Norwich & Norfolks Joint Fun Day

25th. August 2007


The sausage is coming ...

I'm not going to eat it now that it's on the ground !!!


Fun Day Picture Credits:
Graeme Parker,
Lee Jones & Eileen Needham

Dog with the waggiest tail - Hazel Jackson's 'Tilly'.
Best Sausage Catcher: Callum Sharpe's 'Baz'.
Scruffiest Mutt: Gina Dorkins' 'Honey'.

Prettiest Bitch - 'Tilly' again.
Handsomest Dog: Jane Lloyd's 'Boots'
Veteran Dog or Bitch: Pauline Harrild's 'Muffin'
Junior Handling 6-11 years: Lydia Smith with 'May'.
Junior Handling 12-16 years: Ellie Smith with 'May'.
Best Overall Junrior Handler: Ellie Smith.

Dog the Judge would most like to take home: 'Boots' again.
Most Appealing Puppy: Debbie Woodhouse's 'Darcy'.
Adult Handler: Sue Wilding with 'Kallie'.

Junior Fancy Dress:
1. Lydia Smith with "May".
2. Chloe Horne with "Libby".
3. Joseph Home with "Diva".

Adult Fancy Dress:
Sue Wilding with "Whisper" and "Carys" as "The Owl and the Pussycat"



Below: (left) Jon Rudkin keeping a watchful eye on the day's proceedings, (right) Margaret Rufffles working hard all day to show how to keep a Norfolk or Norwich in tidy coat.

Norwich Stand Organiser, Sharon Hardwicke,taking a welcome lunch break with her mother, Brenda Barge, who also assists on the Stand.

Prize for the Family Who Travelled Furthest:
Shaun & Ellen Ford from the Isle of Wight.

Team Noughts & Crosses: 1st. Norfolks.
Most Talented Dog or Bitch: Chris Davis with "Rosie".
Egg & Spoon Race:
Callum Sharpe with "Baz".
Relay Race:
"Baginton Bullet":
Rita Stockford's "Martha".

'Guess The Name of The Duck': The winner was Carole Goldsmith with the name'Wally'.

Quiz, 'How Sweet Are You?': Joint winners Carole Goldsmith & Roy,
and Jenny Bardell.

Quiz, 'Just Dogs': Ellen Ford.


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