The Norwich Terrier Club
75th. Anniversary Championship Show

Sunday, 23rd. September 2007

held at the

Royal Court Hotel, Keresley, Nr. Coventry, Warks.

Results of the 2007 Championship Show

~ a total of 82 Norwich Terriers entered ~


Judge: Mrs. Liz Cartledge

Norwich Terrier Club President, Miss Katrina Bentley, welcomes the Judge, Mrs. Liz Cartledge.

Photo: Sally Anne Thompson ©

Best in Show, Dog C.C. & Best Puppy in Show - Ragus Rings True
Dog Res. C.C. - Rouletta Havin A Good Thyme
Reserve Best in Show & Bitch C.C. - Ch. Ragus True Romance
Bitch Res. C.C. & B.O.S. Puppy - Ragus Forever Yours
Best Veteran - Elve Forest Witch

(In the report on the Championship Show classes below,
the First in each Class is pictured alongside the results.)

What a marvellous weekend this was for the Norwich Terrier Club's 75th Anniversary weekend, combining with Norfolks judged on the Saturday, a celebration dinner in the evening and then I had the honour and pleasure of judging an entry of 96 Norwich Terriers from 81 dogs on the Sunday.

Visitors from all over the world, exhibitors from Scandinavia, the Continent as well as from the States made this a truly international affair. The atmosphere was electric and we all had a fantastic time.

In this size entry it was inevitable that there would be some rather mixed classes, making judging more difficult! Years and years ago Norwich Terriers used to fail quite badly in hind movement while the drop eared cousins usually moved well behind. Now, however, hind action is greatly improved while fronts in many were not 100 pct. Norwich mouths too used to be a bit of a problem as far as closing the mouth was concerned. Here I had two whose mouths did not close properly so the fault still exists. I am not at all a mouth fanatic but I was concerned to find some with very narrow underjaws with only 4 small teeth between the canines. It must be remembered that this is a working terrier.

Coats and presentation – there were stripped naked ones with soft fluff for body coat, full coated ones, half trimmed ones, some not trimmed at all – you name it I had the full range! Some were shown too fat, spoiling the overall impression and certainly not helping their movement. I also had classes of pure delight – Open Bitch was hotly contested and 3 litter sisters commanded the first 3 places. When I got to Puppy Dog which had just 2 dogs entered I knew that if all the other Norwich males were absent I already had a worthy CC winner and a ditto RCC. Ragus Rings True was this puppy and he conquered all to become Best In Show at this prestigious and memorable event. Ch. Ragus True Romance, like Rings True, out of Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly, was Reserve BIS and Best Opposite Sex. Truly Unruly also won the most impressive progeny group. Best Puppy was, of course, Rings True with RBPIS going to another Ragus, Ragus Forever Yours, who had a tussle with her dam, Ch. Ragus Yours Truly for the RCC. The precocious pup ultimately secured this award. She, like Rings True, is another future star.

So thank you one and all for letting me be part of this superb weekend with two breed shows the like we may never see numerically or quality wise again. I shall treasure the ‘keep sake' catalogue, generous judges gifts and the whole experience for many years to come.

An enormous amount of work had gone into planning and organising this superb event – the quiet genius behind the scenes was undoubtedly Ruth Corkhill, obviously with help and support from many others – very well done.
Minor Puppy Dog (2,0 abs.):
1. Corkhill's Ragus Wild Oats (TAF)
(Cobby's High Stakes(Imp.Sw.) ex Ragus Wild Child) just 6 months, compact body of good shape, excellent quarters, attractive head, happy character, moved ok, full coated.
2. Bardell's Ragus Star Sailor
(Ragus Quiet Riot ex Ragus Diamond Star), same age as 1 st , well grown puppy, expressive dark eyes, well fitting coat but not a lot of it. Preferred hind action and mouth of 1 st .
Puppy Dog (2,0 abs.):
1. Crawley's Ragus Rings True,
(Sw.Ch. Cobby's Famous Rebel ex Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly)), Dog CC, B.I.S. & B.P.I.S. just a week short of a year, stunning puppy, oozing quality and type – gave me goose pimples as he went round the ring. What an exciting prospect. Lovely head and expression, excellent bone and feet, good reach of neck, short back, well sprung ribs, great front, topline and quarters, harsh coat, just could not put a foot wrong standing or moving. Plenty of reach and drive, amazingly mature for age with a perfect silhouette.
2. Stevenson's Hey Good Lookin for Brickin
(Cobby's High Stakes (Imp.Sw.) ex Ch. Ragus True Romance), 10 months, quality puppy in good form, strong body with good depth, shade longer than 1 st and not as good in front but a smart well coated young man showing plenty of promise. Good head and eyes.
Junior Dog (5,1 abs.):
1. Chambers' Rouletta Havin a Good Thyme
(Ch. Ragus Up'N'Adam ex Rouletta Primrose), Dog R.C.C. 13 months black and tan, easy winner. Masculine head and outlook, strong muzzle, dark eyes, well pigmented, ample bone. Compact body, well padded feet, sound mover, tail on top, harsh jacket. Handler did not get the best out of him standing, just needs to concentrate.
2. Sporre-Willes' Cobby's Midas Touch
(Cobby's High Stakes ex Cobby's Mistinguett), like 2nd in PD sired by High Stakes, 14 months, very good head and expression, bright eyes, hard coat, good size and type, long ribcage, happy showman.
3. Kell's Ragus Revelation
(Ch. Ragus Up'N'Adam ex Ragus Devotion), short backed b/t of 15 months, well set tail, moved OK, good coat and body. Got a bit restless towards the end and I preferred head and expression of those above.
Res. Ratcliffe's Dorinor Dealer
(Ch. Drakesoak Envoy to Glenhafod ex Dorinor R U Ready),
Yearling Dog (5,0 abs.):
1. Rouletta Havin a Good Thyme (repeat)
2. Crawley & Jones' Ragus Ovation
(Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Up'N'Adam ex Ragus Devotion), litter brother to 3rd in JD, attractive and vivacious b/t, compact body, good tailset and quarters, well shown and handled but just not quite as settled on the move as 1 st . Short loin, showed OK. Head could be a shade more masculine.
3. Ragus Revelation
Res. Bell's Dorinor Red Alert
(Ch. Drakesoak Envoy to Glenhafod ex Dorinor R U Ready)
Special Beginners Dog (1,0 abs.):
1. James' Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood
(AmCh Yarrow's Sandstorm (Imp.USA) ex Ragus Wildest Dreams) 2 ½ years, not in his best jacket today, lean and fit, firm body, pleasing head. Failed in front movement.
  Novice Dog (1.0 abs.):
1. Ragus Wild Oats (repeat)
Post Graduate Dog (3,0 abs.): Not a good class
1. Neatham's Crivnor Cream Cracker at Graysbrooke
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Ragus Lucy Furr), 15 months, comfortable winner here, well proportioned with attractive head, adequate mover, showed happily. No more weight please.
2. Jones' Rhythm And Blues at Zippor
(Ch. Queslade Rebel Red ex Ch. Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock with Zippor), 10 months, b/t, real jumping Jack Flash, typical head with good eyes and expression, needs to drop in body, at the moment looks very leggy, good tailset, moved OK when he decided to keep all 4 feet on the ground.
3. Layfield's Brencorrie Bugsy Malone
(Caterpillar vom Rittersee (Imp.Deu.) ex Ragus Dream Ticket to Brencorrie), 14 months, not a bad outline but his coat was soft, a bit long in foreface, failed in front movement.
Limit Dog ( (5,2 abs.):
1. Harpham & Hulance's Starmaker by Diggery (NAF)
(Ch. Schancho Red Planet ex Ragus Twelfth of Never), 2 yrs red, excessively gay tail carriage spoils his outline a bit on the move but I liked everything else about him, lovely neckline and proportions, good bone, body and quarters, splendid silhouette standing, fluent mover, animated showman. Good head, ears on the big side. Handled and conditioned to very best advantage.
2. Needham's Titanium Pretzel
(Titanium Coeur de Lion ex Ch. Titanium Pawpaw-Pie), nearly 5, good honest red with harsh jacket, good bone, masculine head, showed steadily but not the style or movement of 1st .
3. Stoddart's Ragus Expectation at Millvalley
(Ch. Ragus Up 'N'Adam ex Ragus Devotion), 15 months, litter mate to 2nd in YD and 3rd in JD, bit overdone for me, well up to size and carrying plenty of weight, could have shown with a bit more terrier spirit, masculine head. Not holding his topline 100 pct on the move.
Res. Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood
Open Dog (4,0 abs.):
1. Am.Ch. Birchbay Sir Galahad,
(AmCh Kristil's Ambassador to Ketka ex AmCh Baybreez Great Expectations), deep red, wonderful harsh jacket, although not in full coat, just turned 7 but a real athlete with great body and muscle tone, keen alert expression, dark eyes, good bone, well laid shoulders, used his neck on the move. I have judged this dog in the States at the Eukanuba Invitational where he was my winner – today he was going close behind and a little narrow in front but side movement was very good. Has ring presence and showmanship in abundance which won him the class. In the challenge the puppy and junior were shorter backed and better matched for type. Very well handled in pristine condition.
2. Nord. Ch. Flatmoen's Barney JR
(Int/Sw/Nor Ch Red Timber's Barnaby ex Nor Ch. Flatmoen's Bellona JWW03), 3 ½ years b/t, up to size, winner scored in shoulder placement, good head and expression, big body and rib, tail carriage rather gay when moving. Not the coat texture of 1 st , well handled, composed showman.
3. Ch. Titanium Columbus
(AmCh.Foxwood Ninja Warrior (Imp.USA) ex Titanium Cloudberry), 2 years red, masculine head with good width between the ears, keen expression, short back with good bone and depth of body. Just a bit sluggish in front movement today, good coat texture.
Res. Sumowski's Dundel Zamlicze
(NL Ch High Flyer's Valentino ex Lady Mary Yess from Fra Joos Home)
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor Dog (3,1 abs.):
1. Corkhill's Redash Balti
(Nightshade Rouletta v. Darscharia ex Redash Blackcurrant), 3 years, mature male, typical head, excellent bone, showed with animation. Shade long cast.
2. Sumowski's Dundel Zamlicze,
3 years, short of coat today, failed in head, topline and movement generally, good body. Well handled.
Veteran Dog (2,1 abs.):
1. Barwest Brandy Snap for Justrite
(Ch.Elve Spellmaker ex Tynallt Biscuit Barrell at Barwest), 7 years red, still got an excellent mouth, between coats today, low set hocks, sensible showman, well handled. A little stilted in movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch (7,3 abs.):
1. Martin's Baktwins Follow That Dream
(Cobby's High Stakes (Imp.Sw) ex Ch. Ragus Summer Dream), another sired by High Stakes, 6 months but certainly knew what it was all about! Precocious baby full of her own importance, good outline and tailset, feminine head, good mouth, moved OK, very showy.
2. Barrell's Barwest Beech Nut
(Jaeva Cut And Dry ex Tynallt Transfer to Barwest), 6 months b/t, sturdy body, good head and expression, excellent coat, ample bone, moved well, just a bit lazy with her tail and showmanship but a promising child.
3. Corkhill's Wild Fantasy at Redash
(Cobby's High Stakes (Imp.Sw.) ex Ragus Wild Child), litter sister to winner of MPD, good outline, no mistaking her for anything other than a bitch, very feminine, quite stylish when she chose to concentrate.
Res. Corkhill's Redash Tikka Dansak
(Ch. Ragus Up 'N'Adam exSoft Paws Special Tikka),

Puppy Bitch (5,0 abs.):
1. Crawley's Ragus Forever Yours
(Ragus Diamond Thief ex Ch. Ragus Yours Truly), Bitch R.C.C & Best Bitch Puppy, 10 ½ months, delightful puppy who won this class with ease, well proportioned with good body and topline, pretty head, tending to hold her ears slightly wide but when it mattered in the challenge for RCC she pulled herself together and beat her mum! Good tailset, low set hocks, animated showgirl and mover, responded well to her handler.
2. Willard's Troubles Brewing
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Troublesome Lady), 9 months red with good head, excellent body and ribcage, well boned, showed well in spasms, moved OK.
3. Crawley & Kell's Ragus Girl's Best Friend
(Cobby's Challenger (Imp.Sw.) ex Ragus Fine Diamond), 10 months, shapely body, neat head. Coat not at its best and not going as well as 1 and 2.
Res. Corkhill's Redash Time Goes By
(Ragus Quiet Riot ex Redash Timeless),

Junior Bitch (7,2 abs.):
1. Crawley's Ragus Truly Truly Fair
(Sw.Ch. Cobby's Famous Rebel ex Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly), litter sister to BIS, deserved to win this class on showmanship and style, lovely silhouette in side movement, well proportioned and balanced, feminine head but I should like a wider and stronger under jaw. Well handled and presented.
2. Bardell's Acquest Peppermint Patty
(Ch. Ragus Up'N'Adam ex She Loves To Boogie), b/t of 15 months, to start with hind action not 100 pct but got into her stride eventually, good head and expression, could have been handled to better advantage. Firm body, good jacket.
3. Sporre-Willes' Cobby's Money Money Money
(Cobby's High Stakes ex Cobby's Mistinguett), litter sister to 2 nd in JD, extremely happy to be with us, ears on the big side, between coats, good tailset and carriage, firm body, full of personality.
Res. Ragus Girl's Best Friend
Yearling Bitch (4,0 abs.):
1. Crawley & Nagrecha's Ch. Ragus Double Bubble
(Ch. Ragus Black Tie ex Ragus Sweet Deceit), 18 months wheaten, well up to size, marvellous profile, moved with style and confidence, good ring presence, attractive head, good bone and ribcage, lovely front.
2. Sporre-Willes' Cobby's Remembrance Rose
(Cobby's Crocus ex Sw.Ch Cobby's Regency Rose), 18 months, typy bitch, happy showgirl, extrovert temperament, good body and proportions.
3. Downie & Phillips' Jaeva Sitting Pretty
(Jaeva Cut And Dry ex Jaeva Shooting Star), 20 months, between coats and today rather on and off with her showmanship. Neat head, well handled. Needs to mature and wait for a new coat.
Res. Whitworth's Acquest Vanilla Vixen
Special Beginners Bitch (2,1 abs.):
1. Wilson's Brickin Dawn Break
(Caterpillar vom Rittersee ex Ragus Fine Dawn For Brickin), 12 months, good body, feminine head, failed in movement and could have been in better coat and presentation.
Novice Bitch (4,0 abs.):
1. Chambers' Rouletta Thyme for Rosielea
(Ch. Ragus Up'N'Adam ex Rouletta Primrose), litter to RCC dog, happy character, moved soundly, good bone, harsh jacket. Could be a little more feminine in expression. Shade long cast.
2. James' Alncarron Dawn Redwood
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Redash Caraway), 18 months red, not in her best bib and tucker, compact body. Feeling the heat, failed in movement and tail carriage.
Post Graduate Bitch (8,0 abs.): Disappointing class
1.Willard's Let's Be 'Avin You in Crivnor
(Caterpillar vom Rittersee ex Ragus Inspiration), 15 months, typy bitch who worked hard to win this class, pleasing head, shapely body, moved OK. Up to weight, a shade high at rear.
2. Rouletta Thyme for Rosielea (repeat)
3.Flannery & Willard's Crivnor Cream Soda,
15 months, another carrying a bit of surplus weight. A bit short of coat today but what she had was of good texture, typical head, good bone and feet, side movement OK. Handler not getting the best out of her – I liked her for type and size.
Res. Stevenson's Brickin Red Dawn
(Caterpillar vom Rittersee ex Ragus Fine Dawn For Brickin),
Limit Bitch (7,3 abs.): Another overweight class – only the winner was in correct shape.
1. Chambers' Ragus Don't Think Twice
(Ch. Ragus Black Tie ex Ragus Sixes And Sevens), 19 months red, good head, expressive eyes, well proportioned, moved and showed steadily. Feeling a bit warm towards the end, excellent type and size.
2. King's Kinsridge Magic Moment
(Jaeva Daylight Robbery ex Krisma Bang On For Kinsridge), 3 years, good coat texture, well handled but shown a bit plump today which affected her topline in side movement.
3. Norrey's Titanium Cristabel
( Am.Ch. Foxwood Ninja Warrior (Imp.USA) ex Titanium Cloudberry), litter sister to 3rd in OD, typical head, keen expression, good ribcage, excellent jacket. Looking a bit roly poly and soft in condition, not moving well.
Res. Roberts & Murray's Ragus One Step Ahead of Mindlen
(Ch. Ragus Black Tie ex Ragus Sixes And Sevens),
Open Bitch (8,1 abs.): Great class, full of quality and most enjoyable to judge.
1. Crawley's Ch. Ragus True Romance, Bitch
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly), C.C., Res. B.I.S., Best Opp.Sex, 2 ½ years, hard coated red of splendid type and size, out of Truly Unruly, what a contribution she had made to the breed. Well set and carried tail, most attractive hear, not the darkest of eyes but still has a keen and appealing expression, very good body and depth, accomplished showgirl, well muscled quarters, moved with animation.
2. Crawley's Ch. Ragus Yours Truly
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly), in shorter coat than her sister but she has nothing to hide, excellent quality and type, feminine head, assertive showgirl, firm body and quarters. Not quite as steady on the move as 1 st but has a lot to like, good topline.
3. Stevenson's Ch. Ragus Really 'n' Truly for Brickin
(Ch. Ragus Solid Silver exCh/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly), completed a superb trio of bitches, short back, good head, well coated, ample bone, moved and showed quite well. A bit heavy in condition today and could use her neck to better advantage.
Res. Eliasson's Sw. Ch. Loddon's Poison Ivy
(Ch/Sw.C. Ragus Name Your Poison ex Nord.Ch. Loddon's Queen Valentina of Seve),
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (5,3 abs.):
1. Crawley's Ch/Sw.Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly
(Am.Ch. Yarrow's Sandstorm (Imp.USA) ex Ragus Sweet Deceit), 4 ½ years, felt a little heavy in body condition but I gather she is in whelp. Good looking bitch, natural showgirl, not just a pretty face but a real star in the breeding department having produced today's BIS, RBIS, 2 nd and 3 rd in OB (plus 2 more in OB – one who was out of coat and the other rather heavily pregnant) and winner of JB. I don't know about Truly Unruly – I think I'd call her Truly Amazing! Good coat texture, bone and topline.
2. Barendregt-Willis's Wybar Keep On Blessing
(Titanium Pretzel ShCM ex NL Ch. Wybar Finders Keepers), 3 years grizzle, not carrying enough weight, attractive head, expressive eyes, keen and alert showgirl, harsh jacket. Failed in movement.
Veteran Bitch (4,0 abs.):
1. Wilson's Elve Forest Witch
(Ch. Elve The Viking ex Elve Wizardess),8 ½ years red, a bit plump but still moved quite well, short back, feminine head, good coat. Best Veteran in Show.
2. Martin's Acquest Polka Dot
(Ch. Elve Stormwizard ex Naunbeach Silver Lady), 7 years b/t, not in the mood for using her tail to best advantage, good shape and side movement, firm body, good bone.
3. Lazenby's Ch. Ragus Red Poison
(Nightshade Rouletta v. Darscharia (Imp.NL) ex Naunbeach Honey With Elve), nearly 8 years this red, excellent type and size but her topline has gone. Happy animated showgirl, most appealing head and expression, well proportioned, great character!
Res. Smith's Thewina Siversand at Dejarada
(Ch. Elve The Viking ex Armagret Love Lace to Thewina),

Brace (4)

1. Crawley's delightful quality bitches, mum and daughter, great type and likeness, outstanding brace.

2. Chambers' b/t litter brother and sister, good heads, bone and coat texture, sound movers.

3. Corkhill's 6 months litter mates, hugely enjoying themselves. Very raw, naturally, they just need to grow and mature.

Progeny (2)

1. Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly with her beautiful brood – see comments for Bred by Exh class – although at the end of a long day this was an inspiring sight. This dam along with Lesley Crawley and Renee Spoore Willes are 3 exceptionally clever girls!

2. Ch. Ragus Solid Silver, winner was a hard act to follow. Has sired typical Norwich, not aseven in size or quality as 1 st , a couple were a shade long cast.

All photographs above courtesy of 'Edwin ©'


At the beginning of the Norwich Terrier Show on Sunday, Susann Björkfäll, breeder of the Guestlings Norfolk Terriers in Sweden, thanked the host Clubs with these kind words:

“ On behalf of the overseas visitors I would like to say thank you to all who made this celebration weekend such a success and such a nice memory for us all who, deep in our hearts, treasure these wonderful little terriers.

I was at the Golden Jubilee Show in 1982, 101 Norfolks were entered which was remarkable. Now it is 170! When will that happen again?

We had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday and a marvellous evening, and, I am sure, this day will be really special too.

Thank you all! “


Photo: Sally Anne Thompson ©

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Spring Open Show
Sunday, 18th. March 2007

Mr. Kari Salminen ( Porrigito ) Finland

Best in Show
Ragus Don't Think Twice

Reserve Best in Show, Res. Best Bitch &
Best Puppy in Show
Crazy Dream at Ragus

Best Opposite Sex & Best Opp. Sex Puppy
Rouletta Havin A Good Thyme

Photos Courtesy of Graeme Parker ©


Best in Show - Ragus Don't Think Twice
Reserve Best in Show - Crazy Dream at Ragus
Best Opposite Sex - Rouletta Havin a Good Thyme

Best Puppy in Show - Crazy Dream at Ragus
Best Veteran - Elve Forest Witch

Judge: Mr. Kari Salminen (Porrigito), Finland

I was pleased with the good entry, so nice to meet so many of you. I had excellent stewards, Nan Chadwick and Patsy Green, thanks for your help.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,2 ): 1. Chambers' Rouletta Havin A Good Thyme, very promising strong dog, good head, good neck, lovely bone, well angulated. Just a bit long in body. Well presented coat, lovely temperament.

Puppy Dog (3,0 ): 1. Bell's Dorinor Red Alert, lovely puppy, excellent head and eyes, good ears, good bone. Excellent coat, showed and moved well res.BD. 2. Crawley's Ragus Ovation.Excellent type, a bit weak in underjaw, good bone, moves well. Coat in good order. Lovely temperament. 3. Stoddart's Expectation at Millvalley.

Junior Dog (1,0 ): 1. Bell's Dorinor Dealer, strong dog, a bit long in body, nice expression, good bone, moving a bit wide in front. Super coat, lovely temperament .

Novice Dog (1,0 ): 1. Rouletta Havin A Good Thyme.

Post Graduate Dog (1,1 ): Absent.

Limit Dog (3,1 ): Needham's Titanium Columbus, right sort of dog, good head but lacks a bit in stop. Short body. Well angulated behind. A bit wide in front. Well presented coat, nice temperament. 2. James' Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood, a bit thin in body, good head. Could have more bone. Well angulated behind. Moving a bit erratic in front. Short harsh coat, lovely temperament .

Open Dog (2,1 ): 1. Corkhill's Redash Classic Balti, strong dog, nice expression, could have a bit more stop, good body. Well angulated behind. Well presented coat on the way to blow. Nice character. Moving well.

Special Beginner's Dog or Bitch (3,1 ): 1. Stoddart's Ragus Expectation at Millvalley. 2. Baines' Redash Tumble Time, a bit light in body, nice character, soft coat, moving erratic, good tail.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,2 ): 1. Wilson's Elve Forest Witch, nice size, good head, a bit heavy in body condition, good coat, moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,0 ): 1. Crawley's Brickin Ruby Dream, lovely puppy, good expression, good bone and angulation moves well, well presented coat. 2. Stevenson's Brickin Red Dawn, very similar to the winner, good body. Could show with more animation. Well presented coat. 3. Chambers' Rouletta Thyme for Rosielea. Res. Wilson's Brickin Dawnbreak.

Puppy Bitch (9 ): 1. Crawley's Crazy Dream at Ragus, lovely bitch, nice head, good expression, good bone and angulation, moving well. Coat just a bit soft, well presented. 2. Stevenson's Brickin Dawn Mist, very similar to the winner, good head, lovely bone, needs a more straight topline, coat a bit soft. Could have more temperament. 3. Bardell's Acquest Peppermint Patty. Res. Flannery & Willard's Crivnor Cream Soda. VHC. Lifford's Jataal Queen of the May.

Junior Bitch (5,0 ): 1. Crawleys Ragus Don't Think Twice, classical norwich with lovely head. Good bone, goes well. Showing well. Could maybe have a bit shorter back. Good coat . 2. Lifford's Jataal Queen of the May, excellent norwich, a bit thin in muzzle. Well-bodied and angulated. Going and showing well. Soft coat. Lovely temperament. 3. Whitworth's Acquest Vanilla Vixen. Res. James' Alncarron Dawn Redwood. VHC. Hillsdon's Daisywillow Pinky Pooh Bear.

Novice Bitch (8 ): 1. Rouletta Thyme for Rosielea, lovely strong bitch, good head, a bit long in body. Lovely temperament. Coat a bit soft. Well presented. 2. James' Alncarron Dawn Redwood, good overall quality. Good head. Lovely temperament. Could have more bone. Good coat. 3. Redash Tumble Time. Res. Daisywillow Pinky Pooh Bear. VHC. Goodwin's Happy Little Hathor.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1 ): 1. Bell's Dorinor Dizzy Lizzy, a bit leggy, nice expression, well angulated. Moving a bit wide in front. Harsh but short coat, well presented. excellent temperament.

.Limit Bitch (2.0 ): 1. Needham's Titanium Pawfect Angel, excellent norwich. Lovely head. Pity about the coat condition, could show better. 2. Willard's Ragus Inspiration, too light in body, straight in front, long body, very alert temperament. Short coat .

Open Bitch (6,5 ): 1. Crawley's Ragus Double Bubble, super bitch, lovely head with good expression, a bit long in body. Well set tail. Not too small. Well presented, coat a bit soft. Showed well.

BRACE (2,0) 1. Chambers' Rouletta group, lovely young norwiches, nice temperaments, showed well. Excellent breed type. 2. Dorinor group, very similar, but the other company is in short coat. They showed well.

Kari Salminen ( Judge )