shape. Both moved well both ways. 1 is not yet in full coat where 2 was in better coat. I gather these 2 change places all the time & I can see why.
Junior Bitch (5,2 ):
1. Stevenson's Brickin I'm In The Pink, 16/11/11, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Jazz King ­Brickin Pretty In Pink.), red of nice type, sound, good neck & shoulder, straight front, good bone. Little unsure at times. In good coat but overall a very nice bitch
2. Crawley's Ragus On My Honour, 02/08/11, Br. Exh. (Ch. Ragus Devine Devil - Cobby's Honoria), thought this b/t would be my winner but just gave up on the move & standing. Super shape, lovely head & eye, sound. After I had placed them she decided to show like a bomb, so frustrating for her owner.
3. Brown's Glamour Puss for Ragus, 26/08/11, Br. Mrs S. Williams (Ragus Hey Good Lookin For Brickin),
Novice Bitch (3,1 ):
1. Dent's Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella. 05/11/10, Br: L Crawley. (Demerlay American Boy - Just A Tad Bad at Ragus), red, bit plain but in this class she moved & showed the best. Head balanced & with more hair would look so much better. Good neck &topline, excellent tailset, well handled by her young handler.
2. Crawley's Ragus Kiss Curls, 03/11/11, Br. Exh., (Ch. Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus), red, when stacked on the table is a really nice shape, on the floor though just refused to show & looked so bored & in so doing made herself look long. In lovely coat of the right texture.Would like her ears to be a little smaller.
Post Graduate Bitch (7,1 ):
1. Phillips' Ragus Madly In Love at Blakens. 07/05/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ragus Truly Madly), rich red, the most lovely head & expression, moves well both ways, good neck & shoulders, excellent topline, super coat & well presented. Just a touch low to ground for me but well deserved to win the class.
2. Stevenson's Ragus Miss Sunshine (TAF). 24/01/12. Br: Mrs LA Crawley. (Ch Cobby's Indesign - Ragus Hotter Than July), just a puppy & rather fat! Lovely head, neat ears, straight front & good bone, in good coat. Just needs to lose some weight & could do well. BOSP
3. Martin's Kirmir Little Mischief, 08/01/10. Br: Exh. (Ch Titanium Columbus ­Baktwins Follow That Dream),
Limit Bitch (7,0 ):
1. Armstrong & Lawrance's Elantiz Rambling Rosie, 14/10/10, Br. Exh., (Ch Belleville Crème Brulée - Amicaro Really Rose at Elantiz), red of nice size & type.Moved better than most in this class. Nice head & expression, small neat ears, good front, excellent coat, well handled.
2. Lazenby's Ragus Diamonds Only, 23/10/07, Br. Mrs. L.A. Crawley, (Kinsridge Caption - Ragus Fine Diamond), lots to like about this bitch, sadly lacked in furnishings & so makes the look a bit plain. Short & cobby, excellent coat texture of rich red, moves well.
3. Brown's Lastarean Kyme For Home, 15.03/11, Br. Exh. (Brown Ben Will's Choice - Brenin Sweet Possession),
Open Bitch (5,1 ):
1. Thompson-Morgan's Belleville's Coconut Effect. 21/03/11. Br Exh. (Ch Ragus Devine Devil - Ch Belleville Coconut Cream), red who I liked as soon as she came in. Wouldn't use her ears to start with but then as the class progressed she got so much better. Nice size & shape, moves so well & with attitude. Her 2nd CC here & won her third while writing this report.
2. Smith & Hurrion's Ch Ragus Take The Biscuit, 21/03/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ragus Cornish Wafer), close up & nearly beat 1 but then on the move 1 put more into it. Similar in a lot of ways to 1.Liked her head & expression. A bit naughty on the move to start with but then settled & moved OK. In super coat. RCC.
3. Dent's Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella. 05/11/10, Br: L Crawley. (Demerlay American Boy - Just A Tad Bad at Ragus),
Special Beginners Bitch (5,0 ):
1. Elantiz Rabling Rosie,
2. Kirmir Little Mischief, at present lacking furnishings. Lovely head, dark well shaped eye, good neck & shoulder, coat of good texture & well handled.
3. Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella.

Veteran Bitch (1,0 ):
1. Corkhill's Redash Blackcurrant , 18,10,02, Br. Exh. (Fin Ch. Redash Winter Lion - Redash Brown Beret), 10 years & in remarkable condition. Moves better than some of the younger ones. Would imagine in her day she was quite something. Lovely outline & still as sound as a bell.A great credit to her owner.

Brace (3,0 ):
1. Corkhill's, 2. Brown's, Dent's,

Junior Handling (2,0): Judge: Mr. Barry Day

Lydia Smith, aged 13 years,
Best Junior Handler

Maisy Dent, aged 8 years.
Runner-Up Junior Handling

Updated: With critique

February 4, 2013

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Norwich Terrier Club Open Show
Sunday, 22nd. April 2012
at Roade Village Hall, Northants.

Judge: Mr. David Winsley (Davmar)

Best in Show - Ragus The Devil Can Wait for Lastarean

Reserve Best in Show - Ragus Devil In The Detail for Kreatin

Best Opposite Sex in Show - Ragus Artful Amber


Best Puppy in Show - Sheltrice All That Jazz

All Photography: Edwin ©

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge at this friendly show and to the exhibitors for their entries. Though not a large entry it was full of quality. Thanks also to my efficient steward Gail.

Generally I found the breed to be in a healthy position, size was fairly even and there were no health concerns from my point of view. Movement was good, mouths have improved, my only concern were that quite a number of dogs were getting a little long in loin. Temperaments were 100%.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0) :
1. Crawley's Sheltrice All That Jazz, 28/08/11, Br: Mrs P Wilson, (Ch Ragus Jazz King - Sheltrice Starlight), Red baby with a lovely head, well developed stop & nicely filled muzzle. Nice dark eyes well placed & ears well set. Good neck which fitted in to well placed shoulders, straight front. Short cobby body, ribs well sprung & short loin. Well developed hindquarters for his age, correct tail set. In correct coat & condition, moving & showing well for one so young. Best puppy.
2. Needham's Sativus Perpignan, 16/09/11. Br: Mr G Sandy, (Ch Titanium Columbus ShCM - Wickworth Lady Ivy), I liked this boy's head & expression. Good overall shape, short body & good depth of ribs. Very nice turn of stifle, tail set on well & carried correctly. In nice coat & moved steadily for a baby. Has time on his side.

Puppy Dog (1,1): Abs.
Junior Dog (No Entries):
Special Beginners Dog (No Entries):
Novice Dog (No Entries):

Post Graduate Dog (2,1):
1. Brown's Ragus The Devil Can Wait for Lastarean, 08/01/11, Br: L Crawley, (Demerlay American Boy - Ragus What The Devil), Black/Tan, even though he was alone this boy stood out for his quality. He is all male, really nice shape & balance. Good head proportions, nice dark eye, good stop & well set ears. He has that 'certain' expression! Good neck which flowed into his well placed shoulders & level topline. Straight front, short cobby body & well angulated muscular hindquarters. Was shown in a good quality coat & top condition, moved with a fluent action both ways. Showed all out to win BIS.

Limit Dog (2,2): Abs.
Open Dog (2,1):
1. Hitchen's Ragus Devil In The Detail for Kreatin, 08/01/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Demerlay American Boy - Ragus What The Devil), red litter brother to BIS winner. Another with obvious quality, pleasing expressive head, good width to his skull, well placed ears & dark eyes. Good neck & shoulders, straight front with nice tight feet. Short backed, level topline & good turn of stifle with a short hock. Correct tailset, moved away soundly but tended to pull over to his handler coming towards me, so paid the penalty. RBest Dog.
Veteran Dog (2,2): Abs.
Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0):
1. Crawley's Ragus Mayfair Morning, 09/09/11, Br: Exh, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ch Ragus Mayfair). Red baby with a lovely head & expression for her age. Nice dark expressive eyes with neat well placed ears. Good in neck & clean in shoulder, beautiful straight front. Nice body shape with good ribbing & short coupled. Good hindquarters which she knows how to use when she concentrates. Sound mover & her pads were easily visable when she moved. Shown in lovely coat & condition.
2. Corkhill's Redash Bitter Orange, 14/08/11, Br: Exh, (Nepomuk von den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello - Ch Redash Clementine). She has a pleasing head, nice overall shape & good balance. In nice coat, needs to get more furnishings which will finish the picture. Moved quite well.
3. Glamour Puss for Ragus, 26/08/11, Br: Mrs S Williams, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin - Greditch Tiger Moth). Immature against the two above her. Has a promising head & short backed. Moved steadily & coat good.
Res. Wilson's Sheltrice Razzle Dazzle, 28/08/11, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Jazz King ­Sheltrice Starlight)
Puppy Bitch (2,0):
1. Crawley's Ragus On My Honour, 02/08/11, Br: Exh, (Ch Ragus Devine Devil ­ Cobby's Honoria). Black/Tan of lovely breed type. Keen expressive head, good neck & shoulders with straight front. Short cobby body, good ribbing & bone. Tail well set, in lovely coat of correct textutre. When she moves she is sound both ways, a little apprehensive on the move but when she gets over that will be an exciting puppy to show. BOS Puppy
2. Corkhill's Redash Tangerine Dream, 14/08/11, Br: Exh, (Nepomuk von den Zwei Eichen at Saltarello - Ch Redash Clementine). Red with a promising head & expression. Not the balance of 1 being longer cast. Well made quarters which she used well, in tight coat.
Junior Bitch: (3,1):
1. Haynes' Baktwins Amber Diamond, 31/01/11, Br: Mrs BA Watkins, (Ch Titanium Columbus - Ragus Pure Diamond). Red girl unfortunately in her underclothes! Has a pleasing head & expression. Good neck, level topline & correct tail set. Good forechest & straight front. Has lots of animation, moved well with lots of drive.
2. Brown's Lastarean Sign Of The Kymes, 15/03/11, Br.Exh, (Brown Ben Wills Choice - Brenin Sweet Possession). Black/Tan with a promising head, good front. Needs to firm up in body, moved fairly well. In a decent coat & showed quite well.
Special Beginners Bitch (2,1):
1. Baktwins Amber Diamond (Repeat).
Novice Bitch (1,1): Abs.
Post Graduate Bitch (1.0):
1. Brown's Lastarean Kyme For Home, 15/03/11, Br: Exh, (Brown Ben Wills Choice - Brenin Sweet Possession). Black/Tan, head a little immature. Good muzzle, nice dark eye and a feminine outlook. Straight front, good depth of body & well ribbed. Good turn of stifle, short hocks. Looks a bit short of neck, level topline with correct tailset. Shown in good coat, she is a happy & sound mover.
Limit Bitch (9,2):
1. Crawley & Jones' Ragus Artful Amber, 15/02/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ch Ragus Forever Amber ), Red of ideal size, good breed type. I liked her head shape, good expression with a nice dark eye & well placed ears. Clean neck & shoulders, straight in front with good feet. Short backed with very good depth & spring of rib, short coupled & level topline. Strongly made hindquarters, tail well set on & carried correctly. Sound driving movement, in first class coat & condition as one expects from this exhibitor. Best Bitch & BOS
2. Smith & Hurrion's Ragus Take The Biscuit. 21/03/11, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ragus Cornish Wafer). Red with a very pleasing head & expression, well placed ears. I would just like her a touch shorter in leg for better balance. Has a good straight front, well made body & strong hindquarters. Tail set well, animated show girl. Coat a little past its best at the sides. Showed very well & moved with plenty of drive. RB Bitch
3. Needham's Titanium Pop Goes The Weasel. 06/11/08, Br: Exh, (Ch Titanium Columbus ShCM - Titanium Pawfect Angel ). No disgrace being in this place, another quality girl who has a true Norwich head & expression. Well made body & moves well both ways. Showed well.
Res. Stevenson's Ragus Coming Up Next at Brickin. 19/12/10, Br: Mrs L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Ready To Rumble at Ragus - Ragus Coming Up Roses),
Open Bitch (2,0):
1. Hitchen's Ragus Hidden Amber, 12/12/09, Br: L Crawley, (Ch Brickin Top Of The Morning - Ch Ragus Forever Amber). Red girl of nice size, short backed & balanced shape. Nice expressive head, dark eye & well placed ears. Good in neck & shoulder, short backed well ribbed body. Straight front, pleasing hindquarters & correct tail set. In good coat & condition, moved and showed quite well.
2. Corkhill's Ch Redash Clementine, 09/01/09, Br: Exh, (Ragus Hey Good Lookin for Brickin - Redash Blackcurrant). Red, a little bigger than 1. Good head & neck, good depth of body, taller on the leg. Well placed tail, coat not at its best & moved well.
Veteran Bitch (No Entries):

Brace (3,1):
1. Brown's matching pair of Black/Tan's. Nice heads. Very similar in size & type. Coats much the same. Moved well together.
2. Corkhill's reds that matched in heads, not quite the same matching in body shape. Both moved in unison.


Judge: David Winsley

Above: Judge David Winsley being thanked by the
Norwich Terrier Club President, Mr. Barry Day.



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